Sample Size: Bianca from Deals for the Short and Curvy

This week’s Sample Size is fabulous curvy girl, Bianca from Deals for the Short and Curvy. Bianca always looks classic and put together, and, if I may mention, always has the perfect jacket on…you know how much I love a good jacket… =)


Bianca’s Stats:

I am about 5’2″, and usually wear a 14/16/18 in clothes, my bottom half generally ends up with the larger sizes. I think I am what they call a “figure 8”, sort of an hourglass, a defined waist with proportioned hips and shoulders, but I have a high hip, and tend to carry weight there. I generally mix and match common practices for both pears and hourglasses for the right fit.

How do you feel about your height? Do you love it, hate it, neutral? Why?

I am neutral about my height, I guess I don’t think about it that much. I am a “taller” petite being 5’2″, so I don’t think it affects me as much as some of my friends who are 5’0″ and under. I mostly notice when the taller people who live in my house, such as my daughter, put things where I cannot reach them. :-/

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to describe my style as “American Chic” – which is basically a twist on the “Euro Chic” style, but not as polished (ha!) and the Classic American Style, but not quite as preppy. This tends to lend to me wearing clothing made of natural fabrics such as silk, wool and cotton, in classic “American Casual” separates.

Has being petite made it difficult to dress the way you want? How?

Being petite can certainly provide a challenge when shopping for individual items, but I don’t think it directly affects my ability to wear my style.

What sizes do you shop most? (Petite, regular, etc.)

I shop every department if possible for the best fit. I do think most of my clothes are a women’s petite, or regular petite.

What are your favorite designers and brands to shop?

Talbots, Ann Taylor Loft, and INC from Macys.

What clothing styles look amazing on you?

Pencil skirts and jackets.

What clothing styles look awful on you?

Ruffles, even though I love them. And I love seeing floor length skirts on people, but I just cannot do them.

Do you get your clothing tailored?

No, I generally only buy what fits off the rack, but I think I would broaden my clothing options if I did!

What is your favorite outfit photo from your blog? Why?
This is my favorite outfit on my blog:

Bianca Sample Size

I think it shows exactly what I love to wear, and how I like to wear it. I also had just had my haircut in this pic, and I love having shorter hair.

What’s a piece of style advice you’d like to share with other petite women?

Shop everywhere, including places you’d never think to find something, you might uncover a new source for your wardrobe.

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