New Businesses Throwing Their Hats into the Petite Fashion Ring

Sexy Little Angel, The 16th Bar, Emyloo Shoes

There’s been a few new “petite” lines popping up recently, and while none of them individually have yet inspired me to write a whole post, I figure they’re worth a mention.

Sexy Little Angel by Lupe Fuentes – Marketed as fashions for the “super petite”, this new line by the 4’9″, 80lb porn star (and frequent guest on the Howard Stern Show) comes in sizes “small”, “petite”, and “tiny”. Interesting sizing concept, but…hello tacky! Ugly, spandex pants does not a clothing line make! And can you really call something “petite” if it’s just nothing but spandex? Ick!

Candy Blue Shop  This online retailer of petite clothing features more clubby styles, which are not my cup of tea, but if you do decide to give them a try, beware of their “store credit only” return policy. I hate those!

The 16th Bar –  This new designer has been Twittering the petite community recently, so some of you may have come across this site already. It seems to be only a blog at the moment, but a few garment photos can be found in the “Collections” category.

Emyloo Shoes – More petite shoe offerings for the small footed in sizes 2 – 5.5. Founded by Emily Krause, a 4’11” petite with a size 4 shoe, this site has some promise. From the photos, I see a few styles that I can imagine playing quite nicely with the rest of my wardrobe, but I’d like to see a pair in person before getting too excited.

What do you think of these new petite businesses? Has anyone had an experience ordering from one of them yet?

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  1. says: Elle

    Thanks for the round up Kelly – I haven't heard of any of these new ventures until your post. While I am glad that there are more choices for petites now I can't say I am particularly thrilled about some of the offerings. ;)

  2. says: kileen

    thanks for the heads-up on these new petite companies! i'm hoping The 16th Bar will have a wider clothing line as i do kinda like their retro/mod feel. and i'm glad to see more companies get into petite fashion!

  3. says: CynthiaC

    Are the petite clothing lines actually for shorter women or for smaller framed women? It seems that Candy Blue Shop is more for the latter? Doesn't appear to mention anything about height in their About Us section. Not too sure about 16th Bar either, but the designer is short, so we can hope.

  4. says: Jackie

    Ooo! Thank you for sharing these. I LOVE Candy Blue, they have some really cute things, But I can't seem to find a size chart anywhere!

    I think that MOST of the clothing from Sexy Little Angels is not my cup of tea either, but even I'm surprised at how tiny the designer is! Almost makes me feel normal lol I think I might like the metallic skirts for clubbing or wearing over tights.

  5. says: Frankincensy

    The Sexy Little Angel line isn't my kind of thing either, but I checked out the sizing page on the website and saw this: "If you can fit in to [the size] tiny, strut your stuff and watch other women’s confidence drain from their bodies!"

    Huh, is it just me or is that kind of mean? It's probably just ill-thought-out marketing spiel, but I don't know how many women actually dress with the aim of making other women feel bad about themselves. It's also odd that they don't actually give measurements for any of the sizes, when the whole concept is size-based.

  6. says: curls-and-pearls

    Have only heard of 16th bar through twitter as you mentioned.
    The Sexy Little Angel thing isn't even one I want to know more about. Even more so now that I've read Frakincensy's comment about that quote on the website.

  7. says: Petite Mom

    I haven't heard of any of these either, but the 16th Bar and Emyloo shoes sound promising, even though Big Foot here is sized out of Emyloo!! I would love to hear about any real live experience with these petite lines too.

  8. says: AubreyOhDang!

    Wow thanks for the intro to Emyloo Shoes. Some of them are quite nice! I'm interested in the Siennas. I emailed Emily asking her if she can modify the heel size. She emailed me back right away (<<timely customer service) to tell me I have a choice of 2.5" or 3" if I don't like the 3.5". How awesome is that???!! At no charge, which is super important to me b/c if they're made to order, there shouldn't be any charge, and there isn't!

    Must save to buy now.

  9. says: the16thbar

    Hey Alterations!
    Thanks for the mention! I'm the designer for The 16th Bar. It is only a blog at the moment since the collection is launching this Fall. I know many have told me they're anxiously waiting and I'm working hard to get it launched asap! haha The photos for the collections on my blog were just a few pieces to show a bit of my style. Hope you all are enjoying the blog and please subscribe and add me on twitter! Thanks gorgeous ladies! I'll keep you updated!

    Frankie :)

  10. says: fashionforteens

    Thanks for the post might have to check some of these out. I'm a little confused by the "sexy angels" brand. I didn't know porn stars had their own clothing lines-it's enough that all the celebrities do! At least there are more petite brands to try out.

  11. says: Anonymous

    That is too funny that you mentioned Little Lupe's clothing line! I listen to Howard and remember when she was talking about a clothing line. It's not fair though that she is tinier than me & has such a great figure and I have the body of a 12 year old! lol

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