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A reader emailed me with the fantastic suggestion to share some of my wardrobe essentials on Alterations Needed. After thinking about the task for a little while, I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the subject in a way that hasn’t already been done a million times by magazines, TV talk-shows, and other bloggers. Everyone has a list, and they’re pretty much all the same…the perfect black dress, tailored suit…so what could I possibly bring to the table?

Doing the “Week in Outfits“, I’ve come to realize I have a much more defined personal style than I thought. My general wardrobe essentials can be easily listed, with the actual items changing slightly as the season’s change:

Blazers Dark denim Colored heels
Cardigans Jewelry Menswear Inspirations

Taking those six basic themes that seem to weave in and out of my wardrobe, I’m going to approach this on a seasonal basis. And since summer clothing is bursting out of stores at the moment, I’ll start with that.

Summer Blazers:

Seersucker-JacketOne of my wardrobe essentials, any time of year, are blazers. I’ve always loved the way they look, and the way I feel when wearing them. There is something so polished about tossing on a blazer, and they work with anything, from jeans to dresses.

For petite women, blazers have the ability to help us look our age, which is important for activities where we need to be taken seriously, like at work, or when making big ticket purchases.

Tip: I like looking for blazers that say “shrunken” in the description, because it usually means the length and proportions are a bit shorter.

So when the weather starts to warm up, I don’t give up my blazers…I just pull out more “summery” ones!

Blazers in lighter, brighter colors and lighter fabrics come out to play, like this white Theory blazer made of cotton, and fun, unlined seersucker Theory blazer.

White-JacketDon’t get me wrong…I don’t toss my dark colored or tweed jackets into the back of the closet just yet. They still get some wear…just a little less than in fall and winter.

To make these blazers warm-weather friendly, I roll the sleeves up to about 3/4 or elbow length. This is also helpful since I often find myself in need of a light cover up in air conditioned buildings.

Luckily, styles like this are all over stores at the moment:

White blazers:
LOFT Petite 3/4 Cotton Blazer
Theory “Landon” Blazer
H&M has one this season

Seersucker blazers:
LOFT Petite Seersucker Jacket
Juicy Couture Seersucker Blazer
H&M has one this season

More Summer Wardrobe Essentials:
Summer Cardigans
Summer Jewelry

What other great summer blazers are out there?

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  1. says: Sherry

    No matter what the season a dark denim blazer is always in fashion. It is nice for a quick "business look" over a white cotton dress. I also really like my tan blazer (mentioned by Really Petite above). Finally, I usually buy one trendy blazer in a "color for the season". This season I plan to purchase a coral one in jersey. I have my eye on one from Newport News. AND I have a grey jersey blazer I like for the spring. Cheers!

  2. says: Olyvia

    I feel the same about blazers making us petite career women look more our age. I'm almost 30 and yet I can easily pass as a teenager with the wrong outfit. I'm also trying to stock up on blazers for the purpose of looking more like a professional late-20-year old. Another style of blazer I think it perfect for summer is the chambray like this cotton/linen blend from anthropologie (they also have petite sizes, yippee!) http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=20542031&catId=CLOTHES-COATS&pushId=CLOTHES-COATS&popId=CLOTHES&navAction=top&navCount=156&color=041&isProduct=true&fromCategoryPage=true&isSubcategory=true&subCategoryId=CLOTHES-COATS-BLAZERS&templateType=subCategory

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    @Really Petite & @Sherry – Hmm…I have been very attracted to khaki colored blazers recently. ;) Are grey sounds really fun too!

    @Planned Style – Thanks! Yes…some great deals can be found on Ebay! I haven't tried Yes Style because I've heard not so great things about their quality, but I know Jean of ExtraPetite.com has had success.

    @Olyvia – Chambray! I love it! I want one now! LOL. Too bad the reviews of that are aren't very stellar (overall big and shapeless), I wonder if there's more out there.

  4. says: Michelle

    I am no help on blazers! :p I still only own one that I bought last summer after I just started out in the petite community. I should add it to my list. You are right…it does help us to appear older in important situations.

    I would love to get my hands on a seersucker jacket! I thought of you this weekend…I was purging old clothes and came across my seersucker denim mini skirt from Hollister back in '02. It still fits, but is very short. I will save it for late night casual happy hour fun. :p Happen to have an image of it:

  5. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    How about linen blazers? I know they wrinkle easily but the material is breathable. They definitely are "summer" blazers.

  6. says: Sunshine

    i love tweed jackets & i have them in spring colors too. i have white tweed, burgundy tweed, pink tweed, blue tweed etc. i wouldn't pull them out while walking on the street, but for the office, i'm planning to wear them all summer long! (you know how most offices are always freezing!) i think blazers (even dark-colored ones) are appropriate all year long, as long as you know when and where to wear them :)

  7. says: Ashley

    I love the look of a blazer and they are pretty practical since I'm always cold. But, I have the most diffcult time finding ones that fit. And often they seem just too difficult to alter. How do you find one that's not too wide, hits you at the right place on the shoulder and that is the correct length in the sleeves and torso?

  8. says: Pixie

    I have a TON of winter blazers (wool, tweed, velvet) but no summer ones. Why did I never think of this? Thanks for a great article!

  9. says: fashionforteens

    Great post Kelly! I love summer blazers but I don't seem to have any. Will have to get some-I'm obsessing over the seersucker one:)
    xo Liza

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