The Week in Outfits – 5/29/11

:: 5/25/11 ::
Theory blazer :: H&M t-shirt :: Paige jeans (altered) :: Cole Haan shoes :: LOFT flower pin

The days are a little out of order this week because I really like this outfit and you already saw my outfit for Monday in my summer cardigans post. The sun was shining beautifully on this particular morning, so I decided seersucker was a great way to start the day. The shoes are a new Cole Haan Outlet find from a few weekends ago, where I tend to have good luck finding size 5’s in newer styles (the outlet in Carlsbad, CA, if anyone is wondering). They are a really pretty cognac brown, with wingtip details!

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:: 5/23/11 ::
LOFT cardigan :: H&M t-shirt :: Paige jeans (altered) :: Cole Haan shoes :: Vintage belt

Clinton says “hello ladies” with his seductive sleepy-eyes. You’ve seen this outfit already…so let’s move on, shall we?

:: 5/24/11 ::

It was one of those “Hrph…I don’t wanna get out of bed” mornings, and it shows in my lack of creativity in this outfit. I grab for these Ann Taylor shells pretty often in the mornings when I don’t know what to wear. Tops similar to this are great because even if your outfit is boring, they still have a really interesting detail that’s better than just throwing on a plain t-shirt.

:: 5/26/11 ::
Theory blazer :: H&M t-shirt :: Paige jeans (altered) :: Cole Haan shoes :: Banana Republic silk scarf

It was a very chilly morning, so instead of putting on a necklace, I opted for this pretty scarf I got on sale from Banana Republic a few years ago. I really love this scarf, and need to remember to wear it more! It’s silk, so I twist it a few times before putting it around my neck so it won’t be poofy and overwhelm my frame. Making sure it’s tucked underneath my jacket at the back of the neck helps too. Can I also point out how amazingly simple this outfit is? Dark jeans, a plain ol’ white t-shirt and a black blazer…throw on a scarf and heels and you’re ready to go!

:: 5/27/11 ::

I woke up this morning knowing I wanted to wear this knit vest. I tend to forget about items in my closet, and then wake up one morning bent on wearing it. This was one of those mornings. There’s one of those Ann Taylor shells again! See, I told you…very versatile!

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. You just gave away your shoe trade secret, lol! Don’t be surprised if there are no cute sz 5’s at the Carlsbad Cole Haan outlet ever again. I haven’t found a petite-friendly theory 00 jacket at my local outlets in several season..hmm! Classy outfits as usual, have a great holiday : )

    1. LOL. In all fairness, I haven’t seen any petite-friendly Theory 00 jackets anywhere in a little while. I blame boyfriend blazers & spring/summer merchandise. Got my fingers crossed for fall though!

      Thanks Jean! I hope you took some nice breaks from studying this weekend. ;)

    1. Thanks! A lady at the mall said Clinton and I look alike…both tiny and fluffy? Hmm…

      I’m liking the jacket and scarf outfit too…so incredibly simple, it’s almost cheating! ;)

  2. says: Vicky

    lol on Clinton’s seductive sleepy eyes! So cute! You always look so put together, and Cole Haan should start giving you commissions for modeling their shoes so well.  Do you own any Cole Haan flats or oxfords?

    1. I don’t have have any Cole Haan oxfords or flats, but not for lack of trying. I’ve had my eye on a few pairs of oxfords by them, but was always too slow in getting a good deal before my size sold out. Maybe this is the year I finally score a pair. ;)

      If Cole Haan wants to sponsor my shoe habit, I’d be more than happy to oblige. LOL.

  3. says: Lisa

    I recently found your blog during a search on alterations and I love it!  I find the outfit photos very inspiring.  And as a fellow lover of Cole Haan shoes, I enjoy seeing what additional styles are out there.  

  4. says: Carol Kim

    Oh, I like the bigger photos, Kelly – it makes it a lot easier to catch all the details of your outfits. I love the blazers on you. They’re just perfect!

  5. says: Lydia

    Love your Theory blazers. Is the one in the first photo seersucker? And those Cole Haan shoes? They should hire you as a spokeperson! :-)

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