Ann Taylor Petite Silk Necktie Shell & Ring

Ann Taylor Silk Tie Blouse Close 3 600
ShellAnn Taylor Shell with Necktie & Pintucks in River Rock, size 00P (also in a print)
CardiganLine cashmere lace panel cardigan, size XS
PantsLOFT Equestrian Lean Trouser, size 00P
BeltAnn Taylor Perfect Patent Skinny Belt, Granite, size XS
RingAnn Taylor

I will start by proclaiming my sheer joy for the return of sizes XXSP and 00P to select Ann Taylor stores. Thanks to Ann Taylor’s change of heart, I was finally able to use an in-store-only coupon, coupled with a rewards card earned through the credit card points program, to score this blouse at a great price. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’ve been looking for a silk tie-neck blouse since forever (ok, so maybe since 2009), and I finally found it! Past attempts included a long sleeve version that was comically too big, a shell that looked soft and drapey, but turned out to be stiff and icky, and a super smooth one that just caused my cardigans to slip and slide every which way all over it. All were returned, and I was tie-neck blouse-less up until this baby.

This Ann Taylor silk necktie shell has a crepe texture, which is my favorite for silk. It buttons down the front with looped button holes and fabric covered buttons. In addition to the chic necktie detail, it also has pintucks that run all the way down the front for a great menswear inspired look. The detail and fabric choice of this garment really impressed me.

I need to figure out the best way to tie the necktie, since it’s a little too long to leave loose (darn my short torso!) and my bow-tying abilities are sub-par.

Ann Taylor Silk Tie Blouse 7 600

In cool, blue light, like my photos were taken in, this color (River Rock) appears greenish grey, but in warm, yellow light, such as indoors, the shell appears brownish grey. This color will most likely be a chameleon garment, that will pick up other colors in an outfit and appear to change accordingly. But, fear not! It also comes in four other colors, as well as a print version here.

Of course, as with most silks, this shell has a blousy fit to it, and looks roomy on me without a covering piece like a cardigan or blazer. The arm holes are big, and show my bra from the side. I only wear shells underneath other garments, so I’m not concerned about altering this top at the moment, but for a perfect fit, it would certainly need some slimming.

Ann Taylor Silk Necktie Shell with Pintucks, size 00P:
100% silk

Dry clean only

See this same top on Jean here.

While the sales associate rang up the silk blouse, I dug through the giant bin o’ discount costume jewelry they always place at the check out counter to tempt you, and found this little gem:

Ann Taylor Silk Tie Blouse Ring 600
Ann Taylor Ring 3 600

Isn’t she cute? This little ring comes in silver tone (pictured above) and gold tone with white stones. Costume jewelry rings are usually way too big for my scrawny little fingers (I usually wear between a size 5 – 6 in rings, depending on the finger/hand), but this one is elasticized, and fits my fingers snug. I also like how dainty it is, so as not to overwhelm my hand with bling, while still being a nice attention grabbing size with plenty of sparkle.

This ring was already reduced (hence, it being in the bin o’ bargain jewelry), and was an extra 40% off during President’s Day weekend. Originally priced at $28.00, and marked down to $19.99, this was scored with an extra 40% off for a grand total of $12.00. The item number is 181594 if anyone is interested in finding this in stores.

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  1. says: grace

    That shirt is to die for! I really should have went shopping this President's Day weekend — what's the next long weekend? Easter right? I'll have to wait until the next sale, but that necktie shell is so pretty! I love how they have so many colors too!

  2. says: PetiteXXS

    I've definitely got my eye on that blouse! Just hopin' they aren't all gone in XXSP by the time a good sale comes around. So would say it definitely fits smaller than the purple floral print one last time?

    Nice find on the ring too btw, I wonder if it'll still be too big for my size 3 fingers though…

  3. says: Vicky

    Love this blouse, and the way you put together this outfit. The sweater certainly is gorgeous, no wonder it has made such frequent appearance. That ring, I have to go hunt it down! Thank you.

  4. says: curls-and-pearls

    Yay this blouse is sooo pretty! I prefer the solid colours to the print though but this is the perfect lady like blouse :)
    Great find on the ring too! My middle finger is a size 5 so I usually get all my costume jewels from Avon ;)

  5. says: Banhannas

    Holding out for the perfect blouse seemed like it paid off! I'm actually liking the lower neckline but that is my preference. =0P

  6. says: Tara

    This blouse is so pretty! I'm not good at tying bows either…I think someone should totally do a bow tying tutorial…any volunteers lol??

  7. says: Canadianpetite

    What a beautiful blouse! I had a similar one years ago and now seeing your post makes me wish I had kept it.

    Difficult to explain but I'll try… grab one end on each hand. If the one on your left hand is on top, then rotate both hands counterclockwise (looking down at your bow) until the left end is on your right side. Now switch so that the left end is held by your right hand and the right end is in your left hand. Now tie a bow and it should lie straight. Sorry, I don't know how to youtube or I'd send you that. (this sounds like a section in a sailor's knot manual…)

  8. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Lovely photos Kelly. When this top goes on sale, I'm not sure what color to pick up! River rock is my favorite but I already have so many muted colors in my closet. Although AT offered 5 color options plus a print, I don't LOVE any of them. I wish they would take some color and print hints from J.Crew. I can easily pick colors that I love from their offering!

  9. says: Alterations Needed

    @grace – What's funny is I didn't even use the President's Sale promotions for this top. I had a $25 coupon and another $20 rewards card. Would not have been possible without Ann Taylor finally carrying my size in store since the $25 coupon was in store only!

    @Nicki – I've been playing with the tie and it's more versatile than just the bow. Leaving it loose is also very cute!

    @PetiteXXS – I know! That's always the problem! By the time they go on sale…small sizes are gone! That's why I snatched up this one quick (with a few coupons of course :) ). Hmm…yeah, the ring will probably still be too big for you. I have relatively big hands for my size, so I'm able to squeak by.

  10. says: Alterations Needed

    @Vicky – Good luck tracking down the ring! The cardigan was a fluke I just happened to find on a sale rack in a Cusp store. It miraculously fit, and I loved the lace paneling.

    @curls-and-pearls – Ohh…I had no idea Avon had small fitting costume jewelry rings! Brilliant!

    @Banhannas – Totally agree, I like the lower neckline too. I'll probably have an outfit post coming up with the lower neckline soon. ;)

  11. says: Alterations Needed

    @Tara – LOL. I found a "tie tying" app for my cell phone, but it's of no help for this blouse. But, now I can tie a tie like a pro. :)

    @Callandra @April – Thanks ladies! :)

    @Canadianpetite – Great tip! I have a few bow tops that I can never get a decent bow on after I wash them the first time, due to my lack of bow tying skills. I'm totally going to try this! Thanks!

  12. says: Alterations Needed

    @SewPetiteGal – I can see this top being right up your alley. You are the queen of neck details. ;)

    @A.Li @The Little Dust Princess – Thanks ladies! :)

    @Maddy – No worries. There will always be more. ;)

    @PetiteAsianGirl – I also like the colors "petrol" and "pale lemongrass", but yeah, I don't HAVE to have any of them. River rock is my favorite by far. I need more muted colors in my closet (I somehow aquired a lot of color in the last few years), so I'm ok with it. An AT in J.Crew colors would be AWESOME!

  13. says: kileen

    i love this top on you and am stalking it until it goes on sale. i love how you've styled it with the equestrian pants and that ring is beautiful!

  14. says: fashionforteens

    Love this top so much! I really want a tie neck blouse and I found an adorable 3/4 sleeved one at asos. They seem to go with everything and this one fits you really well.

  15. says: PetiteXXS

    Lol… between my bigger feet and your bigger hands, we might juuust fit the smallest sizes commonly found in shoes & accessories :P

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