Review – Banana Republic Seersucker Shorts

CardiganAmerican Eagle cashmere cardigan, size XXS
Top – H&M, size XS
ShoesCole Haan, size 5
NecklaceAmrita Singh Nello
Belt – Vintage

You know how I’m not a very good spring and summer dresser? Well, I think this summer is going to be a hot one, so I’m looking to change my pitiful ways. Sneaking off to the mall a few weekends ago, I wandered through Banana Republic despite being unimpressed with their offerings in a while.

I’m a tough cookie to impress when it comes to summer clothes. I like fitted silhouettes, saturated colors, and quirky menswear inspirations, all of which are noticeably absent on summer shelves full of floaty fabrics and soft colors. So when these seersucker shorts caught my eye, I got really excited.

My size wasn’t available in store in the color I wanted (fatigue), so I snapped some photos for Fit Review and made a mental note to check back later.

Banana Republic had a 40% off “Happy Hours” event on Tuesday, so Clinton and I took a little trip to the mall to see if my shorts were available yet. I’m usually not very good at scoring amazing deals on clothes, but after taking advantage of the 40% off promotion, 25% off for a Banana Card upgrade, and used a $10 Rewards Card, these shorts came to a grand total of $7.96!

And if I do say so myself…they’re much more flattering in real life that on the model!


Fit – There is a slight waist gap, which I intend to fix with a belt. It’s not large enough to require alterations, and I think these will look great with a belt anyways, so it’s a no-brainer. Also a nice fit in the hip.


The leg/thigh on shorts is usually a problem area for me, since I don’t like how my “tooth-pick” legs don’t usually fill out leg-openings in a flattering way. These shorts are slim enough to look casually loose on me, but still have room to spare for ladies who are blessed with shapelier legs than my own.

The hem has been folded two times by the retailer, and I find this length to be really flattering. The cuff is not bulky at all. There are no stitches at the cuff, so it can be unfolded for a more modest length if desired.

Fabric – Seersucker is quickly becoming my summer fabric du-jour. Reminiscent of Ralph Lauren advertorials, I love it’s stuffy country club, menswear vibe. These shorts are the typical crunchy, waffle texture of seersucker. Unlined with pockets, there is a chance of pocket see-through in bright light. There is also a chance of bright colored undie see-through in bright light, so beware!

Details – Cotton reinforcement lines the waistband. Pockets are nicely stitched and detailed. Oh yeah…and they have pockets!




Verdict – Keepers! Especially for $8!

Product Info – Size 00P:
100% cotton
Machine wash cold
Tumble dry low

Congratulations goes out Erin and Amber, the two winners of the Fit Review $50 gift card giveaway! There is another chance to win over on Fit Review, so upload those reviews ladies! ;)

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    1. Thanks Stephanie! It’s taken me a long time to appreciate my legs, and I’m still not quite there yet. Sometimes, I still feel like the gangly little kid I used to be. Stupid child-hood insecurities! :P

  1. says: Aubs

    we know u like those bright underoos.

    i am so happy to see some leg action up in hurrr.  strut it girl.

    these shorts are perfect for you.  I approve of the length.  not too mommy.

  2. says: Couturecoco5

    WOW if I had legs like yours I’d wear shorts ALL the time! You look great and these shorts are perfect.

  3. Wow those look great on you Kelly, you have gorgeous legs, show them off more!! (LOL – creepy, sorry ;) )  Oh and I love your new bouncy hair!!  It looks so much curlier!  I think you will get a ton of use out of those shorts this summer!

    1. Thanks Elaine! Now I need to get a tan on my legs and I’ll be in business! I’m so relived I finally chopped my hair off…it was getting outta control! I’m loving your shorter summer cut as well. ;)

  4. says: kimchi girl

    very classy looking shorts! i think you can even wear them to work!  what a great deal you got on them.

    p.s. love your hair, it looks super fresh and as Elaine said, bouncy! :)

    1. Hehe…I’ve been tinkering with the idea of wearing them to work, but I’m not sure if work can handle that much leg just yet. Thanks for the hair compliment! My hair cut was looooong over-due. :P

  5. says: Lydia

    Wow, what a steal and you look fabulous! I love love love seersucker in the spring & summer. They’re the next comfy thing since cotton and you don’t have to worry about wrinkle either.

  6. says: Cee

    Is it weird that I get sucked in by the interior lining as much as I do by the shorts itself? The floral interior print is so pretty. I’m a fan of seersucker and this pair flatters you nicely :)

    Some people have the most trouble finding the perfect pair of jeans. I find shorts to be the hardest, but once you’ve found the perfect inseam-to-leg opening ratio that works for your body type, it’s like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Do you think there’s any scientific reasoning behind that? Like long-legged people should stick to X length, or long-torsoed people should stick to Y length. Maybe I’m making things up :) But I’ll know it when I see it. 

    1. Totally agree with you about the lining! I love details like that! Sucks me in every time.

      I’m sure there’s a formula for perfect short length, because there’s one for skirts as Jean pointed out some time ago:

      Hmmm…I wonder if anyone has figured this out yet or if the answer is floating out there in internet land some where. Guess what I”ll be Googling later. ;)

  7. Those shorts look fabulous on you, Kelly. The length is just perfect for petites. If they fit you, they definitely will fit me. I have to remember to check them out the next time I am at the store. What a steal! The AS necklace adds a very special touch to this outfit as well. Great look!

    1. Thanks Sydney! I’m sure they’ll look fabulous on you too! Luckily, the online product photo doesn’t make them look very flattering, so hopefully that means they won’t sell out anytime soon. I got some coupons for more 40% off events in June, which would be a pretty good time to pick them up.

  8. says: SugarNikita

    I love this look. And personally, I think you have nice legs, not toothpick-like at all. I wish mine were as slim as yours!

      1. says: SugarNikita

        I’m a dancer (ballet), so my legs are strong, but not slim like I’d like them to be. Plus, they’re short! LoL!  But you have lovely dancer legs. :)

  9. Tres chic! Great find at BR. I really can’t remember the last thing I got from there that I was actually excited to share with others about. If these fit you that nicely, then they’re probably a perfect fit on my waist/hips. I have a pair of little girls’ seersucker shorts so I’ll hold onto those for now.

    Btw, I’m liking the Disqus comments! But I wonder if you’ll lose out on some returning visits…I love checking back at blogs to read others’ comments and comment responses hehe.

    1. Yup, I bet these would be a perfect fit on you. I don’t think we’ve seen these girl’s seersucker shorts you speak of…or have we?

      So far, no complaints about the Disqus comments, and I’m liking them too (yay for threaded comments!). I’m hoping it’ll increase return visits, since I tend to get a lot of questions in comments, and for the most part, I’m afraid my answers go unread. At least this way, if I respond to someone, they get an email with my reply, and maybe they’ll come back to reply again.

  10. I was so frustrated with blogger the other night when I couldn’t leave a comment. Tried so many times and then had to go to bed..LOL

    LOVE love love these shorts on you! Must have! Great find and what an amazing price! The shorts on the model look atrocious but on you- FABULOUS!!!!! :D

    1. I know! Blogger was having yet another hiccup that day. Grrr. I’m sure Disqus will have it’s own issues, so we’ll see how it goes.

      Thank you! It’s so weird how the website styled them un-cuffed, but the stores are selling them cuffed. Makes a HUGE difference in the way they look on. They just look so frumpy online. :P

  11. says: Erin

    I love love love these shorts on you!  Under $10 – what a steal!!!!

    Also, thanks so much for the gift card giveaway! I never thought I’d win :)

  12. says: Lou

    Love love the shorts on you!  
    I have been following your blog for a while, and I saw this and thought of your difficulty in finding a dress form that fit you… or for your other petite readers:

  13. says: Roxana Hickey

    Those look GREAT on you! I’m so glad you posted them because I would not have looked twice based on the model pics. I’ll have to stalk them for a good sale! Also, that is the Fatigue color you’re wearing, yes?

    1. Yup, this color is “Fatigue”. I’m wearing the “Linen Sand” in the photo on Fit Review, but the lighting isn’t very good:

      If you have a BR store near you that carries petites, these shorts are marked down for the holiday weekend (I remember checking the price, but now I can’t remember if they were $40 or $30…doh!). This price isn’t available online for some reason. Plus, employees are giving away coupon codes for and extra 30%, 40% or 50% off (they’re taped shut so you have to open it up to find out).

  14. says: R.L.

    Late to comment here, but do you own a pair of tweed shorts?  Several seasons ago I found a gorgeous pair from The Limited that ran small (though probably still too big for an ultra petite like you).  But given your love for tweed, if H&M or BR were to ever come out with some I think you could rock a pair of tweed shorts with dark tights during the fall and winter!

  15. These shorts look great on you and the material looks nice! I am in the need for some new shorts for the summer so I will be sure to check out Banana Republic, since they seem to be petite friendly:) Love how you paired it with the heels too!

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