Petite Fashion Challenge #7 – The Little Black Dress

DressHenrietta Pertuz “Morning to Moonlight”, size 00P (altered)
Shoes – Jimmy Choo, size 35
Jewelry – Honora pearl necklace, jet bead necklace, sterling silver bracelets, Iridesse pearl brooch

This month’s Petite Fashion Challenge is being hosted by The Little Dust Princess. The theme…the little black dress…

A little black dress (LBD) is essential in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s always great for back-up if you run out of outfit ideas for a night out. Adding a pop of colour to your LBD will change up its look and make your dress a little less boring.

For this challenge, add a pop of colour (or two) to your little black dress to change up the look. You could add anything from an accessory to a blazer, or even nail polish!

Originally I thought I would do something a little “Jackie Onasis” with this Petite Fashion Challenge, by adding some pearls, a brooch, and some fun heels. I started with the simple sheath dress, tossed on some pieces of jewelry and the red heels…but something just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t quite…me.

I stared at my closet, and my eyes kept resting back on the seersucker blazer. But seersucker and a LBD? It just didn’t sound right! Out of other ideas, I figured it couldn’t hurt to just give it a try…


The seersucker gave the LBD some quirk, and the LBD gave the seersucker some class. This unexpected pairing really feels great, and feels like me. I love fun and quirky fabrics like seersucker, so this turned out to be a really great spin on an old classic.


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  1. says: I am Khatu

    it looks good, very versatile. You can take off the blazer and it's party time! lol.

    P.S. you should smile with teeth more often, i like it!

  2. says: Michelle

    Aw! I remember that post with your "seersucker"! That is when I learned a new fashion term. I had been calling it "train conductor" pattern for so long…classy! :p

    I love how classy your look is! You layer your pearls so well!

  3. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Tres tres chic, Kelly. The pearl strands and red Jimmy Choos push this dress to a new realm of elegance.

    And oh, I was wondering what black dress you'd break out for this challenge. Hope we'll see more of this MtoM dress now that you got alterations!

  4. says: Erin

    Love it – I always forget what Seersucker is called!! I'm with Michelle – "Train conductor!" LOL!

    You look great as always Kelly – I need to find myself some of those shoes :)

  5. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    My favorite outfit of the night! :) I love this unexpected pairing. You look very chic. Great job, Kelly!

  6. says: Cee

    Perhaps this is Jackie O at the Hamptons? :) I love your seersucker blazer! And am so happy you included it, because it wouldn't have been "you" without it!

  7. says: SewPetiteGal

    I heart your necklace combo – it so screams "Chanel"! I would have never thought to pair seersucker with the LBD but they actually go together very well. Another successful PFC entry!

  8. says: Olyvia

    This outfit is totally your style for sure! The seersucker unexpectedly worked well with your LBD, giving it some "spring" flavor. Seersucker is more versatile than I thought :)

  9. says: grammarystyle

    Serious shoe envy in this post. Those are so cute! And they look like they might be comfortable, too, though I could be wrong on that. Love the necklaces, too!

  10. says: Alterations Needed

    @I am Khatu – LOL…thanks Khatu! I'm so lame, I would party with the blazer ON! :P

    @Michelle & @Erin – LOL…train conductor huh? All I need now is the goofy striped hat and I'm in business!

    @PetiteAsianGirl – It's funny, I wasn't thrilled with the dress after alterations, but it's growing on me every time I try it on. You might be seeing more of it. ;)

  11. says: Alterations Needed

    @PetiteLittleGirl – Aww…thank you Sydney! I'm honored. ;)

    @Cee – YES!! Jackie O at the Hamptons! Perfect!! LOL.

    @Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) – Thanks Elaine! I don't own too many dresses and skirts, but summer's coming, so who knows what I'll pull out of my closet. My legs prefer being clothed, so it's a struggle sometimes. :P

  12. says: Alterations Needed

    @Kiki – It really is a great pair isn't it? Who'd have thunk it?

    @jeweliette – Thanks! These shoes are one of my favorites, but take some practice to walk in…I'm not very good at walking in 4 inch heels. :P

    @Olyvia – I know! I always thought seersucker was so casual, but it really worked well.

  13. says: Alterations Needed

    @gold N turquoise – Ever since spring sprung, I've had a nagging urge to wear this jacket. I guess my internal clock is telling me it's officially spring now. ;)

    @grammarystyle – Yes, they are comfortable! I put a ball-of-foot pad in them and it helped immensely. It just take me a little bit of time to get used to the 4 inch heel before I walk in them without stomping. ;)

    @shystardreamer – Thank you! Hopefully this summer will be nice so I can practice wearing more dresses and skirts!

  14. says: questforfashionsense

    Looking at this post makes me forget the "Week in Review" posts where you wore jeans. ;D You look great in jeans and dresses, and I love your classic styling with a pop of the red Jimmy Choos and the unexpected and springlike seersucker–tres chic.

  15. says: Petite in the City

    I would never expect the seersucker to look so great with the LBD! The pairing of the different necklaces ties it all together! Love the outfit!


  16. says: Slayerbabe

    Wow – you definitely have a great sense of style. You should consider becoming a full time stylist :)

    Love your ideas and I love how the ensemble works really well with your style and it's just plain pretty!

  17. says: hurricanekerrie

    Love how you stayed true to your style aesthetics and made the LBD really interesting– and even office-appropriate! Love this style! :)

  18. says: Alterations Needed

    @Stylepint – Yes! I love that you just called it "country club brunch"! If my style could be summed up with the terms "country club" and "quirk"…I'd be a happy girl. ;)

    @Jen HaHA – Yeah, the crinkly nature of seersucker is wonderful isn't it? Great texture!

    @questforfashionsense – LOL…after taking these photos, now I'm editing my "week in photos" post and looking like a schlub in all of them!

  19. says: Alterations Needed

    @Really Petite – That's quite the compliment considering the stylish company we're in when doing the PFC's. Thank you! ;)

    @SugarNikita – LOL! Thanks, but it's really not that impressive, I assure you. :P

    @AubreyOhDang! – One thing I've learned about wealthy retired people is…they generally have money to spend on landscapers. Winning!

    @Slayerbabe – That's probably one of the nicest fashion related things anyone has said to me…don't give me any crazy ideas…LOL.

    @hurricanekerrie – Oh, yes…this look is office appropriate isn't it? Score!

  20. says: Sunshine

    i love your jacket too, kelly! i actually saw something very similar to it at h&m today for $34.95, should have taken a picture! size 2 fits well but the arm was a little tight and size 4 was big all around so i passed. i was like…hey, it's kelly's jacket haha…

  21. says: The Little Dust Princess

    Yay for red heels! The blazer is so classic and always spices up any outfit. Great job, Kelly :D

    Thank you for participating! : )

  22. says: Vicky

    Nice pairings of the dress and the heels. And so "Kelly" to throw on the seersucker jacket. :) This outfit is totally missing your red Chanel though. :( Where have you been hiding your baby lately?

  23. says: Alterations Needed

    @Sunshine – Yes! I saw that H&M seersucker blazer too! I had to stop myself from reaching for it by reminding myself I already had one! Too bad it fit funny because it's really cute! I'm sure there will be some more seersucker as the season goes on.

    @The Little Dust Princess – Thank you for hosting Jessy!

    @MissRockwell – Yes…seersucker is wonderful! I'm really loving it. Such a crisp summer fabric. ;)

    @Vicky – I know! I always forget to pull my handbag out when I'm taking blog photos. I'll try harder to give her some camera time, just for you Vicky! ;)

  24. says: fashionforteens

    I'm so sad that I missed this PFC. I've been so busy lately and haven't been keeping up on all of my favorite blogs. I love this outfit though. The seersucker blazer and red heels make the classic lbd modern and fun. Love it!

  25. says: SewPetiteGal

    I heart your necklace combo – it so screams "Chanel"! I would have never thought to pair seersucker with the LBD but they actually go together very well. Another successful PFC entry!

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