New Size: Burberry Size 0

Petite Burberry lovers, I have exciting news for you. It’s size US0!

Fellow Burberry fan Jean and I have been chatting about this on Twitter for a few weeks now, so I decided to do a little detective work.

As some of you may know, I own two Burberry trench coats. One is the Harbourne style, and the other is the Ledstone, both in size 2 and altered down to fit. Some styles fit smaller than others, and after alterations, the size 2 coats have worked well for me. But the idea of an even smaller Burberry trench coat is intriguing. This would mean a better fit in the shoulder, and less alterations for petites.

The size 0 first popped up online, but was always mysteriously “sold out”, so it was unknown if the size actually existed, or if it was simply a mistake on the Burberry website. Then, size 0 magically became available online, and out of curiosity, I popped into my local Burberry boutique to investigate. The helpful sales associate knew what I was talking about immediately…they had one…but it had already been snatched up…drat! A quick search of the store system revealed the boutique in Los Angeles had one. What a coincidence, I was heading there the next day!

So off to the Beverly Hills Burberry boutique I went, and lo and behold…they had a size 0!

This is the Buckingham in “honey”, in size 0. The sleeve fits a little wider than my two size 2 Burberry coats, but roughly the same length. The real difference is in the torso and shoulder. As I buttoned up, I was shocked at how fitted the torso was! It’s difficult to accurately compare shoulder width with my size 2 coats, but it looks from the photo that the size 0 is slightly narrower.

The San Diego boutique told me the size 0 they had was in a style called Marystow, and the sales associate kept telling me how narrow it ran in the shoulder, so there may be an even better fitting size 0 Burberry coat out there!

Looking to invest in a Burberry coat?

  • Smaller petites should look for this new size US0. It probably won’t be a perfect fit, but it will minimize the number of alterations needed.
      • For example, on this coat I would want: 1) the sleeves slimmed 2) the sleeves shortened 3) the belt moved higher
  • Size 0 definitely comes in the Buckingham (shown) and the Marystow (which may run smaller than the Buckingham). Online, it looks to be available in this short coat.
  •  Some styles run smaller and narrower than others. Ask your sales associate for help finding the most petite-friendly styles.
  • The thing I love most about Burberry boutiques is they will alter your coat for free! This may vary by boutique or country, but the Beverly Hills store has altered both of my trench coats for free. But you must be vigilant about telling them what you want (they can be reluctant to do many or complicated alterations, since it’s for free).

Is Anyone going to look for a Burberry size 0 trench coat this season?

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  1. says: Couturecoco5

    Fab news – this is really helpful and interesting. I really like this one on you!
    I got an old Harboune style with light coloured buttons in US4 but it fits me perfectly in the sleeves, shoulders and torso, however I am wider than you :-)
    I am a trench coat junkie so have a Burberry trench in a black wool mix with a hood too that I love.

    1. I’m a trench coat junkie as well, but I have to stop because it’s just not practical here in Southern California. Is your Harbourne coat pretty old? I wouldn’t be surprised if the sizes were a bit smaller not too long ago. Many brands are prone to vanity sizing, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Burberry coats had expanded a bit in the last few years. :P

  2. says: Bonhomie

    I bought two Burberry trench coats and one long wool coat last winter and they fit fabulously. I love how fitted they are. I agree that some styles are more fitted than others, but I generally find that Burberry runs on the smaller side. Their styles are classy and timeless.

    1. Totally agreed! So classic and chic! And your long wool coat sounds scrumptious! My red trench which is called the Ledstone runs TINY! A petite friend of mine tried it on and couldn’t get it over her shoulders! And she’s pretty small herself.

  3. says: megs

    I’m so not a size 0, but when I make my trip up to NYC to look into school/apartments I was planning to visit burberry and try on their trench coats. The problem I’ve always had are the lengths. I”m 90% certain no matter what I’ll need alterations, but I’m now more curious to try on a jacket

    1. Hi Megs! The short Burberry trench coats are a good length for petites. They stop a few inches above my knee, which is nice and toasty, but not too long. If you buy from the Burberry boutique, they’ll also alter for free, which is a HUGE plus! :)

  4. Thanks for this post, Kelly! After you twitpic’d that first photo, I immediately texted my kind SA here in Boston and asked him to find some 0’s for me in light khaki. He said they only have the Marystow, but that he compared the Marystow 0 against the Harbourne 2 (which I have) and said mine was cut narrower! I’m so confused given what your SA was saying about the Marystow running really narrow in the shoulder. Hmm! He did say they were getting a 0 in the Mottram “mini-trench” ( and that should fit better. Alas, I love the Harbourne’s classic features and will probably just wait patiently for a 0 to be made in the exact style I already have. I forget whether you had your torso’s slimmed but the tailors at my local Burb refuse to slim the torso on trench coats with the same excuse how they’re dyed in one piece to be waterproof. Wool coats, they will do, but not trench, so mine are still baggy in the torso.

    1. Interesting!! Without actually seeing it in person, I’m relying on the knowledge of SA’s, who might not really know just what “narrow” means to the 5’0″ and under petite customer. LOL. You will at the very least like the narrow torso of the size 0. I buttoned it up and was shocked! And, hello there adorable Mottram coat…do I need another Burb? Bad Kelly…bad!

      What is that rubbish about refusing to slim the torso? I don’t understand why that would make a difference…you’re taking the sides in, so isn’t all that fabric already waterproofed? I don’t get it. The Burb boutique in Beverly Hills slimmed both my trench coats in the torso. They did however talk me out of moving the belt higher (probably to avoid adding to the long list of alterations I was asking for), which I regret now. Might take it back after this winter and see if I can get it done for free.

  5. says: Beaumonde126

    I love this coat on you! The torso is sooo slim. How does your tailor shorten the sleeves without leaving marks when transfering sleeve details higher? Thanks

    1. Hi Beaumonde126! There are always little marks left when the tailor moves the sleeve details higher. There are little grey dots to mark where the loops are supposed to be sewn that are visible afterwards, but they are so small that I don’t mind them.

  6. says: Beaumonde126

    I love this coat on you! The torso is sooo slim. Kelly, how does your taylor shorten sleeves without leaving marks from sleeves details when transfering them up higher on the sleeve? Thank you

  7. says: Beaumonde126

    Kelly could please describe the color honey as compared to traditional color trench? It seems to look rich/more expensive. Do you like it more than lighter  color trencn?

    1. This color was a teeny bit more yellow (so more “honey” like) than the traditional Burberry tan color, and is very pretty! I wouldn’t mind a trench in that color at all, but I still love my iconic tan one. :)

  8. says: Material Girl

    Thanks a lot for sharing the size 0 finds!! 
    I was concerned about the alteration quality so didn’t buy a size 2 coat. Thanks a lot for the info and I’ll go check out Burberry boutiques this weekend! :)

  9. says: drzaius

    I just bought that exact coat, in that size, in that colour :D  Unfortunately, my store (Vancouver) said their policy is to alter sleeve lengths for free only.  They did give me the name of a preferred tailor for me to look into getting the sleeves slimmed. 

    1. Congrats on your beautiful coat! Too bad your boutique will only alter sleeve length. I wish they all had the same wonderful alterations policy as the Beverly Hills boutique! They’ve always been so gracious with my coat alterations. At least they gave you a trusted tailor to go to. :)

        1.  Hmm…good question. There is a very good chance they will because I once bought a coat from the South Coast Plaza store, and took it to Beverly Hills to be altered. They didn’t give me any problems at all.

  10. says: Katherine

    Whoa! I’ve always had to buy size 2 or hunt for the random 2P which they seem to carry in a very limited fashion with very little styles. A size 0 would be awesome – I always wondered since they are doing such a huge expansion in Asia how they are fixing the sizing issue – maybe more 0s is part of it? Thank you for the post! 

    1. Yes! I always wonder what high end designers do when they start selling clothing in Asia. Are there petite designer duds over there that us poor North Americans can’t get our hands on? Did you ever see size 2P Burbs in boutiques, or are those from department stores? I’ve only ever seen them in Nordies & Bloomies, but it’s been a while since I’ve looked.

      1. says: Katherine

        They have smaller sizes, generally and maybe more of the smaller ones – they typically won’t cut something they don’t make at all (like Burberry making a size 00 just for Asia), but they might have “Asia only” styles that are better suited for petites.

        Burberry is moving to a global standard (less price differences, more standardized stock per store) so hopefully we’ll see more and more size 0s!

        Hmm – I thought I had the option to order a 2P before at a boutique but will check :)

  11. says: Chloe

    Ooh, such a pretty trench!  I’ve been holding off on a Burberry trench purchase due to the sizing (and I get so, so lazy with alterations) but I’m definitely going to have to hit the boutique up soon.  It looks great on you!

  12. says: Sonia Sharm

    Hi –

    LOVE the coat!  Not sure if you’ve reviewed Burberry Petite trench coats before . . . in your opinion, how does the regular US 0 compare to the petite 2?  Is there a petite size 0 out there as well?

    Thanks and can’t wait for your response! 

  13. says: Shells

    I’m so glad I found this post!  The size 0 is sold out in the B trench I was looking for–in your opinion, can a size 4 be altered down to fit a petite gal like myself?

    1. says: Beaumonde126

      Hi Shells,

      I just received Burberry Buckingham in
      “honey” in size 0 from my Honey as a Birthday gift. I absolutely love it
      but it is too small for me. He kept it in his office for over a month to
      surprise me. Burberry boutiques return policy is 30 days. If interested, my
      email is

    2. Hi Shells – The size 4 probably could be altered down, but could be complicated. If it fits in the shoulder at least, you probably wouldn’t have to do many more alterations than I had done on my size 2’s. I had the sides slimmed and sleeves shortened.

  14. says: Hannah Jones

    I am looking for a size 0 Burberry coat and I can’t find one :( I am tall but really thin and a 2 does not fit and they will not tailor to make it smaller. I did go to a Burberry boutique but didn’t find one either…Where could I find one?

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  16. says: LeatherViz

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