Currently Coveting: Fall Blazers

currently coveting fall blazers

Oh…how I love fall! And I love blazers! So naturally, I’m drooling all over my computer keyboard as new merch hits stores. Here are some new fall blazers that have piqued my interest…

1. Alex and Eli The Captain Blazer

The shrunken fit and small lapel make me think this might be petite friendly. Doesn’t it kinda look like the Theory Gratian? And it’s red!

2. Smythe Tweed Riding Jacket

You’ve gotta see the back view on this baby. When I asked the boyfriend if he thought I could pull this little number off, he replied, “only if you wear a top hat and monocle”. Hmmm…I’m intrigued…

3. J.Crew Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel

This little guy is coming in the mail, so expect a review soon. Described as a “slightly shrunken” fit and comes in petite sizes (down to 00p).

4. J.Crew Schoolboy blazer in houndstooth

Oh, houndstooth…how I love thee. Unfortunately, no petite sizes…darn you J.Crew! *Shakes fist in the air*

Are you coveting any fall blazers? Do share!


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  1. says: ash_kittie

    Love the tweed style riding jacket! I love going to English riding shows; all the ladies are all dressed up so beautifully in cute riding jackets and collared shirts with skinny riding pants and boots. My mother is an English rider.

    1. Hi ash_kittie! I love the English riding look too! There is an equestrian center near where I live and I always see ladies walking around in their jodhpurs and white button downs. The long coat tails are the best!

  2. says: Amber

    is it time for fall blazers already? oh gosh. i adore the houndstooth one, i’ve looked at it a bunch of times. i cant wait for your review on the other one!! i suppose i’ll be looking for blazers soon too. well, soon being next month, when my funds are replenished.

    1. Isn’t the houndstooth one gorgeous?! I really with it came in petites!I saw the Schoolboy blazer in store in size 0 regular and it looked pretty big. I’m hoping the petite size 00 is more do-able. Darn J.Crew and their crazy sizing!

    1. Hi Claire! I love #4 too! I didn’t see that particular blazer in store, but I saw the Schoolboy in wool flannel in size 0, which didn’t look very petite friendly. Even a 00 would have swamped someone near my size. :(

  3. says: Michelle

    Oh! I can see you in the red blazer! I wish #3 tapered out more at the bottom.

    I still only have one blazer! I usually do not need to wear many cover ups…my classroom stays pretty warm.   I should be trying to pick up the light blazers from the summer season that are on sale!

    1. How do you survive with only one blazer? LOL

      Yeah, I bet the light summer blazers on sale right now would work really well for you! I wouldn’t mind a few more summer weight linen blazers myself. :)

  4. says: Mylifeascarrie

    i DEFINITELY am covting blazers as well.
    they’re just so versatile. I love to dress them and up and down.


    1. Tell me about it…J.Crew sizing is the worst! If it’s really as wonderful as it looks and only needs a little bit of tweaking, I might hang onto it and get it altered.

      Isn’t the riding jacket great?! I want to wear it open with a vest underneath. :P

  5. I LOVE the second one. Can’t wait to see what you think of the one you ordered! I’m like, between “petite” and “regular” sizes, so I have a hard time with blazers. Petite are sometimes too small but regular are sometimes too big! Do you have any suggestions? 

    Lindsey Soup

  6. says: Bravoerunway

    I needed a cream blazer for Spring/Summer and now that it is almost over I guess I will not be adding one to my closet.  Thinking to get a navy blazer although do I really need it after I have a black and brown one as well as a black leather blazer?  Guess we can never have enough!  I like the red Alex & Eli blazer!

    1. Two thumbs up on the navy blazer. Navy can be chic and polished, or casual and preppy…black and brown have a hard time doing that. I’m on the lookout for a navy blazer as well (who am I kidding…what color blazer aren’t I looking for?). As for cream, Theory had a cute white one earlier this season called “Landon” that looked pretty shrunken and petite friendly. Maybe you can find one on super sale right now. :)

  7. says: Jasmin

    I have to second Elizabeth on the schoolboy blazer. I bought one during JCrew’s final sales in January (in a thicker tweed fabric) in size 00 and the fit was completely different from what I had expected. Back then the blazer was not available in p00 but only p0 and because I have long arms I was worried that petite would be to short for me in the sleeves (plus I was worried that 0 might be too big overall.) 
    When I received the blazer, I was glad having ordered the regular size because the sleeve length and overall length were perfect, but other than that the fit was bad. On the stock photo it looks like the blazer hugs the waist nicely while in reality the blazer is cut straight (exactly like a blazer for little schoolboys) and looked frumpy on me. In addition to that also the shoulders of the size 00 were too wide for me and the armholes to big, though luckily the fit in the chest was fine. Because the blazer was on final sale and non returnable I decided to pay for alterations and had the waist and shoulders taken in by my tailor. I love the fit of this little blazer now after alterations, but the alterations were really expensive (100$) because the blazer is fully lined and the little pockets on the blazer are placed in such a way on top of the seams that my tailor had to remove them first before slimming the sides and sew them back on later.I don’t want to discourage you, but don’t expect too much of the fit of this blazer. The fabric is great, so it might be worthwhile paying for alterations, but please be aware that it might be very expensive due to the issues I had experienced (boxy cut, wide shoulders, lining, placement of pockets.) For reference, I am 5.2″ , my measurements are 33-24-33 and I have long arms and a short torso.

  8. says: Elle

    Like many previous commenters I am a HUGE fan of the red blazer…may actually order that in place of the Smythe tweed jacket (the more I ponder the purchase the more skeptical I grow of the length because I am long-waisted. Will you be ordering the red captain blazer, Kelly? if you are, I may just wait for your review before ordering for myself. 

    1. I haven’t decided if I’m going to order the red blazer. Now that the Saks website is finally working (it was down for a while yesterday), I see it’s on pre-order and not slated to ship until the end of September! I hate waiting. :P

  9. says: Julia

    Hi! Just wondering if you got any further on any Petite Blazers…I too am scouring the internet…any luck with other JCrew blazers (or anything JCrew that is petite friendly?) I actually wrote to JCrew expressing my dismay at their lack of sizing for an entire petite population (aka vanity sizing!)

    I’d love to hear about any fall finds :)

    1. Hi Julia! Funny you should ask! I JUST pushed the publish button on this post about a really nice little H&M blazer!

      I think Jean at picked up the J.Crew Hacking Jacket, and will be reviewing soon. It’s gorgeous, but unfortunately, it’s much too long for short lil’ me.

      As for pants, do you mean the J.Crew ones? I have my eye on the Cafe Capri, but haven’t tried it yet. I’m waiting for the fall sale before I go bonkers on J.Crew. :)

  10. says: ji myung

    Hi, love your blog!! I’m 4’9 (32.5x26x32.5) Have you checked out J.Crew’s Petite vintage tweed jacket? Any thoughts? Thanks!! 

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