Bangle Bracelets for Small Wrists


My mom is literally obsessed with jewelry, and while a bit of that has rubbed off on me, she’s on a whole different playing field. It only makes sense to everyone who knows her that she should start a jewelry business, so last year, she did! She has been traveling all around the Southwestern states, stocking up on interesting turquoise pieces, mostly made by Native American artisans.

The best part about my mom buying and selling jewelry is she comes across petite items! She’s 4’10”, with the same thin wrists I have, so when she finds items that are petite friendly, she does the thing I love most…buys one for me!

On a recent buying trip, my mom came across a small bunch of teeny tiny bangle bracelets, and the lucky daughter that I am, reaped the benefits!


These measure in at about 2 1/4″, the perfect diameter for thin wrists.

“925” stamp


Tip: Sterling silver is always stamped with either “925” (meaning it is made of 92.5% pure silver by weight) or “STERLING”. Look for this stamp on vintage or thrift store jewelry to help distinguish quality pieces from cheap ones that will turn your skin green. 

I’ve been silently wearing these in outfits on AN because I love them so much, and a very keen reader even pointed them out already:

I was waiting for the official introduction of these babies because I have a special treat for my thin-wristed ladies out there in bloggy land…I have extras!

So, what better way to give these lovely small bangles new homes than with a little giveaway?

Giveaway Details:
– Two winners will be selected at random from all entries.
– Each winner will receive two bangle bracelets each.
– Bangles are sterling silver.
– Bangles measure 2 1/4″ across. These are much smaller than standard size bangle bracelets!
– Open to all readers, U.S. and internationally.
Giveaway ends on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 11:59PM PST.
Please measure your hand to make sure these bangles will fit you! Use the technique in this post to measure.

How to Enter:
– “Like” Alterations Needed on Facebook.
– Enter your name (as seen on your Facebook profile) and email address (so I can contact you if you win) in the form below.

~ email addresses will only to used to contact the winners.

Good luck everyone! I hope these bangles find good homes. ;)


1. “Like” Alterations Needed on Facebook:


2. Then fill out this form: (if you cannot see the form below, click this link)


*** This Giveaway is now closed ***


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