Petite Fashion Challenge #4 – Holiday Party Look

Trench: Burberry Ledstrone trench, size 2 (altered) (similar)
Tights: Nordstrom B.P., size s/m
Belt: Eugenia Kim, size s
Shoes: Jimmy Choo, size 35

It’s Petite Fashion Challenge time again! This time, the PFC is being hosted by Curls and Pearls. The challenge this time was:

“Create a holiday party look using festive colors and/or holiday pieces without looking like a greeting card.”

So…in case you didn’t notice…the theme I went with was holiday RED! This outfit is a little switcharoo from when I first wore this H&M lace skirt. Same concept, but I added tights, more red, and a little necklace that literally shines like a disco ball in the right light.

Does anyone remember that commercial where a sales associate is showing a woman a red washer and dryer, and he says, “I have a feeling you’re really going to like this one.” And then they pan out to show that the customer is a crazy woman dressed entirely in red, who is almost brought to tears at the sight of the red appliances? I kinda feel like that lady…

Be sure to check out the other participants! The official list can be found at this post.

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  1. says: curls-and-pearls

    hahahaha! I've never seen that commercial :P Red is absolutely the perfect colour for you – I was going to use the lace skirt too :P

  2. says: Vicky

    Still love your lace skirt very much. I went to H&M a few weeks ago to look for it. Couldn't find anything like it so I had to load your post on my iphone to show it to a sales lady working there. She had no clue if they had it or not. :( Oh well.
    I love the Jimmy Choo!!!

  3. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    I love this outfit especially your Burb trench. You always look so put together. I like the matching shoes and belt :)

  4. says: Elle

    I just love all iterations of this outfit, it's so classic and can probably be worn everywhere. I can never get sick of it. I like the sparkly necklace too!

  5. says: Rainy Days and Lattes

    I absolutely adore your outfit :) What a nice choice for holiday wear :) It's the skirt, tights and shoe combo that made me crazy! :) Love it!

  6. says: Erin

    HAHA I love that commercial :) And now I will think of you whenever I want to wear red (it is one of my favorites too!)

    So glad you decided to go with the lace skirt – I was hoping you would! And I love the knit tights!! Although they do remind me of my days in Catholic elementary school… haha

  7. says: Em

    Your trench!! I die. I actually love red coats but I have trouble finding one in the perfect shade. Yours looks perfect on you!

  8. says: N

    LOL! I totally remember that commercial you're talking about. Btw, your lace skirt is perfect with the red trench! And I love the red shoes and the knit tights. This is a gorgeous outfit =)

  9. says: Stylepint

    I love that commercial too! Lace is popular among some of the other petite participants (including myself) but I don't think it's a bad thing. It's looks great and I love your outfit! =)

  10. says: Cee

    Haha, I remember that commercial. And I can't blame you for relating because red suits you so well. I didn't know Burberry makes jackets in such bright colors, I'll have to check them out!

  11. says: Alterations Needed

    PetiteAsianGirl – I think those shoes were my first real designer shoes. They're super cute, but 4 inches, so they don't get much regular wear.

    Vicky – LOL. I've opened blogs on my cell phone to show to sales people before too! Sorry you didn't find the skirt! I think it sold out pretty quick.

    Erin – That commercial really stuck with me, since I'm such a crazy red fanatic…it pops in my mind a little too often. LOL. Hmmm…I knew my tights were school marm chic, but I didn't realize I had the Catholic schoolgirl thing going on too…=)

  12. says: Alterations Needed

    Em – Ahhh, yes, the perfect shade of red is hard to find. I have a BR short trench in what I now realize is an obnoxiously bright shade of red. I don't wear it very often. But the Burb. trench is a big muted, which makes it more wearable.

    Cee – Yup, every now and then they'll have a trench in a few colors. The link I posted has two shades of reds, pink, and a purple!

  13. says: Michelle

    You look gorgeous! Love seeing that trench!

    Yes! I remember that commercial!

    Did you watch your man Gunn on Conan last night? I caught a re-cap tonight. Conana wore jeggings on tonight's show after telling Gunn he would try it. :p

  14. says: olyvia

    lol, I totally remember that commercial! your outfit works for the holidays with the red! I kind of want to see the whole outfit underneath the jacket, it looks like it'll be really pretty. As always I always love your shoes!

  15. says: Callandra

    What a funny commercial!! Lol Beautiful outfit, I love the red accent belt and your ruffly blouse looks like such a great fit! (It's hard to tell completly since it's under the jacket, but I'm judging by where the ruffles hit you.) Very cute!

  16. says: fashionforteens

    Love the red trench, shoes, and belt. They look great with the rest of the outfit. Very festive and pretty!

  17. says: olyvia

    lol, I totally remember that commercial! your outfit works for the holidays with the red! I kind of want to see the whole outfit underneath the jacket, it looks like it'll be really pretty. As always I always love your shoes!

  18. says: Mix and Match

    I absolutely adore your style. YOu nailed every outfit you posted! It's so chic,elegant and perfect for holiday!

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