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Fall is right around the corner, and that means…it’s almost boot season! An email just hit my inbox, so I wanted to give a heads up to readers who might have been interested in ordering from Duo Boots, but timid due to that international shipping charge.

Duo Boots is offering free worldwide shipping for a limited time. Free shipping only applies to the shipping when ordering, and does not include return or exchange shipping.

If you’re not familiar with Duo Boots, they make calf-fit boots in narrow and wide calf sizes. I bought a pair a few years ago in size 30cm calf, and they hug my wimpy 11 inch calves with skinny jeans. They are the only non-super-stretch boots that have ever fit like this!

Read my full review of Duo Boots.

My advice…the pair I got was baggy in the ankle, so read reviews of each boot before ordering (I bought mine before reviews were a feature on the website! Doh!) and opt for styles that aren’t as important if they are super fitted, such as flat boots or equestrian styles.

Petites should also take note of the boot height, since our legs are shorter and you want to avoid that boot from hitting an an uncomfortaable spot at your knee. After picking the boot and calf size on a product page, the boot height will be calculated for you under “sizing”.

Duo Boots Shaft Height

Will any readers be taking advantage of this free shipping offer?

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  1. says: Anne van Hierden

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Usually the items and stores you share are not available/don’t ship to/is expensive to ship to the Netherlands. This store has a page for my country, with convenient payment methods and free shipping. Just this morning I was thinking that I need new black ankle boots. Well, I found my pair! They are a bit pricey at €150,- but my birthday will be soon so I might have some birthday money to spend ;) 

  2. says: Jancan55

    Boots are the hardest for me to find as just about every boot shaft is too tall and hits at my knee.
    Does anyone know of a boot style that is not too high of a heel and not too high at the knee?

  3. says: Nina McMahon

    I came across your blog after googling duo boots. I really like the Tamar boots and they look like a stiffer leather boot. When you bought yours did you think they would be a more structured boot? I kind of scared to pull the trigger!

    1. Hi Nina! I did think my boots would be more structured, than when they arrived. I ordered these before Duo had customer reviews on their site, and a year later, sure enough, people were saying the boots wrinkled at the ankle, just like mine were. The new video is also very helpful, as you can see if the boots are crinkling in weird places. I just watched the video for the Tamar and they look pretty good! Ultimately, I don’t know that particular style, so I can’t say how it’s going to fit. You’ll just have to decide if you’re willing to take the chance. Good luck!

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