Preppy Esprit Contrast Trim Blazer

Esprit Heavy Jersey Blazer, 0 :: Ann Taylor Cashmere sweater, xxsp :: Paige Laurel Canyon jeans, 24 (altered) :: Ann Taylor belt, xs :: Cole Haan pumps, 5 (similar) :: Chanel M/L Classic Flap

**UPDATE – Esprit has a Friends & Family discount running through Dec. 11th! 40% off with code FAMILY12**

The prepster in me has been eying contrast trim blazers for some time now, but finding a good combination of fit and color had eluded me, until this one!

I decided to give this blazer a try after finding a petite-friendly fit with an Esprit jacket last year. The fit on the model looked fitted and shrunken (a hint that it might fit my 4’11” frame more like a normal blazer), and I liked the low-contrast color combination between the navy and grey. Many contrast trim blazers tend to be black with white trim, and while I like the look, the high contrast color combination always gave me the impression it would be hard to mix and match with other items (please tell me if I’m wrong!). The navy and grey combination stuck me as a nice, easy on the eyes combination.

When it arrived, I was shocked at how heavy it was! The fabric isn’t notably thick, but for some reason it’s heavy…maybe a tight knit? The weight feels nice, and actually gives the fabric a really nice drape. I was also pleasantly surprised to see it’s partially lined, running along the inside of the sleeves, the front panels, and shoulder. The fabric is a soft viscose/polyamide/elastane blend that I was happy to see looked more expensive that most knit blazers I’ve seen. The buttons are plastic navy blue rimmed with silver, which I’m considering swapping out for something like a crested-metal.

Here it is, fully buttoned and from the back:

The sleeves are a tad long for me, and the extra length is tucked under in these photos. The side pockets are sewn shut, but there is a pocket lining, so these can be opened and used. I would love it if the sleeves were just a tad slimmer in the upper-arm, but they’re really not that bad and I’m probably just being overly picky. The shoulder is a bit more padded when compared to my Theory blazers, but surprisingly doesn’t look bulky despite my narrow shoulders.

I’m really excited about this blazer and see it serving me well into spring and summer with nautical inspired looks. This also marks my first navy blazer, which is probably more exciting than anything else. It’s still full price online (I snagged it at 40% off during Cyber Monday), and available in all sizes, so here’s hoping for a good sale on this soon!

Also, I just learned (thanks to Jean on Twitter) that Esprit is closing down it’s North American stores! I’m wondering if this means the online e-commerce site will remain.

Product Info., size 0 (laying flat):
Shoulder: 13.5″
Bust: 15″
Waist: 12.5″
Sleeve: 24″
Length: 22″
73% viscose/23% polyamide/3%elastane
Dry Clean

How do you wear contrast trim blazers? I’d love more style inspiration!

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  1. says: Anonymous

    After reading your post, I went to the Esprit site and to be honest with you, you modeled this jacket so much better than the model on the site.  I actually got really turned-off after seeing it on the model LOL!  They should hire you Kelly!

      1. says: Anonymous

        Not good not good LOL!  Thanks for the enabling!  I actually wanted this one: but they’re sold out of the 0’s =(

  2. says: Katherine

    Such a pretty jacket! I love how it fits really well from the back as well. Sad to hear that Esprit is shutting down, hopefully they can pull it around – the brand brings back memories of my childhood :( Hi to my Chanel twin! 

  3. says: Michelle

    So glad you found your match! But that is a bummer that the North American stores are closing!!

    I love the jeans you are wearing in these pics!  Great pockets and back “seam”!!

  4. says: SS

    I agree with you about color combination… I love low-color combination, and navy and gray on your jacket!
    I am always afraid navy jacket and jeans looks too much but you look so great. I’ll try!

  5. says: Rita

    Loving the blazer! My sister owns a white trim black blazer from Zara circa 2010 which she tends to pair with black/grey tops and black pants to highlight the trim on the blazer. She tends to get a lot of compliments whenever she wears it that way. Hope that helps!

  6. says: JJ

    Very cute! I like the low-contrast trim of this; you’re right about it being easy about it to pair than something more high contrast. I see what you mean about it being slightly baggy in the arms, but that is definitely not all that noticeable, and it seems to fit super well overall! I’m going to keep an eye out for a sale on this, because I’ve been meaning to add a navy blazer to my closet for the longest time, too.

  7. says: Anne

    I eyed this blazer ever since it became available online. It’s a bit pricey and I hope it will go on sale soon (in the Netherlands)… but I ordered another Esprit blazer in a private presale (20% off), which I can’t find on the US website. Here’s the link to the Dutch site:     It’s available in black and palazzo blue (out of stock in EU32) I’ll let you know how it fits :)

  8. says: Anonymous

    They’re what?!? I didn’t know they were closing! We have so many outlets around here – I wonder if those will remain open?

    Congrats on finding a navy blazer! I’m sure you will get so much use out of it!

  9. says: Ping

    oh interesting! i didn’t know they still had stores and outlets around. i used to work for them when i was in high school…and they close all their stores and outlets in sf.

    1. Really? How sad! I just read they are originally a SF brand too! It’s funny because we only just got one in Santa Monica maybe 2 years ago, which is the first time I ever had the opportunity to step foot in an Esprit store. =P

  10. says: PF

    Love the blazer but i”m not sure if I like the outfit pairings with it. It’s all too matchy, a lot of blues and grays, and too many stripes. Maybe a solid-colored top or colored pants? 

  11. says: Aubrey Dang

    me likey!!!  will u be altering the sleeves?

    I think it’s a great idea to replace the buttons with crested metal buttons. 

    i love reading your posts.  so detailed.  you touch upon things that I don’t normally pay attention to, but others might.  Well done.

    1. Thank you Aubrey! I sometimes feel like my posts get wordy, but I’m glad to hear they are at least helpful. =)

      Yup, I’ll alter the sleeves hopefully soon (I’ve been way too lazy about going to the tailor lately) but just tuck them in in the meantime.

    1. Thanks Michele! I like the sweater! Fully stretched, it comes down over my hip (stops where my leg starts), and fits slim, but not snug. The sleeves fit slim with a little bit of slouch to the length. The cashmere is nice and soft, and the color (soft sand) is kind of like a shade of “oatmeal”. It’s turning out to be a nice non-bulky layering piece.

    1. Ohhh…navy and lavender…great idea!

      Yes, I feel this jacket is good quality. It’s very heavy and nicely seamed (3 seams along the back to help contour the shape) and I like that it’s lined, which is rare for a knit blazer. It would be great if the buttons were higher quality, but those are easy to switch out. There is also no trim on the sleeve cuffs, so it’s easy to hem the length without loosing detail.

  12. says: Emily Wylie

    I actually went right online and bought this jacket because of you!  I’ve been looking and looking for a knit jacket, a magic piece that I hope I can clean up with (stay-at-home mom right now, with thicker figure than I’ve ever had), and here you were with a really cute solution.  I DO love it in person, it DOES clean me right up and elevate my jeans, and while I haven’t yet tossed in on and gone out — it’s getting too cold to wear it alone and I’m still carrying that baby around on my belly — I know in my bones this is a keeper and I’m going to wear it right out with love when life-stage and weather make it possible.  So thanks!  I sure hope Esprit doesn’t close down here, though I must admit I’ve never bought anything in store and was happy to see the online thanks to you.  I’m 4’11, by the way, for other ladies to reference, but bought this in 12, which fit terrifically (except arms too long, but otherwise fine).  

    1. Thanks for sharing Emily! I’m so glad the blazer worked out for you! I have a feeling it’ll get a lot of wear this spring, and it sounds like a perfect layer for your busy mom lifestyle. ;)

      And the nice thing about the sleeves is there are no details or buttons on there, so if you’re strapped for time, you can just tuck them under (like I have in the photo) until you get a chance to get them shortened. And it’ll be a nice, cheap alteration since there aren’t any of those details to make it complicated.

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