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When I first started writing Alterations Needed in 2008, there were only two other active blogs that were even talking about petite clothing (one of which, Shorty Stories, is still going strong!). I had a lot of questions about where to shop and what it meant to have clothes that actually fit, and as I found the answers to some of these questions, it seemed only right to share my new found knowledge with others. Thus, Alterations Needed was born.

Three years later, I’ve watched petite women come together in the most helpful and positive online community I’ve ever seen. The lengths women have gone to help one another in the Alterations Needed Forum is inspirational, and the petite blogging community has blossomed into a lively little corner of the web.

The petite online community has been so fantastic and helpful, I’d like to see it grow beyond the niche within a niche it’s in, and help a broader range of petite women. With most petite bloggers on the tiny side of the spectrum, I see a lot of petite women pass on the chance to join in on the fun because they feel they have nothing to add or nothing to learn.

There is also a misconception that “petite”, when it comes to fashion, means short and thin. I’m still amazed at how many short women don’t think they can shop petite sizes simply because they are not a size 0.

What do all petite women have in common? We’re short! Being short means we often have to get our clothing hemmed…so was born (get it? hehe)!

Hemmed is an opportunity to build an all inclusive, one stop shop for petite women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Hemmed is also a place to share things that isn’t quite right for Alterations Needed, but a broader audience of women might find helpful.  Hemmed will be dedicated to not only helping promote petite designers and give kudos to those brands that are designing for us, but also to become a resource for everything petite. You’ll be able to find it all…trends, tips, celebrities, shopping, sales, personal style…all written by petite women, with other petites in mind.

Please stop by Hemmed and tell me what you think! It’s still very new, but I’ll be updating often, as well as inviting contributors to join in on the fun. Also, if there are any topics you would like to see covered on Hemmed, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Thank you for all your support through the last few years, and I’m hoping we’ll have many more fun fashion chats to come. :)

– Kelly

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  1. says: Sage

    Thank you for reminding the world that petite means short, not necessarily thin. As a size 8 petite, I appreciate it!
 looks like a great resource. I plan to peruse the site today.

    1. Thanks Sage! I fully understand the “petite” misconception, and the current lack of resources for petites over size 00. I’m going to try my best to make Hemmed a fun site for all petites, so please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see. :)

  2. This is fantastic, Kelly, congrats on all the hard work! I agree with your “misconception” comment because I still think of myself as just short, and not petite, because I’m not a 00p. What a great way to branch out!

    1. Firstly…ohhh…pretty avatar! :)

      Thanks Lisa! You’d be amazed at how many women I know have had an “ah ha!” moment when I tell them the reason they can’t find xyz that fits is because they’re petite!

  3. says: Amber Galarowicz

    It’s true that many associate petite with skinny. I’m not sure why that is. I’ll be sure to check that out soon!

    1. Thanks Amber! I think most people associate petite with skinny because there are two definitions. If you just look up “petite”, it’s a french word that describes a small, dainty woman. But if you look up “petite clothing” or “petite clothing sizes”, it’s for women who are under 5’4″. The fashion industry has a different definition, that most people don’t realize exists!

  4. says: Katherine Wu

    Yes!! There is totally a niche to filled for short women who aren’t size 0–I’m something like a plus petite, which is results in confusing combination of advice generally. Do this to look taller! Do this opposite thing to look skinnier! Adding Hemmed to my reader now.

    1. Exactly! And the options for petite-plus gals is just laughable. Petite-plus is almost non-existent, and plus-size clothes often seem designed for giants. I’m already on the look-out for cute petite-plus options. :)

  5. says: Fanny

    I’ve been lurking your blog for awhile but finally decided to comment. :) Hemmed looks great!I love the layout! Thanks for all the hard work – definitely subscribing to it on my Google Reader. I don’t know how you can do all of this!

  6. says: Cleoqueen


    Just wanted to let you know that the post (on Hemmed)  on tailoring and Hollywood may have just saved me hours and hours of frustration. It articulates exactly how I felt when I realized how important it is to tailor your clothes. The new website looks great and I cant wait to explore. Congrats!

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