Aritzia Talula Exeter Shrunken Blazer

Talula Exeter Shrunken BlazerTalula Exeter Shrunken Blazer, size 0 :: Ann Taylor Factory shell, size xxsp :: Paige Blue Heights jeans, size 23 (hemmed) :: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Skinny belt, size xs :: Cole Haan shoes, size 5

After being disappointed by the J.Crew Petite Schoolboy blazer, I forged ahead full speed in my search for a grey, nicely detailed blazer. Fall merchandise is hitting shelves, and tales of the tiny fitting Talula Exeter blazer from Aritzia began to re-surface. After seeing the size 00 fit snugly on some of the tiniest of petites (on LaLaaLove and Jean), I had to give it a try.

Artizia is a Canadian brand that is slowly making it’s way into the US, infiltrating from the north. With two locations in Northern California, Aritzia has left us SoCal petites with no store, and no online shopping. Now, I realize Canadian readers are probably scoffing right now, thinking, “Artizia? Seriously? I shopped there when I was in high school. Pfff.” Well, Americans have only recently got our hands on this stuff, so it’s going to take us a little longer to catch up .

I called an Artizia store in Northern California and asked to have a charcoal grey Talula Exeter Shrunken Blazer in size 00 sent to my home. The sales associate explained to me that only the black came in size 00…the other colors came in size 0. Hmm…ok…well, I don’t need any more black blazers, and that size 00 did look tiny…maybe the size 0 will work. So I made the order and waited for it to arrive.

Today, it arrived on my doorstep:

Talula Exeter Shrunken Blazer

Talula Exeter Shrunken Blazer

The fit is more of a boyfriend blazer on me than a shrunken blazer, but being 4’11”, this is common. The torso buttons up without being tight, but could use a smidge more shape. The sleeves are a tad too long, but I tend to wear my sleeves cuffed anyways. The real problem lies in the shoulder, which, like the rest of the blazer, is just a smidge too big. Darn…I need a size 00.

The fabric is a thin wool polyester blend that feels similar but not quite as nice as some Theory suiting fabrics. The blazer is fully lined, with a striped lining on the sleeves for some fun when cuffed. My favorite part is the metal engraved buttons, which also run down the sleeve cuff.

Talula Exeter Blazer Button

Size 0 Product Details:
Shoulder: 14″
Bust: 15.5″
Waist: 13.5″
Length: 22.5″
Sleeve: 23″
Body: 59% wool, 39% polyester, 2% spandex
Lining: Cupro Rayon, polyester & viscose
Dry clean

Now…if I were to keep this blazer, I need to find a size 00 to make it worth my while. To return this blazer, I’ll have to ship it back to the Northern California store and lose about $20 in shipping charges (it cost $10 to ship to my house, and probably another $10 to ship it back). Since the US store couldn’t find any size 00 blazers in charcoal (or navy, my other color preference), I’d have to enlist a Canadian to track one down for me, since several Canadian petites on Twitter assured me that size 00 exists in CA stores. Having the blazer shipped from Canada will be another expense I’d have to consider, which would add to the cost. So…my question to you is…

Would you return this blazer and cut your loses? Or search out the size 00 in Canada?


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  1. says: Wendy Diel

    I agree that sadly, the 0 is a touch too large. I love my blazer to death, but I wouldn’t pay the $145 + cost to ship from Canada for it. Both of my blazers were purchased on sale, and if I do end up purchasing another, it’ll be on sale as well.

  2. Ahhhh…been waiting for this since I bought the 00 longer version from ur forum! I’m deeply regretting buying it and paying a hefty price for a used blazer;( I’m thinking mine will be too long- crap!!

    I say you sell this to another petite and search for the 00! You def need the 00 even though the 0 isn’t horrible- the 00 will look great on you!!

  3. says: Stacey

    Sigh that it doesn’t fit! Since there’s the option for the 00 I say try to find that!

    I love shopping abroad! It’s nice when certain things surprisingly fit…

  4. says: MoneyMaus

    I finally checked out the Aritzia in SoHo on Friday…I tried the Boyfriend blazer in 0 which basically came almost to my knees since I’m 4’10”. They didn’t have any 00 in stock of either the Boyfriend or the Shrunken, but offered to ship it to me. I haven’t bit the bullet yet! They did  tell me the Shrunken runs slightly slimmer than the BF, but I’m not so sure. 

    I’m still dying to own a blazer and I LOVE the charcoal color from your pics! Sorry the 0 doesn’t fit you :( Let me know if you do find any 00’s and what stores you get them from. I could go for black if I decide to pay the full retail price + shipping. Good luck! :)

  5. says: Elle

    I feel very meh about this jacket – I think you can almost do better with the kind of money you are paying. Maybe a Canadian petite can help you track down a 00 during sale season (though I recall Jessy mentioning that Aritzia had really bad sales…I had a coupon that went unused so maybe you should subscribe to their emails and wait for a coupon to become available) .

  6. Personally, I don’t even shop at Aritiza b/c I think the prices are expensive for the quality.  Remember that for a Candian to ship to the US it will cost at LEAST double than from US to Canada.  And yes the sales are terrible in my opinion.   One time I went in during a “huge” sale and items were marked down $5.  Oh, and if you  get something from someone in Toronto our tax is 13%!!!!

  7. says: Lee140

    that’s not true about the 00 only coming in a black. I was at Aritzia in Northbrook Court, (Northbrook, IL) just this past Sunday trying on the 00 in the light gray. I loved the comfy feel…but i only passed b/c the 00 is too small on me!

  8. Kelly, great review! You’re returning the gray 0 anyways, right, regardless of whether or not you find a 00 in the future? Hopefully shipping back won’t be $10 ($6 with priority mail in an envelope).

    I also don’t think the SA knew what she was talking about. I don’t see any reason for the other colors NOT to be offered in 00, so you could probably call another store with more patience and knowledge, like Chicago. A few US readers mentioned they had 20% off the entire store sales, albeit rare, and Elle said she got 20% off coupons in the mail. WIth that discount it seems worth it to get the gray 00, and maybe Wendy/LaLaLove can keep an eye out for you too since she mentioned she got all of hers on sale. Darn you Theory for not having any tiny styles lately, especially at your outlets!

  9. says: Eva

    Not worth it tbh Aritizia prices are waay too jacked up and the quality isn’t that good for the price you’re paying coming from a canadian :)

  10. says: R.L.

    My rec would be to return the blazer and forget about finding the 00.  Yes, the 00 may fit you, but quality doesn’t seem to be as nice as the other ones you already have.  Keep your standards high!  (even though it may require alterations)  By the way, do you ever plan on getting a boyfriend blazer?  I would be interested in your analysis of how a boyfriend blazer should fit.  The balance of looseness and fit has always been lost on me.

  11. Love the blazer and the outfit you paired it with. I own the same one in black. It immediately dressed up any outfit, definitely a staple for fall. I think the 00 would be a bit more snug in the chest, but I still think you look great in the 0!

  12. says: Jessy

    Wow, this looks nothing like a “shrunken” blazer on you. I would’ve mistaken it for the normal bf blazer!  You ARE teeny! (and I’m not saying that in a bad way!!!!) :D LOL

    Oh man…. you’d lose a lot of money by returning it and asking a Canadian to help out.  Ontario & Quebec taxes are pretty high (13% and 13.5%). And our shipping costs are a little on the pricier side. If I shipped that to you, it’d probably be like $13 CAD? And the US dollar is on the lower side right now, so I’d say no if I were you.

    Even if Aritzia had a sale, the max they do is $5. I am totally serious. During Boxing Day sales, the lineups were CRAZY and I told myself, “I’d rather come another day and pay the extra $5”. I mean, who really wants to line up for 40 minutes? (tweens & teens)

    Do you have any upcoming trips planned to the north? : ) The blazers will ALWAYS be around (I’ve seen them here for a couple of years now…) so I’m sure they’ll still be in stores should you visit Canada in the next year or so.

  13. says: Misskitty

    Hi Kelly,  another Canadian girl here.  I tried both the 0 and 00 in this blazer, and while the smaller one does fit well through the shoulders, maybe a tad tight when reaching forward, the cut is still boxy.  The torso of the 00 is snug, but I can still get both buttons done up.  I don’t know how something can be snug and boxy looking at the same time, but it is!  

    I’d be happy to help you out if you really like it since I’ve got 5% tax in Alberta, but personally I’d pass on this blazer because it’s just so-so.  It’s really more of a casual jacket trying to be a more polished jacket but not quite succeeding.  

  14. says: frmheadtotoe

    I got my Shrunken in as well! I went ahead and ordered the black in 00 because the store I called didn’t have the charcoal either and my current black casual blazer isn’t lined and is pretty bad quality. Aritzia is not Theory quality obviously, but definitely an upgrade from my raggedy one! It fits perfectly like a normal blazer on me so I know the 00 would be perfect on you should you decide to bite the bullet. Definitely the only blazer I’ve ever found to fit 100% off the rack. :D

  15. says: Tiana

    Hi Kelly,

    In my honest opinion i thought the blazer looks great on you and fits you well….i actually had no clue you would only be 4 “11.
    Side note: Im more than ecstatic to have found another adult who is my height, my size in jeans, and my size in shoes.
    Let me know of any places you buy your clothes as im sure you know just how difficult it gets being so petite.
    Another side note: Espirit sometimes brings in blazers which are very tight fitting and short on the torso

    1.  Hi Tiana! Thank you for the kind words! Yes, I’ve bought from Esprit before, although it’s harder now since they took away their North America online shopping (I’m pretty sure they also closed their stores here too). I share pretty much everything I find that fits, or that I alter to fit on this blog, so if you follow along, you’ll see exactly what I buy and where I shop. =)

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