ASOS Petite Mustard Skinny Jeans

ASOS Petite Mustard Skinny Jeans, (20% off full-price items with code RMNASOS20 through 12/5) size US1 :: Ann Taylor dress shirt, 00p :: Cole Haan suede shoes, 5 (similar)

Part two of the mustard pant search brings me to these ASOS petite skinny jeans. When I first started toying with the idea of mustard pants, ASOS had a pair of regular size mustard skinny jeans, but thanks to other reviews of ASOS, I knew those wouldn’t work. Recently, I happened across the petite version, stocked in all sizes, and while I had an inkling the rise would still be too high, given ASOS’s free ship and return policy, it couldn’t hurt to give them a try.

I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised at these jeans. After seeing the poor quality of the first pair of mustard jeans, I was expecting something much cheaper feeling/looking for the price. These are miles better than the juniors pair I tried last time.

The fabric is pretty thick, but feels a little oddly stiff, kinda like when paint dries on fabric. I’m guessing this is from yellow dye overload, but it’s nothing too bad. The inseam surprised me as well! Off the rack, it’s the perfect length on me with a little scrunch at the bottom (see the bottom of this post for measurements). Petites who require a longer inseam may find themselves flooding in these pants. There is a slight waist gap on me, but nothing worth altering.

Pretty good from the rear, although I dislike those little folds of fabric at the top the back pockets. I tend not to know what to do with my hands, so in pockets they go! I kept messing up the little flaps of fabric in the back pockets, which makes them look unsmooth. Other than that, the back pockets are nice and small, although a little far apart, but that’s just me being nit-picky. I do wish the front button tab wasn’t painted yellow. I think it really cheapens the look of the jean and a regular silver button tab would have looked much better.

The mustard color is nice, but it didn’t wow me. I think I may be falling out of love with the idea of mustard jeans, and the color seemed a little washed out looking in bright, outdoorsy light. I think I’d like it better if it were a little darker, or had a little more orange in it.

And now for the clincher. This is my least favorite part about pant shopping. Unless the pants are really low-rise, they don’t agree with my body type. The photo below is a fine example of what I like to call a “jeanis”. When the rise of the pant is too high, there is too much extra fabric in the front, and the pants fold at the crotch in a very unflattering way.

This type of fit in the crotch drives me crazy, so these are definite returns for me. But, I’ve seen ASOS skinny jeans work beautifully on petites (see a similar pair on Jean) with longer torso’s than myself, or who don’t need quite so low a rise as I do (my ideal rise is between 6″-6.5″). ASOS appears well stocked on sizes, and with their free shipping and returns (just keep them very clean! I’ve heard ASOS can be picky with returns.) within the US, might be worth a shot if you’re looking for mustard jeans. And according to the website, you can use code RMNASOS20 for 20% off full-priced items through 12/5/11.

Product Info: Size Petite US1 (laying flat)
Waist: 12.5″
Hip: 15.5″
Rise: 7.5″
Inseam: 28″
Leg Opening: 5″

Will anyone be trying these pants? And more curiously…does anyone else often suffer from the dreaded “jeanis”?


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