Ann Taylor Long Linen Cardigan – How To Style


This fine specimen was added to my shopping cart last minute to reach the free shipping minimum when I decided I HAD to have a pair of shoes (more on that later). I thought a peacock blue, linen version of this cardigan might be kind of fun, so in the shopping cart it went. Now that it’s here, it’d like to share with you a few ways to style it!

The Straight-Jacket!


The Cape!


Or not.


Sorry, Ann Taylor.


Cute color though.

How would YOU style this cardigan?

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  1. says: Cyndi

    In general I love the way cardigans that length look with skirts or dresses that fall a few inches above the knee! For this cardigan specifically, I second the belt idea.

  2. THAT is an XXSP?!!!  Wow, vanity sizing has really gone crazy! #1 would work well if it weren’t for the button holes – maybe.  I’d wear it with something skinnier though.

  3. says: cindydiep2

    You are freaky funny in this post!! :D You crack me up :D. Wow xxsp? that seem like a xl on you.  Geeze.

  4. says: Anna

    Yikes. That’s their idea of xxsp? Looks like I could fit in there just fine and I’m 5’8! Style this as an oversized cardigan. Roll the sleeves back, wear skinny jeans, and a high high heel. Add your red Chanel and you’re set.

  5. says: TrangT

    Roll up the sleeve and put a belt on it? That’s what I would try, but I’ve never had a cardigan THAT BIG!

  6. says: Jeni

    has anyone mentioned that maybe you should go pants-less?  although reading your blog, i’m pretty sure that it’s not your style, but layer the cardigan over leggings and a tank, belt it, and call it a day?

  7. says: Petite LG

    I can’t believe how big the cardigan was in XXSP! It looks ginormous on you. Even though the fit was horrible, I love love love the color. It’s so gorgeous. I wish the cut was smaller. Super cute poses though :)

  8. says: TinkerCo

    a beautifully printed dress – although i must say those long sleeves are a drag….boo hoo. 3/4 sleeves would’ve been perfect for summer!

  9. says: Stacey

     Tragedy! The color is so pretty! You tricked me though… I thought you were going to pull out a miracle and actually style it. Sigh. How gullible am I?

    Would it really shrink enough though? I know you’re the master of shrinking clothes!

    1. LOL. Sorry to trick you, but this cardigan was begging to be made fun of. :)

      I doubt it would shrink enough, or if it did, it would probably become all misshapen and not be very flattering anyways.

  10. says: Elle

    lol Kelly, I have to say I thought you were going to style the crap out of this cardigan in spite of the picture. But I guess some things simply can’t be done. :)

    I loove all the cute faces you are making.

  11. says: Lydia

    It looks a little too big. Length-wise, maybe you could belt it then wear it with skinny jeans? It’s probably still way too big (the sleeves are also too long). Agree with the color though. Pretty.

  12. says: SugarNikita

    I’m wondering if it’s possible that particular cardigan was mislabeled…that seems awfully big for an XXSP…even for Ann Taylor.

    If it was the correct size, I bet it would look really cute!

    1. I don’t think it was mislabeled…I think it was just designed to be a really roomy fit. And since most AT items are borderline too big on me anyways, this one just so happened to look ridiculous. I agree, two sizes smaller and it would actually be really cute!

  13. says: thd2

    I wonder if they made it big because, being linen, it would shrink up a fair amount in the wash (??)

    I am scared of long cardigans in general on my petite but curvy (on the bottom) figure. But this one is especially scary!  Very funny post.

    1. I know what you mean about fearing long cardigans. A lot of them are unflattering on my hips too, so I can only imagine if you’re really curvy on the bottom. Especially avoid ones that have pockets down there! Yikes!

  14. says: Sonia

    Omigod..if AT and ATL start vanity sizing I am doomed! I recently bought a OOP BR dress and it was too big, so this is ominous.
    Love your styling attempts…so funny!

    1. Thanks Sonia! Sizing can be really hit or miss, so don’t give up hope yet. Pretty much every year, I swim in certain items, but fit well in others, all from the very same brand in the very same size. It happens *shrugs*.

  15. For the cape shot, I wish you tied the arms around your neck and wore it as a true cape, superhero style. If I had an oversized cardi like this I would probably wear it with slim black legging bottoms, fully buttoned up as a slouchy cardi, but that’s not very AN now is it? And WHAT could these AT shoes possibly be given their sz 5 is too big for your lil feet? Curious…

    1. Darn! I knew I was missing something! You’re so right…I needed to tie the arms around my neck….oh well…next time. :)

      As for the shoes…I get these ideas in my head and just can’t rest until I give ’em a try.

  16. says: Lydia Higgins

    Hah!  I LOVED this.  I can absolutely relate — especially right now, since I’ve just started the impossible search for petite maternity clothes.  Thanks for sharing your sense of humor. :)

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