Petite Friendly H&M Blazer

Blazer – H&M, size 2
Tee – H&M, size xs

This one goes out to all the tiny petites out there. This H&M blazer runs TINY! I’m wearing a size 2, and I had to suck in to button it up. Here’s a photo assessment, with arrows inspired by my recent readings of Lucky Magazine and Kendi Everyday (seriously, how cute is her blog?):


As you can see, the shoulder fits really well, which is really important. The length is shrunken, which is great for petites, or ladies with shorter torso’s like myself. The waist is itty bitty, much smaller than the fit of size 2 H&M jackets I’ve tried in the past. The fabric is also nice and stretchy, so even though this jacket is too small for me, I’m still able to button it after a few stomach suck-ins.

Where it fails is the awkward sleeve length on me, which needs to be pushed up or cuffed, or else I look like my sleeves shrank in the wash (too short pants are called “floods”, but what are too short sleeves called? Hmm…). I won’t suggest altering this, because the H&M quality just isn’t worth it, so get creative with ways to shorten the cuffs if it hits you in an equally awkward spot..

The other major problem on me is actually caused because the waist is so itty bitty. My torso is short, so my natural waist is a little higher than most other women my size. The waist on the jacket is inching it’s way up because it wants to sit at my waist, so it’s bunching under my bust as the waist creeps up. I have this problem a lot, especially with dress shirts, and it drives me insane to no end.

Oh yes…and the stripes…well…I’ve either just broken out of jail, or am perusing a new career as a circus ring master. I thought the jacket was cute when I bought it, but now seeing these photos I’m not sure it’s me.

However, look at how flattering the stripes are from behind. Why, hello there curvy figure…where have you been all my life?


And, yes, I know my jeans are a little baggy. I did too much lounging on the couch in them and now they’ve stretched. Time for a wash and dry to shrink those suckers back up!

Size 2 Measurements (laying flat):

Final verdict – The fit of this jacket runs tiny, so if any ladies are smaller than myself, you might want to look into this one. At the time, I only saw this jacket in the navy stripes, but I do hope there will be more colors (and solid colors!) available in this same cut. If you have a short waist like me, expect some bunching, since the waist is really nipped on this blazer, but average to long-waisted gals should find a great fit.

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  1. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    I love the look of this blazer especially the back. It's fun to have something else other than the solid blazers. Too bad it didn't fit you where it supposed to. Did you also try on size 4 and see if it might fit you better?

  2. says: Elle

    very cute blazer, I think I saw something similar to it the last time I was there. H&M blazers tend to fit much smaller than ones made by American retailers (I often size up to size 4 and size 6 in some styles)…I can't imagine how tiny this jacket must be if even you had to suck in to button. It's adorable though and I don't think it looks bad on you at all! :)

  3. says: Frankincensy

    Aside from the waist bunching, I think it looks great on you! The stripes are bold, but it works. It could be really nice as part of a spring or summer outfit.

  4. says: Petite Mom

    It's a really cute blazer and fits so tiny on you! Your local H&M must be manufacturing special small sizes just for you – last time I tried a size 2 it was too big and I'm bigger than you! I'm not sure I like the stripes on the blazer all that much even though I really like stripes. Maybe they're just too bold.

  5. says: Elizabeth

    @Petite Mom H&M carries a few different brands, and one of those brand runs big (or normal-sized?). However,I believe either the H&M brand itself or the brand Divided runs tiny, and sometimes the 2 is too small. (I'm a 5'0, 95 lbs, 31-25-34.)

    Nothing gives me a confidence boost more than trying on clothes in H&M, especially when the 2 is sometimes TOO SMALL!(what? impossible.)I recently bought a size 2 H&M blazer and was thrilled with the waist-hugging fit.

  6. says: ReallyPetite

    Oh no, is this something I will have to go and find? You are such an enabler Kelly! LOL

    Love the fit and I like the stripes:)

  7. says: Trystan L. Bass

    Omg, I adore that blazer (stripes are my absolute favorite pattern!!!!). But I can't quite tell from the photos — is it navy or black stripe? Not that it'd fit me as I'm much more curvy.

    However, I think the "awkward" arm length is a great opportunity for some chunky black or silver bracelets. That & wearing the jacket unbuttoned w/a necklace would draw less attention to the fit issues & play up the sassy pattern. But, of course, that's just what this CorpGoth would do :-)

  8. says: Anonymous

    I really like the blazer and I think the waist bunching is not too bad, but I have to admit that it fits your "Minnie Me" who seems to be less short-waisted a little better. So, I second Trystan on her suggestions to try it unbuttoned. The sleeve length is problematic, but if you push the sleeves a little up it should be fine.
    The only thing I don't like very much is how you matched the blazer with a grey T-shirt. Have you tried wearing it over a white or maybe even red top instead? The blazer look so much nicer on the white background of your "Minnie Me".

  9. says: AubreyOhDang!

    May I have a pic of the tag? You know what for Kelly!…I'm going to call up all H&Ms in SD so I can try this on.

    I'm iffy about the bold stripes, but we'll see…

  10. says: Michelle

    That is super tiny! Wow! It does do great things for your figure, but you are right about how bold the stripes are. Have you tried the LOFT double-breasted jacket with patch pockets that I reviewed recently?

  11. says: Alterations Needed

    @PetiteLittleGirl – Nope, there was only a size 2 left on the rack. There was a size 4 on a mannequin, but I wasn't in the mood to undress the thing (arms and all). LOL.

    @Frankincensy – I was hoping it would be more "nautical" on me, but I think the stripes are too wide.

    @Petite Mom – H&M sizing can vary. I've tried on size 2 blazers that completely swamp me, but this one is too small! Crazy!

  12. says: daisy351

    I have to admit I'm not crazy about this blazer on you. I think I'd like it better if it fit properly though. All you petite bloggers have really helped me think about fit more.

  13. says: Alterations Needed

    @Sal – I know! It drives me crazy sometimes. After years of wearing awkward fitting clothes, now I'm obsessed with finding good fit. =P

    @Trystan L. Bass – The stripes are dark navy blue. I did try wearing it open (I should have taken pics! Darn!) but the tiny waist makes the bust look huge and flappy. Hard to describe, but it wasn't very flattering.

    @Anonymous – Hehe…I didn't work very hard at styling this jacket, mostly because I just wanted to show how tiny it was. A white ruffly blouse underneath might be cute. =)

  14. says: Alterations Needed

    @AubreyOhDang! – The tag is linked under the measurements photo. Good luck! =)

    @Michelle – I saw that cardigan but haven't tried it on. It looks a little boxy, which has never been a good look on me, especially with LOFT & AT items. It looked great on you though!

  15. says: Cher

    so cute! but i'm thinking the sleeves are actually supposed to be bracelet-length. Some people don't like it, I guess because it seems unintentional and awkward, but I think it works sometimes.

  16. says: PetiteXXS

    It must be the shrunken fit of the blazer but you look so tall in this outfit! I do wish it came in solid colors or other patterns, because I'm just not feeling the stripes…. too circus performer for me, but someone more chic may be able to pull it off. Glad they're making tiny blazers though… hope to see more in the future!

  17. says: deborah

    I love tiny blazers, but hate it when it's tight around my tummy and starts riding up because the jacket is really made for someone taller. While I like the nautical look, this looks a bit too much like Beetlejuice to me.

  18. says: LitLaur

    I have an extremely similar H&M blazer that I bought about two years ago! It's more subtle with dark grey and black stripes, and the sleeves hit at about mid-forearm. It's one of my favorites, but I'm not so sure about the white and navy stripes on this one. I'd love it if they did slimmer stripes, like seersucker.

  19. says: Abhitoabby

    I think it has a LOT of potential…esp. for the weather you live in and need light jackets sometimes..? To take attention away from the bold stripes how about trying it with a more striking and contrasting color- like your orange J.Crew skirt!? Second option- I also think a dark turtle neck will bring the attention more towards your face. And something about sailor stripes makes me want to wear boots… :)

  20. says: Anonymous

    I cannot find this Blazer on H&M website. I want to order it online. What's the price. Can someone give me the direct link to it please ? Thank you

  21. says: Alterations Needed

    @Anonymous – H&M e-commerce depends on the country you're in. If you're from the US or Canada, there is no online store at the moment. I checked the H&M UK site and didn't see the jacket either. It might not be available online. The price is $39.95, and if you need the item number to try and find it in stores, the tag is here:
    H&M Striped Jacket Tag

  22. says: Alterations Needed

    @Anonymous – Unfortunately, you cannot buy H&M online in the USA yet. They recently announced ecommerce will begin in the USA at the end of this year, beginning of next year. Until then, you'll have to shop in an actual store. Use the tag information I linked to in my comment above to call ahead. If you still can't find it, make an item request in the AN Forum:
    AN Forum Item Requests

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