The Week in Outfits – 6/18/11


It’s June Gloom here in Southern California, and my color palette was heavily influenced by the weather. This is also the week of the long pearl and jet bead necklaces! Look closely, because I’m wearing them in every outfit!

Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan | Banana Republic Factory top |  Paige jeans (altered) | Coach loafers

Pairing green with navy blue has such a preppy feeling to me (think Kate Spade) and I always try to put them together, but I never seem to get it right. This pairing is kind of “meh”.

Theory blazer | Diane von Furstenberg blouse (altered) |  Paige jeans (altered) | Cole Haan shoes | LOFT flower pin

This blouse is a very satiny silk, which makes it slippery. It’s also a wrap top, but because it’s so slippery, the knot never stays tied. I have to constantly keep an eye on the waist tie to make sure it hasn’t come undone! Eek!


The day after the Petite Fashion Challenge, I was feeling really motivated to wear pants that weren’t jeans. I felt a bit too dressed up in this outfit, but then again, my office is ridiculously casual.


I am still in love with this knit jacket!

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  1. says: fifi

    I am so excited to find bloggers my size!! you rock all your looks! and yes the weather  in cali has been gloomy especially here in L.A.  so hard to figure out what to wear gloomy in the am warm in the afternoon freezing in the pm! crazzzzy huh?! xo

  2. says: Amber

    i love mondays outfit, as i have a soft spot for ruffles, lol. i cant really remember seeing you in flats, and i really like how those loafers look on you! (and im jealous b/c my legs look super short in flats!)  oh, and i have no idea which CL’s i want to get, i cant even decide if i want everyday shoes or special occasion, super pretty ones!
    Easy Petite Looks

    1. Thanks Amber! I used to wear flats all the time to my biotech job, so now I’m all about heels now that I can wear them to work!

      Tough decision about the CL’s, but no matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong!

  3. Kelly, I’m always blown away by how many layers you’re wearing! What are the temps in San Deigo? Last weekend I was sweltering in sleeveless dresses, sans cardigan or blazer. Btw, I love the DVF wrap top. Too bad the knot is so slippery, hehe.

    1. It’s been in the 60’s mostly here in San Diego, darn June Gloom! Although yesterday was beautiful! I wore short sleeves sans cardigan or blazer for the time in months! I love that DVF wrap too…I just need to figure out a way to tie it or secure it with a pin to keep it tied all day. I always fear I’ll look down only to realize I’ve been unknowingly flashing people :P

  4. says: AUBREY

    Glad you’re bringing the kimchi blazer out.  Where did it go for all the other bloggers? 

    anyways, the other day, i tried wearing a romper around town.  freezing.  i hope SD warms up soon.

    I love the DVF blouse.  I dont remember reading when you got this but hey…looks great!  STands out immediately.

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