Missoni for Target – Small Shoes Up For Grabs

Tuesday, I went out into the madness that was the launch of Missoni for Target. I had a few items on my wish list, but missed out on my favorite pieces as a mad rush of crazed shoppers filled their carts, only to turn around and sell these items on ebay for incredible markups. A little unfair? Sure. Genius money making strategy? Yup.

I was, however, able to save a few small size shoes from the grips of the crazy ebay sellers, and thought it might be fun to offer them up to readers who may be interested. Here’s the deal:

  • I’ll ship internationally.
  • Buyer pays for shipping, which will be calculated after purchase agreement (I can meet if you’re local).
  • I took the inside measurements twice, once in inches and once in centimeters.
  • All prices reflect full retail price, the CA taxes I paid (7.75%), as well as a small “commission” for my time packing/shipping/driving/standing in line, etc.
  • First come, first serve.
  • I will consider trades for: Missoni for Target throw.
  • Email me at alterationsneeded@gmail.com if interested.

Missoni for Target Suede Pumps, black, size 5.5:

Missoni for TargetLink to item on Target.com

I was able to snag two pairs of these in women’s size 5.5. I would need a size 5, but I don’t think size 5 was sold in stores (was size 5 online? Does is even exist?). These are suede with a faux wood heel. The heel is 3.25 inches from the center of heel, and about 3.5 inches from the back. The inside measurement is 9 inches / 23 cm.

Price: $50 + shipping *UPDATE* Sorry…typo on the first posted price

I hope these shoes find good homes! :)

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  1. says: Sage

    I can’t believe you actually went to Target on Tuesday! I was too scared of getting trampled to death. You’re a brave woman.

    The shoes are super cute, but just not for me (I’m a vegan so I don’t wear suede). I’m sure you’ll get a buyer quick though.

  2. says: Sage

    I can’t believe you actually went to Target on Tuesday! I was too scared of getting trampled to death. You’re a brave woman.

    The shoes are super cute, but just not for me (I’m a vegan so I don’t wear suede). I’m sure you’ll get a buyer quick though.

  3. says: R.L.

    I perused eBay yesterday (so just the day after the line debuted) and found a ton of items already neatly photographed and described selling for 2-3x the price.  Although I think it’s pretty shady, it’s also kind of a genius profit-making strategy.  I can’t wait to see your post on your new Missoni flats and I hope you find your throw!

    1. Thanks R.L.! I was super sad I missed out on the throw. OMG…people just scooped up entire shelves with the intent to sell on ebay. I was so jealous of the ladies with the multiple, nearly toppling-over carts! They had all the stuff I wanted!

  4. says: mica

    I suppose it’s a genius money-making strategy but I really hope people refrain from buying from the sellers. I highly doubt that Target quality will be worth it at those prices; one might as well buy a real Missoni piece.

    I’ve heard there is still a ton of merchandise left in other Target stores that I presume were in areas that didn’t have rabid ebay sellers :P If you look in the Budget Babe comments, many people in those areas are offering to buy and ship items out for people since their stores were fully stocked… and not for 3x the retail price.

    I think Target should have limited purchases, like H&M has done before with designer collaborations. It seems unfair to their real customers who were looking forward to buying at Target. Wasn’t the point of the diffusion line to make the brand more accessible to those who cannot afford Missoni prices? Plus if Target stores are restocked because the collection was ‘sold out’, and then ebay sellers begin returning items en masse if they aren’t selling, there might be a wasteful surplus of items… in clearance at the end of the year. Lol.

    1. That’s so incredibly nice of the readers of Budget Babe!

      I was a little surprised there wasn’t a merchandise limit on Tuesday! The scene was definitely ridiculous as people had multiple carts loaded to the top with Missoni stuff. I do hope there is restocking or ebay seller return surge, because I’d really love to get my hands on a few things (like the cute throw and little luggage tote).

  5. I tried those shoes on in the store. I normally wear a size 6 and I have an average to narrow foot. These ran really wide for me and felt slightly too big, so people might want to keep that in mind.

  6. I’m interested in them. I don’t have a pair of black pumps so these would fit the bill. And 5.5 is usually what I buy from Target since they almost never carry size 5. 

    We could probably meet too, I work in north Orange County.

    1. Hi Brianne! That would be great, then you wouldn’t have to pay for shipping! I’ll be driving up to LA from SD on Saturday afternoon. Could you meet up if I stopped on the way? Send me an email so we can chat privately.

      1. Where are you going to be in LA? I’m going to the USC football game on Saturday evening and I could easily meet up in LA during the early afternoon.  You can e-mail me at brianne dot archer at gmail dot com.

  7. says: shoppingisfun

    I saw a pair of these (plus some of the Missoni flats, in kids’ sizes that looked like they would fit up to a size 5 or 6) at my local Target in Elk Grove, CA. Plus, a couple of the ladies’ sized Missoni sweaters had apparently been returned to the racks…so watch your local stores if you’re interested, more of this stuff may turn up. Anyway, these pumps, in person, are quite cute!

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