The Week in Outfits – 5/21/11

:: 5/16/11 ::

It was a cold and icky morning, so seeing as it was Monday (ewww), I couldn’t get myself to try much harder than this. I also had one of those restless nights where I didn’t sleep much, which made getting up this morning ever harder.

PS…Check out Fit Review for another giveaway. ;)
Winners of last week’s giveaway will be announced soon.

:: 5/17/11 ::

At the mall the weekend before, I saw a stylish shopper wearing a blue pinstriped button down underneath a light brown, long cardigan. I remembered, “hey! I have both of those!”. This is my first attempt, and I think I need to work on the jewelry for this outfit.

:: 5/18/11 ::

This is an oldie but a goodie on the blog. Love this outfit.

:: 5/19/11 ::
Theory blazer :: H&M t-shirt :: Paige jeans :: Cole Haan shoes :: Amrita Singh necklace

Yes, I jumped on the Amrita Singh bandwagon. I’ve actually been looking for a statement necklace for quite some time, but has having a hard time finding one that wasn’t 1) ginormous on my frame 2) really ridiculously expensive 3) plasticy and cheap looking. This one fits the bill beautifully.

No Friday post this week, as I was at the hair salon finally getting the curly mop on my head taken care of. next time you see me, I’ll have short hair! Eek!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. says: purses and puppies

    i love that loft cardi from 5-18. i also got my first amrita singh necklace, just waiting for it to arrive. so excited to see your new hair!!

  2. says: Ledda

    Hi Kelly, I love your outfits and your hair looks so good in these set of pictures. I have similar hair and I have a hard time styling it. Could you tell me what products do you use? I can't wait to see your new hair style. A hair tutorial would be awesome, thanks.

  3. says: Callandra

    Loving the second outfit so much…(and I have both of those too)! Yay…….I can't wait to see your new hair!!

  4. says: Alterations Needed

    @purses and puppies – Ahh, yes, the LOFT ruffle cardi is really great! I love it. I'm sure you'll love your Amrita Singh necklace too! I love mine so much, I have 2 more coming in the mail from a sample sale site. :P

    @DSK Steph – Thank you! :)

    @Ledda – Hi Ledda! I've been struggling with my hair since I was 13, when it first went curly. I've used a lot of products over the years, but what works for me at the moment is this:

    I have very thin/fine hair, so I can't put too heavy of a product in it. I've been using Matrix Curl Life Body Shaping Foam. It's a light mousse that has been working well for me.

    I add it to damp hair, and comb the product through with a wide tooth comb. I then gently shake out the curls and scrunch, then blow dry with a diffuser upside down.

    After blow drying, I gently scrunch the curls to get out the crunchiness, and then spray with Ouidad Styling Mist. It's another light product, that acts as a hair spray to stop my hair from frizzing.

    @Callandra – I know! So simple! So glad that stylish lady crossed my path in Nordstrom. ;)

    @Anonymous – Thank you! Yes, it's naturally curly. I had straight hair until I was 13, and then I got a short hair cut one day, and literally walked out of the hair salon with a full head of curly hair. Cutting off the weight of the long hair let the curls come out in full force!

  5. says: Angeline

    Oh, I especially love the 5/17 and 5/18 outfits. I have almost the exact pieces for the 5/17 outfit, and I LOVE how you layered the detailed cardi under a blazer in the 5/18 photo. So cute.

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