Snugaholic (Slouchy, What A Novel Idea)

Theory cashmere sweater, size xs :: Paige Verdugo Jeggings (fun color!), size 24 (need a hem) :: Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Pumps :: J.Crew Edie Purse :: J.Crew necklace :: Timex watch :: Bracelets – Eddera & (c/0) Alex and Ani

I care a lot about fit, but I forget that fit doesn’t necessarily mean snug. I blame it on years of wearing ill-fitting, too big clothing, that made it easy to go overboard when I discovered tailoring and clothing that fit and flattered. It’s time I shake the habit.

I love this little shrunken Old Navy sweater for it’s small fit, but when I picked up a second one in the same size, it fit about one size bigger than my first one (does Old Navy suffer from size inconsistencies often?). At first, I was disappointed and plotted to shrink it in the wash, but then I tried it on…and I liked it! It wasn’t huge, but it also wasn’t fitted…it was this new thing I’m kinda liking called “slouchy” (Hey, I never claimed to be fashion-forward…).

So now I’m enamored with a new idea…cozy slouchy knits. One of my slouchy knit inspirations is none other than the queen of slouchy-chic, Wendy, who, as it just so happens, is also very petite (photo courtesy of Jean).

Since many regular sizes can be slouchy or slightly big on someone my size anyways, I want my slouchy pieces to be special. This Theory sweater fit the bill. The stripe pattern is slim and chic, and in 100% cashmere, is a nice quality piece to add to my wardrobe. But my favorite part is the button detail that runs up one side. It’s little details like this that make a piece unique and worth the splurge.

I think this sweater could benefit from the “mullet tuck”…duly noted.

I realize it’s a baby-step in the direction of slouchy, but bear with me as I break out of my snugaholic ways.  :)

PS…in case anyone is interested, this sweater is available at Theory outlets, and these Paige jeggings are available at Nordstrom Rack. **Cher alerted me via Twitter that these Paige Jeggings are on sale at Filene’s Basement for $40!**

Is anyone else a snugaholic?

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  1. says: Cher

    I’ve really taken a liking to Theory sweaters as well. I just have to learn to swallow the price tag. I saw one at the Outlet a few weeks ago that was oversized, but I couldn’t decide if it was *too* oversized. I left it behind, but unfortunately I’m still thinking about it. I also saw those jeggings at Filene’s basement. I’m pretty sure they are still having an extra 50% discount on a lot of their denim making it about $40. Lots of teeny sizes 23,24 and 25s left. I really don’t need another pair of jeans so I passed.

    1. Theory outlets should be having a big sale for the after-Thanksgiving weekend, so be sure to pop in. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your sweater is still there, and much more affordable! I plan to stock up on some t-shirts & probably more sweaters. I’m hooked! Good deal on those Paige’s at Filene’s! SoCal needs some of those!

  2. says: Christina

    Ooh – I love it! I especially love the button detail on the sides. 

    I love Theory – but I do agree with Cher on the price tags being on the high side.

    You look great!

    1. Thanks Christina! Yeah, Theory can be expensive, but I appreciate the quality and details, especially since I’m finding my cheaper sweaters are looking pretty haggard after a wash or two. Great deals can be found during sale time, especially at the Theory outlets (my favorite!) or departments stores when they have those “extra 40% off sale” deals.

  3. says: Shree

    I think this outfit looks so comfortable and cute!  I think it’d be fabulous with a belt, maybe a loose, bohemian type that would lie low on your hips… what do you think?

  4. says: Laura Frost

    Great sweater! I have the same problem – I have a hard time feeling comfortable in slouchy fits. I don’t know how Wendy pulls it off all the time, but I hope to learn from her (and along with you!)

    1. I know! Wendy has slouchy down to a science! I think it has to do with the fit in the shoulder. If it fits there, the garment just hangs better and in all the right places, even if it is a little big everywhere else.

  5. says: Michelle

    Lol at the “mullet tuck”!!

    Those side buttons are so cute! I love what you have done with your watch and bracelets!

    I agree…Wendy’s slouchy look as also inspired me to try new things!

  6. says: AUBS*

    @cher, no filene’s bsmt here in sd. but kelly, did u hear that the nordstrom’s rack at plaza bonita is now open? I’m very excited. mb I’ll stop by today.

    I really like these jeggings!

    I’m not sure if I like the mullet tuck (almost swyped the wrong word there) bc it’s a great way to “casual-ize” an outfit or bc it’s a great way to give belts some attention. either way, I am a fan of mullet tucks & most definitely would want to see it on u.

    1. Hehe…guilty…I’ve already been to Plaza Bonita. I don’t remember seeing the Paige jeggings…but that’s where I picked up a tiny leather jacket. Look for a brand called “June”.

      I saw the jeggings at the Mission Valley Nordstrom Rack not too long ago, so hopefully they’re still there!

      Thank you again for coining the term “mullet tuck”. It’s a perfect description and makes me so happy to say/type. Will definitely incorporate it more into outfits. :)

  7. says: Cee

    Yes, ON is notorious for lack of quality control. It’s my bf’s favorite store and when he finds an item he likes, he tries on every single one they have in his size. Drives me crazy, lol! But I understand because sometimes there’s up to 1″ difference all around.

    Love this entire outfit on you but especially the jeggings! I’m pretty sure I tried on the same style at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago. A sz 24 on me was way too snug to be comfortable.

    1. Ahh…that was my mistake. I just found a size xs at ON and grabbed it without trying it on. Shame on me…I should know better. At least it worked out & I ended up liking it. Your bf is so mindful of fit! Most guys would just grab and pay. Good for him to actually take time to try things on…even though it drives you a little nuts…hehe.

      Agreed, the jeggings run really slim! I bought a size 24 and 25 to try on at home, hoping the 25’s would fit a little loser around the calf. the only difference was the size 25 waist was bigger, so I kept the 24’s. I’d imagine we’d have to size up quite a bit to get a looser fit, and then take the waist in. :P

  8. says: Vicky

    Those Paige jeggings look fantastic on you.  The Theory sweater is very unique with the side buttons.  I might have to hunt down those jeggings, although I really don’t need another pair. :(

  9. says: R.L.

    I’m the opposite of a snugaholic, lol.  In-store GAP tees were always slouchy fitting on me that I just came to embrace it.  Plus, slouchy (if done right) just looks effortlessly casual.  I tend to stay away from form-fitting for everyday wear bec I find it makes me look “too put together” and therefore uptight if that makes any sense?  Anyway, I adore the side buttons on the sweater.  It’s such a simple detail but it makes the outfit in my opinion!

  10. says: Esther Cuan

    I can believe it was so long until I dissevered this amazing blog! :D I love love the olive pants  You are truly an inspiration :) thank you 

  11. says: Anonymous

    I’m officially in love with the term “mullet tuck”!  Coolest. Slang. Ever.  Those olive skinnies look absolutely fabulous on you and now I’m wondering how it’d look with the mullet tuck – maybe for a future post?  :)

  12. says: SM

    I love the outfit. I am starting to like clothes that are a bit loose. It seems to be the trend now.

    I also noticed that only teenagers and “adults” who wish they were still young wear really tight and fitted shirt. Not saying it’s a bad thing… but it’s just what I’ve been noticing lately.

  13. says: Anonymous

    Hi! I just came across your blog and wanted to say how much I love the way you put things together – So chic yet simple and very wearable! Definitely a follower now! Love the side buttons on that sweater :)

    Xoxo, Ria @ (Come and visit when you have time!)

  14. Great blog post! So many things I want to say about this! First, I’m doing a better job at buying slouchy clothes, but I do it because they’re so comfortable and I don’t have to “suck it in”. Lol. Balancing a toddler on one hip reveals everything!

    Second, I had never heard of it referred to as “the mullet tuck” so that just made me laugh when I realized how TRUE this is.

    Third, what is Filene’s Basement? Am I missing out on something here, I’d love to know!

    1. The mere fact you have a toddler, and haven’t succumbed to the stressed out, sweat suit, mom outfit is pretty fabulous. You can wear whatever you want…you’ve earned it. ;)

      Isn’t the “mullet tuck” great? Our creative Aubrey coined that term…hehe.

      Filene’s Basement is a TJMaxx kind of store, but I think they’re mostly on the East Coast. There isn’t one anywhere near me, so I can’t join in on the discounted fun. :(

  15. says: Anonymous

    LOL “snugaholic” yes!! I’m all about cozy stuff and that sweater looks AMAZING!  I love things to be fitted but especially at this time of year I’m all about feeling cozy and comfortable and petites can definitely pull off the slouchy look too – as long as it isn’t overwhelming :)

  16. says: calcho

    It’s lovely on you. With your body type and proportions, you can definitely pull of slouchy.  Just don’t accidentally shrink it in the wash.

    (yes, I know one ought to handle knits delicately, usually without the aid of a machine, but I got lazy a few times and a few of my sweaters are no longer quite so slouchy).

  17. says: JJ

    Am TOTALLY a snugaholic…if I had a nickel for every time my mother has appraised one of my outfits and said, “You know, not everything has to fit so tight” … well, I’d be able to afford an entirely new wardrobe, haha! But same as you, I’m trying to mix up my outfits with a bit more “slouch”. Balancing out a tight skirt or pair of fitted pants with a more loose sweater can look very classy if done properly!

    And I adore that sweater – the detailing on the side is so cute.

  18. says: megs

    Hey Kelly! I’ve never had that problem with Old Navy clothing where the same item is different sizes nor with any of the company’s clothing (Gap and Banana Republic). The only thing like it is like two different tops are different sizes… I guess it’s the make/fabric of it?

    However, I ran into that problem with simple tshirts from Target! I don’t get it

    1. Yes! I’ve had that problem with Target too. Sometimes it has to do with the country the item was made. I’ve dug through stacks of clothing looking for the items made in a certain country, because they were cut smaller than the ones made in another. I guess it’s just discrepancies between factories sometimes.

  19. says: shortymomma

    In Jean’s photo you look smaller than Jenfromheadtotoe…your shoulders sit lower and so does the bottom of your chin.   Your face shape is just more oval and your curly hair atop it puts you just above her head…. barely.  But I think you are definately shorter minus the hair.  Just an observation.

  20. says: ramnik

    I don’t comment often on here, but I have to ask – did you have those jeggings altered at all? I’m blown away at how good they look on you! I want a pair…sucks living in Canada sometimes! 

    1. Thank you Ramnik! The only alteration they need are to be hemmed. I have the extra length tucked under in these photos. Fellow shorties could easily get away with just tucking under like I have them here, but I plan to eventually get them hemmed. Sorry I don’t know where you can get these particular pants in CA. I feel for the plight of CA readers. :(

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