If I Can’t Go to Paris, I’ll Bring Paris to Me…


I don’t know what it is…but I’ve been loving the Eiffel Tower lately.

I saw this jewelry holder while searching through the Urban Outfitters online home section the other day, and instantly became OBSESSED. Then I saw this pillowcase set, and this wall art and all of a sudden I knew I wanted a room in my house riddled in little Eiffel Towers.

Is it a sign I’m itching to go on a French vacation? Probably…but it won’t be happening anytime soon…

So, instead I’ll just bring the Eiffel Tower to me. Genius!

This wasn’t meant to be a jewelry holder. It was actually stuffed full of gigantic potpourri. But when I found it at my local Marshall’s store, I knew I was going to get it home, pry all that smelly junk out of it, and hang my jewelery on it like there’s no tomorrow!

My Marshall’s trip was doubly successful, because I also found an Eiffel Tower wall decal *happy squeal noise* that you know will be making an appearance in outfit posts as soon as I find a good place to stick it. Boyfriend must think I’m going crazy.

Any maybe I am…

Nothing a trip to Paris wouldn’t fix.

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  1. says: Trini

    What's a great idea! I always love Eiffel Towers. You made it become more handy. Just another idea if you can create some little hooks to hang some of your long necklaces inside the tower. Love it!

  2. says: R.L.

    Oh I love the Eiffel Tower and all things Paris-related. For some reason the French just seem so chic to me. I have the Longchamp Le Pliage Eiffel Tower edition and I wear it everyday. Your accessories look absolutely darling on that tower!

  3. says: curls-and-pearls

    Love this! How great to add a Parisian theme to your place. No worries if your boyfriend thinks you're going crazy – all the more reason for him to take you to Paris for REAL to get it out of your system ;)

  4. says: Amanda

    Ah Kelly! You've reached the stage in life where yo're romanticizing Paris – every girl will come around to that point sooner or later! And the only way to quench that insatiable thirst for Paris is to actually go there (*hint to boyfriend*)

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    Boyfriend is requesting that you ladies stop hinting him about Paris lest I get any ideas…of course, I say, don't stop! Bring it on!!! =)

    @Trini – Good idea…I have another holder for necklaces (just a boring one) but I'd love to be able to toss some necklaces on the Eiffel Tower too.

    @Erin – LOL, I wish! Tell Ann Taylor & LOFT to start sponsoring me and pay me the big bucks…flights to Paris for everyone!

  6. says: Tamara

    I totally get the whole Paris-yearning thing… every once in a while I feel the need to put on my most Frenchy outfit, listen to French music, and eat a croissant in some charming cafe.

    And Kelly – when (not if!) you get to Paris someday you'll find the clothes are geared towards the smaller-sized woman. Oh, shopping in Paris – it doesn't get better!

  7. says: Gracie

    totally adorable and a great idea! If Marshall's wasn't so far away (in walking energy expenditure), I'd totally flipping the place upside down for it as well.

    ..Makes me want to go to wine country as well.

  8. says: Michelle

    Great idea to use it for jewelry. Have you checked out home decor from BallardDesigns.com? They have quite a few French inspired items. There are usually 15-20% coupon deals floating around on the internet, plus free shipping offers from time to time if you sign up for their emails. I have been tryng to decorate my house lately, and Ballard is my go to place! It is Pottery Barn-ish, but more of a French country feel.

  9. says: fashionforteens

    Such a good idea to put jewelry on the eiffel tower! I'm dying to go to Paris, but like you said, it won't be happening anytime soon. My cousin got me an eiffel tower necklace just to have since both of us really want to go to France.

  10. says: Stylepint

    Ohh! I love the jewelry holder and what lovely jewels you have too! I have a jewelry tree from UO but I don't have as much jewelry to stack on it. =)

    Bring on le Paris! I loved France when I travelling there, but Provence is equally amazing and so picturesque too!

  11. says: PetiteXXS

    So chic! I've been looking for a jewelry stand too, but haven't found anything good yet (guess I don't have that much jewelry anyway so there's no hurry).

  12. says: littlenashua

    Kelly, I am going to Paris for my honeymoon (although, we will be the dorks on bikes, not unlike your tandem riding Canadian couple). I'll bring you back a little present, you just have to wait for the end of July.

    I recently purchased two leather bound jewelry boxes at Savers. One is from Talbots, not sure about the other, but they look like miniature boxy suitcases and have interesting little compartments in them. They aren't great for necklaces but they look really cute sitting on the shelf in my closet. How sad is it that in terms of decorating, our closet is the only 'room' in the house that looks put together?

  13. says: Anonymous

    It's a little annoying that I have to click "this" to see what you are talking about. I feel like you are doing it to get the commission. It's fine to write a blog, and I appreciate the time you put into writing it. And sure, you should get paid a small commission if the article deserves one. But the way you wrote the article today makes me feel like you are just writing it to get some pennies and nickles.

    Paris is great. You should go, eat, and shop.

  14. says: Alterations Needed

    @Tamara – LOL…I get in those moods too…the cravings for a croissant can get outta control! I've heard the clothing is cut smaller over there too…so exciting!

    @Michelle – I checked out Ballard last night…cute stuff! Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind when I need to do some home decorating. =)

    @Stylepint – Oh! You lucky girl! My time will come. =)

  15. says: Alterations Needed

    @littlenashua – What a beautiful and exciting honeymoon! I wouldn't' expect anything less than picturesque bike riding from you Kerry! =)

    @Anonymous – Sorry you felt that way, and you're certainly entitled to your opinion. As an online media publisher, I'm concerned with not only writing an interesting story, but also page aesthetics, page load time, and yes, paying for online hosting and my time. The story of this post was not meant to be cluttered with product images from online stores (aesthetics and page load time), and I wanted the story to flow without unneeded text or explanation. I have included a link to my disclosure at the end of this post, which makes readers aware that yes, I do monetize my site, and it's up to the reader to decide if they would like to help me earn a small amount (and believe me, it's small) of commission from my hard work on this site. I've added a bit more text to these links to make them clearer, as when I'm writing posts, what sounds and flows nicely to me can certainly be vague to others.

  16. says: Betherboo

    I LOVE the jewelry holder! I have a pretty boring necklace hanger currently and am looking for a cuter way to hang my necklaces.

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