Pretty Small Shoes – Revisited


After my first pair of Pretty Small Shoes turned out to be too big, I re-ordered, this time a size smaller.

This pair of size 34 fit nicely in the heel and along the sides, but need a bit of stretching in the toe box before I can comfortably wear them out. I also had to stretch the toe box of my size 5 Cole Haan grey suede shoes, which I find gives me a better fit in the heel.

(I sized up to 5.5 in Cole Haan once, and my heel slipped even with heel pads. I take this to mean I either have a narrow heel, which causes me to size down, or I’m in between sizes.)

How do I stretch shoes you ask? Well…I cut the toes off a pair of thick athletic socks, which I put over my toes, and then stuff my feet (with the thick socks on) into the shoes. I wear them around the house for short spurts of time, and it slowly stretches the toe box.

Not the best remedy (you can also take them to a shoe cobbler for professional stretching, or purchase stretching sprays that help to make the leather supple and stretchable), but for some reason I get some strange satisfaction out of stretching them myself with my little socks. I’m weird…I know…but the shoe stretching spray is sounding better and better.

As for the Pretty Small Shoes, they’re beautiful, well made, and I finally found the classic pump I was trying to find the first time I ordered. Once I get them stretched, they should be a regular in my shoe wardrobe. So excited!

See my first post on Pretty Small Shoes.

More companies that make small sized shoes:
Cinderella of Boston
Shoes of Prey

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  1. says:

    Your tiny feet make me feel like a giant! People always tell me I have little feet, but I'm a size 6! I love the color of these shoes and can't wait to see them in more outfit posts :)

  2. says: Alterations Needed – Size 6 feet sound AMAZING! I was in Nordstrom the other day and they were having a sample size sale. Only size 6's…racks and racks of 'em…*sigh*

    @AubreyOhDang! – Gah! I forgot to add the heel height info! I got the 8cm heel, which is just over 3 inches. Nice and comfy heel height.

    @Lisa_teany – Probably a good idea to take them to a pro. I'm stubborn and insistent that I should do it myself =P

  3. says: littlenashua

    I have done something similar with thick wool socks. My John Fluevogs are about 1/2 size too small for me and my sock wearing did not help. I was going to buy a shoe stretcher, but then this past weekend I was in Nordstroms. My fiance was buying shoes and I mentioned needing a shoe stretcher and the salesman said they stretch them for free (I assume that means even shoes not purchased there). I may try them for the Fluevogs since they are still too tight for wearing all day at work. I am lucky that my feet are normal size (6 or 6.5) even thought I am only 4'11". I hate that my feet look like paddles in certain shoes but I am thankful that I can buy any brand of shoe and have it fit. I don't know what I would do if I had tiny feet like you.

  4. says: Anonymous

    Hi Kelly,

    I was just wondering: Did you measure your feet before you ordered size 34? I am just asking because I measured mine and came up with 21.5 cm which puts me at a size 33.5 according to the Pretty Small Shoes sizing guide, but I doubt that I could ever fit into a 33.5. I feel like we have about the same shoe size (I have, like you, issues with slipping out of many size 5 heels nowadays; my best fitting heels are a pair of Ferragamo pumps in size 4.5). I am thinking of ordering from Pretty Small Shoes as well but I am unsure whether I should really go for the 33.5 or better for size 34. It such a pain having such small feet and never being able to buy properly fitting shoes right off the rack, and I am even taller than you at 5.2". Thanks for your advice!

  5. says: curls-and-pearls

    Great shoe stretching tips and look at you in the tights!!!

    Loving your website layout by the way – it keeps getting better and better!

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    @littlenashua – Seriously, is there nothing Nordstrom won't do? That store has a huge place in my heart. =)

    @Anonymous – I did measure my feet. I stepped my larger foot on a blank piece of paper and traced around my foot. Then I measured from the heel to the end of the big toe. I did that a few times, and it was hard to get consistent measurements, so I went with size 34, since the size 35 was pretty big, and I didn't think just 1/2 a size smaller would be small enough.

    @curls-and-pearls – LOL. You noticed my tweaks huh? I think I'm addicted to blog layouts. =P

  7. says: St Germain

    Just a quick tip that I learned for stretching: if you do the sock thing with damp socks, it works pretty quickly. I took a pair out of the dryer half way and wore them in tight shoes and only had to do that once to get them to stretch.

  8. says: Canadianpetite

    Such a nice change from taupes, blacks, greys…I can't wait to see how you'll incorporate it in your winter wardrobe. Love the dip on the sides and the toebox shape. So perfect!

  9. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    The shoes are absolutely stunning. I love the baby pink color. Such a nice change from buying black/grey shoes all the time. I am wearing 6.5 in shoes so I don't have any problems with shoes. Thanks for the tips. I will keep that in mind

  10. says: PetiteXXS

    I love unusual colors in shoes! Recently realized that even though I have "normal" size 5.5/6 feet, my heels are extremely narrow (got a foot massage and my masseuse commented on it lol) so that's why I slip out of shoes all the time. So now I'm not sure sizing down and then stretching them will really help…

  11. says: Anonymous

    Why didn't you get them in size 34.5? Your first post was in size 35 and now in 34 – so if they are a little narrow in the front, 34.5 should be almost perfect.
    I have many shoes from Pretty Small Shoes and had originally measured my size to be 34. When placing my first order there was a sale but one of the shoes I really wanted, was only available in size 34.5 – so I took a chance. Turned out that it was the perfect size and I then had to return all the other shoes I bought in a size 34. Thankfully, they have a really great customer service.

    My latest purchase was the Killers Heels in one of the new colors – 'Grey Brown' – Love Love Love them.


  12. says: Alterations Needed

    @Eva – I bought the size 34's because I measured my feet and it appeared I was a size 34 in Pretty Small Shoes according to their size chart. Also, the size 35's I bought last time were quite big, so I wasn't convinced just one 1/2 size smaller would be a good fit. My feet are narrow, so the size 34's fit really well in the heel, and after a little stretching in the toe box, should be perfect.

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