Polka-Dots On My Mind

Burberry “Harbourne” Trench, size 2 (altered) :: Madewell Spotted Snowfall sweater, size xs (similar) :: Ann Taylor chambray blouse, size 00P (altered) (similar) :: Paige Laurel Canyon jeans, size 24 (altered) :: J.Crew “Edie” handbag :: Cole Haan shoes :: J.Crew necklace (similar)

**Update – Madewell.com now has 25% off and free shipping on orders of $150 or more through Friday. Seems to be online only.**

Have you ever walked away from something, only to think about it endlessly afterward? That’s what happened to me with this Madewell sweater. I discovered it immediately, and slung it over my shoulder as I wandered around the store. I hemmed and hawed and held it up, but ultimately left the store without it.

As soon as I got home, I regretted leaving it behind. I saw only the blue was left online, and twitched with the urge to go back and get it. Then I received a dinner invite located conveniently close to the Madewell store and saw it as a sign to make the mad dash back to get it (despite crazy holiday shopping madness, my very same parking spot from earlier in the day was vacant, waiting for me. Clearly it was a sign! Hehe).

I’m loving the quirky, oversized polka-dot print, and fuzzy texture of the angora knit. The shrunken fit is ideal for 4’11” me, and I’m really liking the orangy-beige color.

The angora part did scare me a little bit though. The last angora sweater I had was a cheapie Forever 21 one bought nearly a decade ago. I remember how terrible it was to wear that thing. It would shed hair everywhere, most notably all over my face. I was constantly wiping fuzz away (and spitting it out of my mouth…bleh!) and only wore it a handful of times before giving it away. It’s caused me to steer clear of angora ever since. Well, it’s remarkable the difference quality can make! While this sweater is certainly fuzzy, I haven’t had to pick a single fuzzy hair off my face all day.

This makes my second purchase from Madewell, but the first keeper. I ordered this Pemberly Blouse a few weeks ago. It was described as a “tailored fit” and the size chart indicated size xx-small was smaller than that of J.Crew. When it arrived, the shoulder was indeed very small, but the fit was more tent-like than tailored. Back it went…which is why I was hovering around Madewell to discover this sweater.

And if anyone is curious about the J.Crew Edie Purse, I love the look and shape, but beware, it’s very scratch prone! I was conditioning it like crazy after every wear, since I always seemed to scratch it up. I’ve recently given up and am just letting it have it’s fun. Hopefully it’ll get a nice “lived-in” look.

 Have you walked away from something, only to think about it endlessly?


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