Guilty…of Shopping the Juniors Department

Nordstrom JacketNecessary Objects Flat Collar Blazer, size x-small :: Ann Taylor Factory shell, size xxsp :: Paige jeans, size 23 (hemmed) :: Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Pumps, size 35 :: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Skinny belt, size xs :: Vintage feather brooch :: Iridesse pearls :: Alex and Ani bangle

I try my best to avoid shopping in juniors departments, but this little rust colored blazer called out to me and I was powerless against it! If you’re gonna shop juniors, the Nordstrom B.P. department is my hands down favorite, and pretty much kept me clothed all through college. I had the stretch camisole in almost every color (I think a few are still sitting in my closet somewhere), and I navigated my first job interviews in a B.P. button down. I also have fond memories of a little white shrunken blazer that I literally wore to death by graduation.

I roam through the B.P. department every now and then, but most things don’t appeal to me anymore, and those that do, are usually a poor fit. That is…until this little blazer crossed my path!

Tip: Juniors sizing runs narrow, but doesn’t necessarily run short. Juniors sizes are often designed for a teen of 5’4″ – 5’5″, so items are not made with a very short person in mind. However, juniors tops and jackets are often cut with a higher bust and shorter back, which can be a good fit for shorter women. (source: wikipedia)

Nordstrom Jacket

Note: the color is much more brownish orange-red than the photos show. This photo location tends to skew colors slightly.

The fit is small, the color of this particular jacket is a pretty fall “rust” color, and the lining is a cute stripe perfect for cuffing. What grabbed my attention (besides the color) was that collar!

The flat collar is a sophisticated touch, well beyond it’s years as a juniors item. I also appreciate the waist seam, which adds a little peplum touch to the bottom, and the shrunken fit is perfect for a shorty like me.

That lapel was just screaming for a brooch!

Nordstrom Jacket CloseAll it’s missing is a little hook closure right at the waist seam. It looks really nice closed at that seam, and I plan to add a closure to it myself a little later. In a perfect world, it would also be a little more structured, as I can imagine how wonderful it would look if it were tailored out of a little stiffer fabric. But I guess the slouchy look is okay too. :P

My Rundown:
– Fits small!
– The details are mature despite it being a juniors item.
– Love, love, love the rust color, with ivory being a close second.
– Will look even better closed at the waist seam after I add a little hook closure to it.
– Runs smaller than H&M blazers (H&M size 2 blazers are always too big in the bust and shoulder for me).
– Fabric feels nicer than H&M blazers.
– Sleeve length is perfect on me, however sleeves are too wide to wear un-cuffed. I probably won’t alter them since I like them cuffed.
– Bit expensive for a juniors item ($59) but I couldn’t pass it up.

Product Info, Size X-Small (laying flat):
Length: 20″
Shoulder: 13.5″
Bust: 15.5″
Waist: 14″
Sleeve: 21.5″
61% Polyester, 34% Rayon, 5% Spandex
Lining: 100% Polyester
Dry Clean

I loved the rust (it’s one of my favorite colors to wear), but the white looks even more sophisticated and prim in real life, and I plan to search for it once it goes on sale. I imagine it paired with lots of black accessories to chic-it-up. The black jacket, in my opinion, looked a bit cheap compared to the others.

Nordstrom jacket white

I must admit, I second-guessed myself when I walked out of the Nordstrom B.P. department because I usually really dislike juniors items, and thought I’d get it home and decide it looked too young. After trying it on and taking these photos, I’m pretty happy with it, and already have some more styling ideas to “chic-it-up”.

Readers: Are you like me and avoid the juniors department, or do you shop it freely?

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  1. says: Fabulouslyfrugirl

    I love the colour of this blazer and can only imagine how much nicer it would look in its natural “rusty” colour! :)  This does not look like a piece from the junior’s department at all.   Love the brooch  and strand of pearls!

  2. says: Pam L

    I love that color, and the fit of the blazer looks better on you than on the model.  I’m also guilty of sometimes shopping at Nordstrom B.P., especially for tops and when their basic cardigan goes on sale…one of each color, please!

  3. says: R.L.

    J’adore!!  The stock photo doesn’t make the blazer seem like much but color and fit look wonderful on you!  I don’t think we’ve seen this rust color on you before and I think it really complements your tone.  Plus I love the non-traditional lapels.  Tailored would be good, but I like the slight casual vibe of this blazer.  I’m off to order one for myself now and if it works out I think I’ll be putting a hook closure on it too.  As always, thanks for sharing Kelly!

  4. says: Amber

    i agree, this does not look like a juniors dept blazer. i like the color on my monitor, but the rust you describe sounds even better!! im surprised it fits smaller than H&M. I’m still on the search for blazers. I dont know if I’ll ever be successful!!

  5. says: Cher

    I usually avoid the juniors’ dept. Even though I have a boy-ish frame, the fit is usually pretty off and juniors’ clothing generally isn’t known for their quality. But if something catches my eye–as it does sometimes in Nordies as well–I will take a peek. Great color on the blazer!

  6. Before I had my fashion epiphany a few years back, I regularly shopped juniors because it was the best place to find something that fit. Then I went on an exclusive Adult Clothes Only mission because I wanted to look my age. But recently I have been checking out places like Charlotte Russe and Forever21, which although not technically juniors, does target a younger demographic.  Once in a while I can find things there that fit.  However, my biggest scores to date have been at Gap Kids and Old Navy girls…for pants, skirts, and dresses. In fact, I bought a pair of skinny sateen crop pants at Gap Kids in a size 12 that are perfect. One of these days I will wear them and actually blog about them.

    1. Yes…I’m very curious about these sateen crop pants you speak of! You sound like me…after my “fashion epiphany” I was determined to shop actual adult clothes, which then breed into a distaste for juniors and children’s clothing. :P

  7. says: Erin

    Oh this is really cute! I love the collar and the pin looks great. I try to stay out of the juniors department, but knowing that there are finds like this out there, I might just have to take a peek!

  8. says: ShenDove

    Love your blazer!  I don’t shop in the junior’s department as often as I used to, but I still stop by the junior’s (and even) kids section of my favorite stores. 

  9. says: MoneyMaus

    The color looks great on you! How perfect for Fall :)

    I still shop in Juniors and Kids at Nordstrom! I find the best things for my size there, way better than the occasional things I pick up from Abercrombie Kids…oh, being a size 10 ;) I recently ordered a different blazer from BP but it was too big, as they always are on me – maybe I need to try this one out.

  10. I think the ‘No Shopping the Juniors’ rule just needs a minor modification, perhaps.  ‘No shopping clearly juniors items’?  There is a difference between buying, say, basic t-shirts there if they happen to fit better and buying something that screams high schooler.

    1. Very good point! The whole reason I was in the juniors department was to look for colored denim (which I didn’t find), and I’ve also snagged great t-shirts and tanks from there. As long as the items aren’t obviously juniors, I guess it’s ok. :)

  11. says: C Higa

    I browse the junior’s department regularly but don’t purchase much (some of the dresses are cute but are usually too short for my taste). However, I did just buy a junior’s printed top that I love so much it’s headed to the tailor to fix its too-baggy armholes. 
    That blazer is a wonderful find! Feather pin is the perfect finishing touch. :)

  12. says: Kileen

    Wow, what a great blazer!! I’m gonna have to see if my local Nordies has it. As for me, I will still walk through the Juniors dept when shopping but am very picky about what I buy from there. This blazer definitely is a mature juniors option!

  13. Great find! With the free ship & return policy now, there’s very little holding me back from ordering this to try! I love the collar. I am surprised though that you ended up keeping a …gasp…juniors, polyester blazer!

    1. You should have been inside my head as I was driving home…”Great color…but’s it’s juniors…great shape…wish it were wool…maybe I’ll get it home and won’t like it…maybe I should go back for the white….ahhh!”

  14. says: emily morales

    Hi Kelly! I have some necessary objects clothes too and I love nordstrom bp stuff also. That jacket is so cute on you and no, it doesn’t look juniorsy at all. :)

  15. says: SugarNikita

    Love it. I would probably like it even more if  it were actually the color in your photos (which looks more blue-red than orange-red, and better suited to my coloring), but I think it looks wonderful on you!

  16. Cute! I used to shop in the BP department but haven’t for a long time. I like their shoes too- runs small. Hey this is a random question but do you ever plan on having a blog sale? I would love to rummage thru your stuff…LOL I am eying a couple of things…hehehe

  17. says: Michelle

    So glad you found this! You look great in that color!  Love the flat collar!

    Like you…very rarely do I venture in the juniors.  I used to have a few B.P. cardigans when I first started teaching, though!  :)

  18. says: Val

    I can confirm that this one can work for even the shortest petite ( slighty under four and a half feet and my figure is far from boyish, so clothing really has to fit my curves well ) – I found this exact same blazer in black in Nordstrom Rack for only $20, and I was amazed to find that it fit perfectly and loved that flat lapel and the peplum hem! I’ve never bought an open jacket before, they never seemed to fall correctly, but this one fits well enough that I like the way it looks open. The slightly more casual feeling doesn’t bother me, since I’m only  in my 20’s and I like to look put together but not stuffy – harder to achieve when most petite clothing is made with older folks in mind.

    And by the way, I love that color you got it in, as well – my hair color and complection isn’t so different from yours, and I am drawn to those rusty orange reds too :)

  19. says: Cassie

    I love the blazer! I don’t have anything against shopping in the junior section (now that I apparently fit it again?), I just wish the juniors sections up here had clothing as mature as what you’re wearing right now!

  20. I like this article. I have some jeans from teen departments. I have very narrow hips and thighs so it is hard for me to find slim cut so I usually will find them in stores geared to a younger group of ladies. My problem with juniors is the quality of clothing and the fact that my 13 year old sister shops in the juniors and I am her 24 year old big sister. I can not wear the same clothing she does. I have friends who are in their early to mid 20’s who still shop at forever 21, Wet Seal and so on and they look like they are going to a high school party not out to dinner at a nicer restaurant. I have pretty nerdy taste in my fashion and expensive, I enjoy classic modern pieces and I like to add vintage flair. Let’s say a brooch, a cute bag or cool vintage/vintage inspired shoes. I think juniors can have great shoes, bags, and jewelry . I have pretty expensive taste so I tend to shop at Clothes Mentor, vintage resale, or high end resale shops where I can get great quality pieces that were worn only once, twice, or not at all. I loved your article, and blazer with the pin,  and I think you’re a great judge of when to shop and stop shopping in the juniors. There are great sections at Macy’s for Misses and as well as resale shops that do have higher end garments and I have never once felt like an old lady. I feel quite the opposite, I feel like I am growing up and becoming a woman and the clothing I pick helps me feel that way no matter where I get the pieces. Thanks for this! 

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