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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent mine in Los Angeles, celebrating an anniversary with the boyfriend (Mmm…lobster dinner. Yum!), and catching up with a friend who was in town from Chicago. Now it’s off to San Diego again to start the week!

In the meantime, I wanted to share this H&M blazer I picked up on Friday, and have already worn twice! If like me, you enjoy blazers in fun fabrics, you might want to check this one out. I am pretty picky about my blazers, but when I found this little guy, I was really impressed at the quality and style. Even the boyfriend raised an eyebrow and said, “Whoa! That’s nice!”.

The details, fabric, and seaming all make this blazer look way more expensive than it actually is, even though for an H&M piece, it’s on the expensive side ($50). I’ve seen way less good looking blazers retail for upwards of $300, so this blazer is great value for the price.


H&M BlazerButtoned

From the side. Note the fitted back (shown buttoned), and the coolest thing of all…the elbow patches actually rest at my elbows! Usually, they’re down my arm, well past where my actual elbows are.

H&M Blazer Side ViewExcuse the unsightly camera lens cap in my back pocket :)

The details:

Three functional flap pockets and one chest pocket (perfect for pocket squares…hehe) that just need to be carefully opened with a pair of scissors or seam ripper.

H&M Blazer Pockets

The elbow patches are faux-suede, that also lines under the collar, in case you’d like to wear it “popped”.

Functional inside pocket…I love this detail!

Working sleeve buttons that look expensive in a faux-horn.

Beware…the lining in the sleeves was done a little sloppy on some blazers. If the sleeve isn’t laying flat or looks warped, check the lining. It may have been sewn in funny. I switched out the first blazer I grabbed because the sleeve lining make the sleeve look twisted near the bottom.

This blazer also comes in grey, but the fabric looks way less expensive than the brown. The grey is similar to the dotted suiting fabric that H&M has every season (that I really dislike), but the brown is a small pattern, houndstooth check that has been really well done for the price point. I’m really hoping H&M will release this same blazer in more fabrics/colors!.

Last but not least, here is the tag.

This blazer is cropped, so it’s normal length on short lil’ me, but there is another fabulous grey herringbone blazer also at H&M (can’t find it online) that I’m drooling over, but the length is just ridiculously too long on me. It would look amazing on taller or long torso’d ladies!

My First Impressions:

  • Looks WAY more expensive that it actually is.
  • In a perfect world, the sleeves would be a little slimmer on me.
  • Sleeves also need a hem on me, but I wear my blazers rolled to 3/4 length anyways.
  • I love all the details, and think they are all really well done (like the welting around the pockets).
  • The faux-suede isn’t as bad as I thought faux-suede would be.
  • The bust seems to run a bit smaller than a lot of H&M jackets. Busty gals may have to size up, or only wear it open.
  • I really wish the grey was done in a better fabric. I almost picked it up, but the fabric just wasn’t as nice as the brown.

Product Info, size 2 (laying flat):
Length: 20″
Shoulder: 14″
Bust: 15″
Waist: 12.5″
Sleeve: 23″



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  1. says: Julia

    YAY! beautiful blazer find….a win for fall petites :) Thanks for sharing.

    On a related note, I was wondering if you or anyone reading has had experience with the new improved Talbots petites…the cropped fall pants rival JCrew, but are actually ALL available in Petites!!


    They also have some great houndstooth jackets in Petite too…

    Anyone know how “petite” Talbots Petites really are??


    1. Good question about Talbots! I haven’t tried them recently, but the pants are probably not for me since I need an incredibly low rise, and it looks like their pant fits rest close to the natural waist. That would be a Steve Urkel rise on me. :P

      If you try them, let me know how they fit!

      1. says: Mkuhnberg

        Try the new “Modern Fit” pants at Talbots.  They are a lower rise and I find they run small.  As reference, I wear a 2P in Banana Republic pants and I wear a 4P in Talbots modern fit.  I bought the Modern Pinstripe Pant and they’re really nice.  The Modern Trouser Jean runs even smaller.  The 4P was super tight on me.

    1. Great minds think alike! Yeah, I was surprised to see such a high price on a H&M item, but after giving it a good thorough look-over, I liked all the details and thought it was definitely worth it. Can’t wait to see how you style it! :)

  2. says: Kileen

    this houndtooth blazer is a great find!!  my favorite part is the elbow patches.  so cute and definitely petite friendly.  can’t wait to see more styles with it!

  3. says: Wendy Diel

    Ouu, it is cute!  It looks quite warm, and I love the fit from the back.

    I’ve found that all H&M blazers I’ve tried (including my beloved red one) are large in the shoulders and bust — Do you find this to be the case with this one? What’s the shoulder measurement for this one?

    I’m interested on how this would fit on me, seeing as I’m not as blessed as you are in the chest department — I’ll have to pop into H&M to check it out! :)

    @Elaine — Thanks for the CAD pricing!

    1. I usually find that H&M blazers are big in the bust and shoulder for me too! Up until this one, I’ve never owned one (I’ve bought a few, only to decide I don’t like the fit in the shoulder & bust, and returned them). This one definitely runs smaller in those areas. The shoulder is 14″, which is the max shoulder length I can take before I start looking like I’m wearing football shoulder pads. I hope it works for you!!

      1. says: Wendy Diel

         Tried it on, and I agree – I think 14″ across the shoulders is the biggest I can do as well. Fell in love with the back, but the front was a no-go.

        The fit/placement of the bust on you did irk me a little when I first saw the photos, but I had no idea why until I tried on the blazer.

        Flat-chested petites beware! There are darts in the front to create shape, but they end very much below my bust for me — This is made for someone with a larger and lower bust than 4ft11, 28″ bust me. :(

        I do think that it works much better on you than me though; my look tends to be a little more cutesy/adolescent, and the too-low darts just made me look frumpy unfortunately.

  4. says: ramnik s.

    At first glance, I thought “not too bad”, but the elbow patches make this one a winner for me. I’m definitely going to try to find this one in Toronto! Thanks for sharing!

    1. The elbow patches are definitely cute on this jacket. Sometimes, when H&M does faux-suede elbow patches on knits and jackets, it can look a little cheap, but they did a better job on this one. :)

  5. says: Elle

    The blazer fits you so nicely, a great buy! I love all the details AND the fact that the elbow patches actually sit on the elbow and not halfway down your forearm (the other blazer with elbow patches I tried on from H&M had that problem).

    1. Yes! All other H&M items with elbow patches were way too far down my arm. I was shocked when they were in the right spot. That combined with the cute houndstooth print, inside pocket, and other details really sold me on it. :)

  6. says: AUBS*

    you know what my fave part abt this blazer is?  the vents in the back.  how unique.  of course you already know I like elbow patches, so automatic winner.  hope to see it @ 1 of the H&Ms here in SD to try on at least.

    1. Thanks Michelle! My nail color is Chocolate Kiss by Ulta, which was a little gift from Jean from last Christmas. It’s painted on pretty poorly at the moment, as my nail painting skills have gone un-used for years!

  7. says: R.L.

    I’m impressed that the elbow patches hit where they’re supposed to!  My fave is the unique peplum-ish detail in the back…very feminine for a menswearish blazer :)

  8. says: Shoppingisfun

    Oops, sorry, wasn’t done typing.

    Hello! You may have seen me on fitreview.com. Anyway, I’m a fan of your blog. I have this exact blazer; I’m just a little bigger than you, but the sleeves on it are still very long on me. Due to the expense of heming sleeves with buttons on them, I’m thinking ov avoiding the problem by simply hemming at a 3/4 sleeve length. What’s your opinion? Would it look weird with the faux leather patches?

  9. says: Janki

    Can you explain how you do that cool roll up on your jackets and your sleeve?  I love your look but when I tried, my jackets just look either too bulky or they land just one “turn” past my elbow.  Not cute.  I don’t even know how you did the cool shirt/jacket roll. 
    Your blog rocks, btw!

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