They Call It The New "It" Fit…

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  1. says: Jen

    LOL! I was going to say the exact thing Jean said. Fading. Yuck. ;p

    So glad my frankie b's don't have that prob! Got them back from alterations and they are perfect. :D

  2. says: curls-and-pearls

    Yes these just look strange!

    Are you subtly updating your site? Each time I check something feels different, can't place what it is but I LIKE it!! ;) (Logo?)

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    @lia – I've seen petites wear flares quite well actually! I think I've seen Curls and Pearls wear big flares, and I know Chloe Conspiracy does it! Although, I'm hoping these cropped flares are more of a bootcut than a big flare. Bootcut is my denim silhouette of choice & much easier to pull off. ;)

    @kileen – Yeah, I don't see this being flattering on anyone, let alone petites! Although, if these come in petite lengths, I wonder if they'll be short enough to be bootcut pants on ladies with really short inseams…hmmm…

    @Jen – Your Frankie B.s are so cute! Glad they came back perfect after alterations.

    @PetiteXXS – Ditto! Ick!

    @curls-and-pearls – LOL…yup…you're not going crazy. I tinker with blog design when I'm trying to avoid other unpleasant activities, like packing & moving. :P

  4. says: Anonymous

    I think bootcuts can work if your rockin platform heels or platform wedges. And the pants are at the perfect length. But it seems like it really hard to find flare jeans with a short inseam. I saw some Paige petite denim flares in my local Nordstrom rack but the freaking inseam was 34" or 32" long. Way too long. Plus those jeans in pictures do not look appealing at all, they look like "Mom jeans". I'm a mom but I don't want to make it that obvious. Lol

  5. says: Anonymous

    I have a pair of Citizens of Humanity flare jeans that I love (I think the style is called "Ingrid".) The trick is to get a darker color (mine are faded dark) and to iron them firmly along the center line of the leg so that the flare is not visible when seen from the front but only when seen from the side (I hope it's clear what I mean.) For reference, I am 5.2" and 99 lbs.

  6. says: Anonymous

    Don't like them. Short, narrow pants are one thing, but flares? Actually, I think they will look WORSE on tall women. They will look like "Sam, you made the pants too short."

  7. says: Nancy

    I think that these are cute for casual wear. With heels it looks like they are meant to be cropped bootcuts and not pants that are too short. Also, I love wearing flares with high heels. It makes one's legs go on forever. The key is that the legs be trim at the thigh so one isn't overwhelmed with too much width from top to bottom. I'm 109 lbs, 5 foot 3/4"

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