The Week in Outfits – 4/9/11

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A little factoid about me…I hate mornings. They’re cold, and dark, and I never seem to go to bed early enough to keep myself from wanting to throw my alarm clock across the room. This has made getting dressed in the morning very, very difficult for me, and as a result, I’m becoming a lazy weekday dresser!

So, I’m going to try something new, and attempt to chronicle my weekly outfits. I won’t do anything fancy in these shots, but I hope they’ll challenge me to dress a little nicer during the week. I’m fortunate to work in an industry where it’s basically Casual Friday, every day, so forgive all the denim. True to my SoCal roots, I’m a jeans girl, through and through.

Help pressure me away from being a lazy dresser by following my Week in Outfits Facebook photo album. Click the photos for bigger images, outfit details, and feel free to “Like” the Alterations Needed Facebook Page while you’re there. ;)

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  1. says: Michelle

    I know what you mean about getting to be early enough. I always tell myself I want to be in bed during the nine o'clock hour, but that does not usually happen. :/

    I love the white jacket!

    I am excited to see your week outfits! I like the idea of posting five at once. :)

  2. says: Elaine A

    I'm the EXACT same way! I always intend to go to sleep early but it never happens and I'm always rushing around in the mornings. If I don't have an outfit picked out the night before I'm usually just repeating things I know work. Great feature – I'm not brave enough to commit to something like that but I'm sure you'll do great!

    I'm usually wear jeans to work as well! The days I wear a skirt, dress or dress pants I feel extremely dressed up compared to everyone else!

  3. says: Beartea

    I find documenting my outfits each day definitely helped to get my creative juices flowing. This week I have been trying to play around with one staple piece and it's been fun so far.

  4. says: Cat

    I am so with you on the mornings thing…morning and me are not BFFs…far from it! :)

    Love your blazer over jeans looks :) You are one stylish chica…that is for sure!

  5. says: Natalie | The Bobby Pin

    Taking pictures of my outfits has helped me get more creative in the mornings! And I like the feedback

  6. says: Vicky

    I'm not a morning person myself, so I can totally relate to your story. I'm totally supporting your effort. Go, Kelly, Go!

  7. says: Canadianpetite

    Totally can relate. Getting dressed in the morning should be a two minute exercise for me. Whenever I surprise myself by putting together an outfit that looks premeditated, I think about taking a picture but I run out of time. I think I'll join you and take pics to start a LookBook which I will eventually paste inside my closet for those I-can't-think mornings.

    I asked this of Jean but I'd like your opinion too. What do you use to protect (spray or whatever) your leather purses? I know the natural darkening of the handle is nice but I don't want it to darken too much.

  8. says: Alterations Needed

    @Michelle – Thanks! Oh…going to bed early is so hard! Especially if you're a blogger and use your evenings to write posts, and comments on other blogs. I can never get to bed before 11:30pm and it kills me every morning! :P

    @Leena – Thanks Leena! You're too kind! I looked at these photos and thought, "I need to up my game!" LOL!

    @Fashionista – Thank you! :)

  9. says: Alterations Needed

    @Elaine A – Then you're probably familiar with the ol' "what are you all dressed up for? You have a job interview later?" line when you actually dress nice for work, right? LOL!

    @Beartea – Good to hear! I hope it'll make me more creative and actually use my entire wardrobe, instead of just the small 5% I tend to wear these days. :P

    @Cat – Ugh, mornings, my arch nemesis! Thanks for the love! ;)

  10. says: Alterations Needed

    @Natalie | The Bobby Pin – Thanks Natalie! That's exactly what I'm hoping for. ;)

    @Vicky – Thanks Vicky! I just hope I don't bore anyone with my repeated outfits and uncreative ideas (only in the beginning as I get started, I hope).

    @Canadianpetite – Oh, yes! Start a lookbook too! It'll be fun to suffer through having to think in the mornings with someone else! :)

    I usually just use any old leather protecting spray I happen to find at stores, but I haven't done it in a while. My Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini didn't get sprayed, and the handle is slowly turning brown! Ew!

    @Rinny – Thanks Rinny! It's my "go-to" look if I want to dress nice but not think to hard about it. ;)

  11. says: Mix and Match

    I like everyone of them! Very comfy yet stylish and put together looks.
    I'm totally with you and I wish there's no morning…

  12. says: Recovering Shopaholic

    what a great idea! I'm going to a conference this week starting Wednesday and should try this – the camera sometimes tells you things that the mirror doesn't! I agree with others, liked all the outfits and how each one had a different vibe :) Have a great work week!

  13. says: SewPetiteGal

    Oooh a super-sized OOTD posting! Looking forward to seeing your weekly outfit posts! My favorites are #2 and #3 :)

  14. says: AubreyOhDang!

    i haven't found anything in life i'm excited enough to wake up early for every morning. is that sad? I d k. but i feel everything is better if I get an extra hour of sleep.

  15. says: Ski Petite

    The third outfit is my fave.
    And ditto on the not a morning person. I actually worked nights (from 3 to midnight) for about three years and I loved the hours but hated that I felt like I had no social life since most everyone else is on an 8-5.

  16. says: Stylepint

    I'm excited to see your weekly outfits! Just like what Callandra does, it really makes you analyze your looks as a whole! =)

  17. says: Girl Hearts Makeup

    You call that lazy? Heck, I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl everyday! xD

    BTW do you change your jeans everyday? My mom insists I wear the same pair of jeans at least twice and up to three times.

  18. says: Alterations Needed

    @Girl Hearts Makeup – I try not to wear the same jeans two days in a row, but I do wear them at least 2-3 times before washing them. It's good to give them at least a day or two between wears to "air out", so no smells build up. I don't like washing after every wear because it puts a lot of strain on the fabric fibers, causing them to wear down quicker, and I love my dark colors, which fade after too many washes.

    Oh…and these are my "OMG, I'm actually going to photograph myself later so I better look decent" outfits. My lazy outfits were last week and all the weeks before I decided to try this little experiment. You'll see a lot of jeans on me too…I love denim! ;)

  19. says: simplyvonne

    i need to start taking pix in the morning so that i wont be so lazy in the morning and get creative with my clothes..our company just gave us the thumbs up for wearing jeans everyday so im pretty excited about that..although need to lose my baby weight first :D

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