Tall Scarf

Having these gauzy, over-sized scarfs around have been wonderful! I see them following me well into spring and even summer paired with simple t-shirts. But after having gone scarf happy and bringing home three of these babies, I was a little afraid of what I’d done. I really inspected them at home, and fearfully discovered just how enormous they are!

At the daunting size of 62″ x 52″, these suckers are literally taller than I am. My first few attempts at wrapping these around my neck left me drowning in fabric and gasping for breath. Maybe I should have thought this through before purchasing accessories that are bigger than I am…yikes!

After an evening of folding, wrapping and twisting, I finally came up with a folding method for these ginormous scarves.

What I needed to achieve was wispy ends (so there’s not a lot of bulk on my chest), shortened overall length, and reduced bulk around my neck. So far, this is working out well. Any other gigantic scarf folding/styling suggestions are welcome!

Madewell Sweater, xs (similar) :: Chan Luu scarf (similar) :: Paige jeans (hemmed), 23 :: Coach flats

Have you tackled accessories that are bigger than you are?


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