t+j Designs Style Challenge: Fun With Statement Jewelry

t+j Designs Layered Statement Necklace & Glam Leatherette Ring

t+j Designs, which just so happens to be founded by fellow petite, Tiffany, knows how challenging it can be for petite ladies to wear certain trends. One of those being…statement jewelry! Tiffany asked a few bloggers to give their statement jewelry styling tips, and introduce a fun style challenge! See the bottom of this post for more details…


Statement jewelry has been a big trend for a while now, and up until a few months ago, I stayed away from the trend, thinking it just wasn’t for someone my size. If you’re short, or even just small framed, it’s easy to look swallowed in clothing or accessories that are over-sized or chunky. Being 4’11” with a small frame, I figured the odds were against me, and up until recently, my jewelry collection stayed on the dainty side.

But lately, the craving for something with a little drama in my wardrobe brought me to play with size and heft in my jewelry. Now I’m happily playing with statement jewelry, and wanted to share a few ways in which I’ve discovered how to make statement jewelry work for me.

Here’s how I like to add statement jewelry to a pretty standard “Kelly” outfit (jeans, dress shirt, blazer, heels):

By itself, this necklace is pretty substantial. On it’s own, I sometimes feel like it’s a little too statement making for my small frame, but with some tucking and layering, it adds some shine, interest, and depth to the outfit. Here I have it tucked underneath my dress shirt collar, and then layered under a blazer. The necklace is more toned down since it’s partially covered by these other pieces.

I’m also wearing a statement ring, but it’s the only ring I’m wearing, and on the opposite hand as my bracelets. I also love wearing statement rings on either my middle or ring finger. I feel like they are better balanced on my hand that way.

I like to wear a lot of jewelry, so for some people, the necklace, ring and bracelets might be too much. Imagine it without the ring, or with a smaller, less flashy necklace for a more toned down take.

A few tips:

I like to keep this in mind for clothing, including statement making pieces: a general rule of thumb is, other people should see your beautiful face first, and your clothing/accessories second. This ties into the saying, “don’t let your clothes wear you”. If your clothes are attracting all the attention, then your beauty and personality is coming in second, and that’s not what we want! We want ourselves to shine, and to use clothing/accessories to enhance what we already have. If you look in the mirror and your attention is drawn first to loud or chunky jewelry, then it might better serve you to try something a little less attention grabbing.

Try one piece of statement jewelry per body region. Near your face, you can wear statement earrings, or a statement necklace, but try not to wear both. You’ll have a lot going on around your face to detract from you. Instead, try wearing a statement necklace or earrings, with a statement ring. The two pieces are so far away from each other on your body that they won’t be too loud.

Statement necklaces:

  • Try them with simple necklines. A statement necklace with a complicated neckline can get busy looking.
  • Try them with small or muted patterns & details. A shirt with a lot of ruffles might look too busy when paired with a statement necklace. Same with a dress or blouse with a big or colorful pattern. Keeping the clothing simple usually works better with statement pieces.
  • To avoid a lot of bulk around your neck, try ones that are “bib” style, meaning they hang on a thin chain, with the baubles forming a “bib” at the front. This J.Crew necklace is a petite example of a bib necklace.
  • If I feel the necklace is a bit too chunky, I like to tuck them underneath layered clothing, such as under the collar of collared shirts, underneath a blazer, or underneath a looser, lower neckline. This way, the necklace shines out from underneath other pieces of clothing, which gives the outfit interest and sparkle, without looking too chunky.

Statement earrings:

  • Try these with more interesting necklines that might look too busy with a statement necklace.
  • If you’re feeling uncomfortable with ones that are a bit big, you can try wearing your hair down to “hide” some of the bulk. This works best if the color of the earrings contrast against your hair color. If they’re similar colors, your earrings might get lost altogether.
  • Vice versa of above. If you want your earrings to really stand out, try wearing your hair up.

Statement rings:

  • If you have petite hands and fingers to go along with your petite frame, try wearing one statement ring on an otherwise naked hand. You’d be surprised how great one really pretty, chunky piece can look on your hand! I know I have.
  • I love to wear mine on my middle or ring fingers. I feel the look is better balanced that way.
  • If you like to wear bracelets as well, try wearing them on the arm opposite of the hand you’re wearing a statement ring.

Statement bracelets:

  • If you have thin wrists like I do, instead of a really thick and clunky bracelet, try piling on several smaller ones. You can make lots of fun looks by mixing bracelets of different metals, textures, and styles, and it achieves a similar attention grabbing look as one big cuff or bracelet.
  • I have super thin wrists, so I know a big bracelet looks funny on my frame. I realize my limitations and stick to other pieces of statement jewelry.

Check out some of my favorite statement jewelry looks as rounded up on Pinterest, including plenty of the “statement necklace collar tuck” for some more ideas.

And now…the fun part!

t+j Designs would like to offer two lucky winners a prize package of t+j Designs jewelry.

  • Show us how you style a piece of your own jewelry (preferably statement jewelry).
    • Full details can be found here.
    • Bloggers: leave the link to your entry over on I am Style-ish.
    • Non-bloggers: Visit I am Style-ish for full details on how enter.
  • Everyone who enters will be eligible to win one of two prize packages. One winner will be chosen at random, and one winner will be chosen by us. =)

Be sure to visit I am Style-ish for full details and to see how the rest of the bloggers have styled their t+j Designs jewerly!

 What are your statement jewelry styling tips?


Disclaimer: t+j Designs was kind enough to send me a few pieces of statement jewelry to play with.

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  1. says: Anonymous

    Kelly this necklace looks fantastic on you! I love how you styled it and it’s not too big at all, I would love to see you in bold jewellery more often ;)

  2. says: mica

    How does the leatherette ring fit you? I’ve been wanting to order it but am iffy because size 6 rings for costume jewelry still tend to be too loose even on my index/middle fingers… I have pretty thin fingers lol

    1. Hi Mica! The leatherette ring fits my middle finger really well, but my fingers aren’t quite as petite as the rest of me. On my larger hand (usually one hand is slightly bigger than the other, like feet) my ring finger fits around a size 5 and my middle finger fits around a size 6. If size 6 is usually too big for you, then the leatherette ring will probably be too big. =(

  3. says: Hana

    I was extremely disappointed in t+j products. One necklacethat i irdered came even dirty and stained. Even though i received the same products they looked different in person. Will lever order from their business again.

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