Small Bangle Bracelet Alert on Gilt Groupe

Eddera Medici Small Bangle Eddera Medici Small Bangle

Eddera Medici Turquoise Bangle – 2.25″ diameter

If you have thin wrists as I do, you know how hard it is to find small bangle bracelets that don’t slide right off your hand. So I was pretty surprised to find this little guy pop up on Gilt Groupe tonight.

According to the product page, this 18K gold plated brass bangle with turquoise stones measures in at 2.25″ diameter, which is the same diameter as my tiny sterling silver bangle bracelets that I wear ALL THE TIME! It’s selling on Gilt Groupe for $135, marked down from $330 (I checked the retailer website, and this is a correct full-retail price. Sometimes sample sale sites exaggerate this). Gilt Groupe is also offering $15 off an order of $75 or more at checkout.

I love the look of this bangle. It has the 18K gold, hammered metal look that is so modern and stylish right now, and the turquoise is a great pop of color to finish off an outfit.

One word of caution…it’s non-returnable! I hate when sample sale sites do this!

I threw caution to the wind and picked up one of these little guys, figuring if it’s truly 2.25″ as the product page states, I’ll love it. If it’s not 2.25″, then Gilt Groupe should respect a return due to the product not being represented properly. *fingers crossed*

Not sure what size of bangle bracelet you need? Measure your hand with this method.

Need an invite to Gilt Groupe? Here’s my invite link (If you sign up through my invite link, I earn $25 if you make a Gilt Groupe purchase).

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  1. says: Munchkin717

    I ordered a bangle from Gilt a few months ago; it was final sale.  The measurement the website was smaller than the actual measurement.  I emailed Gilt about the discrepancy, and they allowed me to return the bangle.

  2. So I don’t usually like posting giveaways in comments, but I’m doing one from an Etsy shop that has really small bracelets. When I picked out  a bracelet to review, the store owner asked me to make sure my wrist was actually small enough for it! Definitely encourage you to enter :)

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