Secret Santa Reveal!

Secret Santa
Secret Santa
Secret Santa
Secret Santa

This holiday season, a small group of us organized in the Alterations Needed Forum to do a Secret Santa gift exchange.

After much secret question asking, shopping, packing and sending, we all shipped out, and soon afterward received, our Secret Santa gifts. It wasn’t until the package arrived in the mail that I learned who my Secret Santa was…Annie!

My Secret Santa certainly did a good job! I love the color red, and the cardigan and socks are a delightful shade of purpley-red, which fits right in with the colors of my wardrobe. I love argyle socks, and these are absolutely adorable! And, of course, you all know my love of pins to spice up an outfit!

I  was Cynthia C. of Shorty Stories Secret Santa. I hope she liked the little trinkets I picked up for her!

A big thank you to my Secret Santa, all the ladies who participated this year, and of course, The Little Dust Princess, who served as chief elf and organized the whole thing! Thank you!!

Check out the other Secret Santa participants!

1. Jess of The Little Dust Princess
2. Elaine of Curls and Pearls
3. Kileen of Cute and Little
4. Jean of Extra Petite
5. Elle of Fast Food and Fast Fashion
6. Jen Frm Head to Toe
7. Sydney of PetiteLG
8. Liane of PetiteXXS
9. Annie of Really Petite
10. Cynthia of Shorty Stories
11. Jess of Style Pint
12. Erin of The Life of Ann James


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