I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller,

In the making of this post, I may have bought one or more of these items, under the influence of a glass of wine (or two)…

And, what ever happened to Skee-Lo…and hip-hop…

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  1. says: Michelle

    Lol!! Well, I am on my third glass currently (I am stopping after this and have had plenty of water!), but I will restrain myself from making purchases! :p

    I love that ring!! I have a bracelet just like that (well, similar, it is three rows of the pointy stuff)  but silver, but it stays fastened by a magnet, which came unglued…I need super glue!!

    So please tell me you got those slippers!?! Or at least the ring (but $230?! Eek!)

    And “I Wish” is on my ipod! :p

    1. Cheers!

      I wish I could get the slippers! They only have mens sizes, boo! But…I may have that ring coming in the mail…eek! I love that it’s sterling silver…too many designer costume jewelry pieces are that expensive, but an icky metal underneath the gold plating!

      And I listened to “I Wish” all night long…forgot how great that song is. LOL.

      1. says: Sacha Ferro-Townsend

        Haha… I have that same wish all the time, for the sake of my wallet.  Cant wait to see it on you, regardless of how it fits!

  2. I saw a similar tweed biker today at Zara.

    Those slippers are so fun! They definitely look like your style, which I consider often menswear elements made cute! -I agree with Petite JD that this looks like a magazine page!

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