Review: Ann Taylor Petite Slim Knit Pants

Ann Taylor Petite Slim Knit PantsAnn Taylor Knit Slim Pants, size 00P (extra length folded under) :: H&M t-shirt, size 2 :: Cole Haan shoes, size 5

When Ann Taylor offered me a $100 gift card* to give their new pants a try, I figured it was a good opportunity to look for non-jean pants, since I seem to have a denim addiction and need more variety in my bottoms wardrobe. I normally go for bootcut or trouser style pants, but in my craving for something new, skinny and slim pants have been on my mind.

I ended up purchasing two pairs of pants online. The pair I liked the most and was curious to try were the Petite Ponte Knit Trousers. I liked them because they looked more like trousers than jeans, with a double hook-and-bar front closure, and back welt pockets. These, however, were quite a bit roomy in size 00P, and were not flattering on me at all. It was not even worth taking photos.

The Petite Knit Slim Pants were my second choice. The leg line looked sleek on the model, but the five pocket styling reminded me almost too much of a pair of black jeans. I was expecting not to like them as much…after all…wasn’t the point to find non-jeans?

I was also disappointed to see both pants only came in black (since then, a grey option for the knit slim pants has popped up). Black pants are nice, but a bit formal for my casual wardrobe, and I like color options!

On to the pants! Here are the Petite Knit Slim Pants in size 00P:

Ann Taylor Petite Slim Knit Pants

Please excuse the lack of styling and poor photo location. The sprinklers were on in my favorite photo taking spots, and I was losing photo taking light fast!

My first impressions:

  • Material is oh-so-comfy!
  • Beware of VPL! The stretch of these pants makes thongs or seamless undies a must.
  • I appreciate the working pockets (the Ponte Knit Trousers lack front pockets).
  • Looks a lot like black jeans, which may make them too casual for some work places.
  • Lining of the front pockets can show a line on your leg if not smoothed from the inside.
  • Machine washable! These say “dry flat”, which means the fabric may shrink in the dryer (take note xxs petites!).
  • Teeny tiny waist gap, but not even worth altering.
  • The rise fits! Which means I don’t have any weird things happening in the crotch (phew!). The creases you see in the photo are because my leg is bent forward.
  • A little long and need a hem (the extra length is tucked under in these photos).
  • These fit a lot like my favorite Paige skinnies! I’m glad I found that same flattering cut in non-denim!

I wasn’t expecting to like these, but once I put them on and tucked the extra length under, I was really happy with them! The cut is flattering on my figure, the silhouette is modern and sophisticated, and it’s not every day that you find flattering pants! I don’t own any black pants, so these may turn into a helpful wardrobe staple that I didn’t know I needed.

I was also very happy to see another color pop up online…grey! I have a feeling I’ll be snagging these when a good sale comes along. I just hope the heather color isn’t sweat-pant looking.

Ann Taylor Petite Slim Knit Pants Grey

Ann Taylor Slim Knit pants in Graphite Heather

Size 00P Product Info (laying flat):
Length: 37″
Rise: 6.5″
Inseam: 30″
Waist: 12.5″
Hip: 16″
Thigh: 8.5″
Leg Opening: 6″
40% Cotton, 29% Nylon, 27% Modal, 4% Spandex
Machine wash cold
Dry flat

Also see these pants on: Sydney in size 0P


* Disclosure – Ann Taylor offered me a $100 gift card to try their new pant styles. This offer did not carry any other requests. The decision to do a review, as well as the opinions in this review, are my own. I am a member of the Ann Taylor affiliate program, and purchasing through a link to the Ann Taylor website from this post may result in a commision for Alterations Needed.

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  1. says: R.L.

    Wow, these pants look amazing on you!!  I was also thinking that they fit like your Paige skinnies before I read your comment, lol.  Too bad the length is a little long but I suppose that’s the easiest fix!  I noticed the graphite heather as well.  They seem to be a darker gray so hopefully they won’t be like sweat pants.  Can’t wait to get a pair for myself!  AT seems to have a good 40% off but no free ship at the moment.

      1. says: Sumana Goddu

        Yeah, why don’t Ann Taylor and Loft have free shipping? With Gap and BR you get free shipping if you have the BR Luxe/ Gap silver card; even otherwise you just need to spend $50 to get free shipping as compared to $150 for AT & Loft. How to get around this problem?

  2. I was dying to see this review! Mine still haven’t arrived! I’m bummed the length is too long!

    I also ordered the gray ones and am
    Curious to see how they fit!

    Thanks for the review!!

  3. says: Olyvia

    these pants do look nice on you! The slimness makes your legs look lean and long. I think these are the  best-looking pair of all your pants-posts so far :) 

  4. says: Erin

    I really like these pants Kelly!  Sounds like a good deal for $100! I actually really like the plain gray tee with minimal styling… it lets the focus lie on the pants :)

  5. says: Lisa

    Wish they had more colors! These would look great in a camel color or red. I have the black in 00, but 30″ just scrapes by for me. I’m 5’2″ and a 30″ inseam is almost too short. I love them otherwise. I keep looking for more Fall colors.

  6. says: Sumana Goddu

    Hi Kelly, I like your personal style. Even I prefer pants to skirts/dresses. It is often difficult to get petite pants that fit just right. These Slim knit pants look very flattering on you :)

  7. says: JJ

    I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of work-appropriate pants, and these might just do the trick! They fit really well on you, and since I think we’re similar measurement-wise, I’ll definitely have to check them out.

    I really like the color of the grey ones, too, but they do look a little sweatpants-y for my liking. Possibly they’ll look less so in person?

  8. says: Jessy

    I really like them, but you’re right… they look like jeans. I’ve been looking for a pair of slim fitting trousers. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. I wish I had more recommendations for you, but I’m always on the lookout for the very same thing and haven’t had much luck. Jean reviewed a slim pair of trousers, also from Ann Taylor, that would probably work for you, or at least pretty close.

      I know you’re in Canada, so maybe when these go on sale, you can get one of us in the states to snag a pair for ya. :)

      1. says: Jessy

        Thanks Kelly! I really liked the trousers she had, but I am avoiding it because of the waist gap. The legs also seem a bit too wide for my taste. Sigh..

        1. says: JJ

          The 00 is actually a little tight on me! My hips are around 33′ inches to give you a sense of measurement, and I fit comfortably in the 0p.

            1. says: JJ

              I am! And they usually have a sale at Delia’s where if you buy one, you can get the second 50% off…which I suppose doesn’t help if you’re only buying one pair, but it’s still a decent deal overall!

  9. says: Anonymous

    Ohh i saw the same pair on Sydney too…you both look great in them and I’m tempted to get a pair too, cuz I have too many jeans in my closet!  but I’m not sure if I’ll looks so great in them, plus my only pair of Ann Taylor pants its 2p, so not sure about the sizing!  I may have to do a day trip to Buffalo sometime…and drag Jessy along :P

  10. says: April

    Those pants look SOOO good on you Kelly!  They fit you perfectly!  Your legs look soo long!  I’m a lot bigger than you, not sure what size I’d get if I were to buy them, perhaps a 2.  

  11. says: Suzanner676

    Loved these pants until I washed them, following the instructions printed on the inside of the pants and they shrunk….BOY did they shrink.  I am planning to return them :-(

    1. Oh no!! How awful! I washed mine too and they turned out fine. Were they drying near a heater maybe? I’ve had items accidentally shrink while air drying that way. So sorry to hear about your pants. I hope Ann Taylor will take them back graciously, and thank you for the warning. I’ll be extra careful during my next washings.

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