Review: J.Crew Petite Perfect Shirt in Medium Gingham

J.Crew Petite Perfect Shirt

I tossed the J.Crew Perfect Shirt into my Schoolboy Blazer order because I’ve had gingham on the brain, and realized I’d never tried J.Crew’s button down shirts before. So why not give it a shot, right? Here she is in size 00P.

View from the back:

J.Crew Petite Perfect Shirt

View from the side:

J.Crew Petite Perfect Shirt

The shirt lays pretty flat from the front, but the views from the back and side show just much extra fabric there is. This shirt would definitely need a side slimming on someone my size.

The fabric is nice, thick and crisp, and I appreciate the nicely buttoned cuffs. The sleeves are a tad too long on me, but not by much. The sides obviously need slimming, and I haven’t decided if I’d have the sleeves slimmed as well.

If I could find this shirt on deep discount (maybe not this same color or print, but same style), I’d consider getting it altered (after a few wash cycles with the intent to shrink). It’s definitely all about the nice fabric for this one.

Size 00P Product Details (laying flat):
Shoulder: 14″
Bust: 17″
Waist: 15.5″
Length: 25″
Sleeve: 22″
100% Cotton
Machine wash

Now I’m wondering…I picked this shirt because it came in size 00P, but the Stretch Perfect Shirts come in letter sizing, with xsp as the smallest.

Has anyone tried both the Stretch Perfect Shirt and the Perfect Shirt that can compare the sizing? I’m curious because stretch usually means the garment runs a little small.


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  1. says: Michelle

    Thanks for the review! I am excited that you are on the hunt for gingham!

    I have been craving gingham, too…because of Cee and others! 

    Did you get “picnic blue”? It looks so much brighter on the J. Crew site.

    You would look cute with the aqua tucked in a bell skirt!  Or even a pencil skirt!

    1. Yup, this is the “picnic blue”. My photos are a little dark (bad lighting) but the shirt is definitely closer to the color of the swatch on the J.Crew site than it is to the color on the model.

      Cee wears gingham so well! She’s certainly one of my enablers. :P
      I can’t seem to find a good, small fitting gingham, but I’m running into lots of plaid right now. *sigh*

  2. says: Kileen

    i think the shirt is a little too boxy on you and would need major slimming (and maybe even darts) for it to look fitted.  the shoulders also look like they’re a little too wide.  unfortunately it looks like this is a miss for petites too.  thanks for the review, Kelly!

  3. says: Olyvia

    I’m so glad you reviewed the perfect shirt style in size 00p, since I’ve also been curious about J.Crew button-up shirts! I had wanted to get the stretch perfect shirt in size XSP when there was a huge sale a few weeks ago, but the color I wanted ran out fast. Based on the sizing chart, regular sz XXS should fit a person with same chest/waist size as a petite XS,  so I took a chance at regular XXS. Here’s link to my review:      The XXS fit on me resembles how your gingham fits on you “okay from the front, but extra fabric in the back.”  I am curious how XSP would fit, maybe the sleeves and length would be shorter….hopefully someone will pop up a review on it :)

  4. says: Nadia

    Have you tried on boys sizes for shirts such as the button-up gingham? I would normally wear an xxs or petite 00, but I have found that ordering larger kids sizes (typically boys for the button-up shirts) has a more successful fit on me. I am 5’1, 26″ waist, 105lbs and can get away with a size 12 boys. 

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