J.Crew Petite Coats – Lady Day and Stadium Cloth Peacoat

Lady Day Coat, size P0:

JCrew Petite Lady Day Open x600px
JCrew Petite Lady Day Closed xx 600px
CoatJ.Crew Lady Day, size p0
Top – H&M, size xs
Skirt J.Crew Wool Bell Skirt, size 00
Tights – Nordstrom B.P. Frenchi, size s/m
ShoesCole Haan Carma grey suede pumps, size 5 (similar)
Adorable puppy – Clinton the Pomeranian, 5 months old

If this outfit looks familiar, it’s because I took all my J.Crew photos on the same day, with the same boring outfit underneath. =P

When this coat was highlighted on Extra Petite, I had to take advantage of the sale J.Crew had going on and give it a try. I love the look of J.Crew coats, and would love to add a few to my wardrobe. I’ve also come to the realization that I need more casual coats to survive the winter, especially now that I have little Clinton, who needs to be walked, rain or shine, even if it’s unbearably frigid outside. So, I clicked the “Add to Cart” button and hoped for the best.

Sadly, I’m not in love, so this coat will be going back. Here’s why:

1 – I feel it overwhelms my frame, especially in the shoulder. Being petite makes it really easy for clothes to overpower me. This coat widens my shoulder, doesn’t do much to help show my waist, and flares too much at the bottom. I felt a bit like a big green rectangle.

2 – The color is not the most flattering on me. For such an expensive outwear garment that will be worn over clothes and close to my face, I want a color that makes me look and feel fabulous.

Luckily, in Southern California, I don’t have much need for a long coat, so it’s not a total loss.

However, the details are quite nice:

JCrew Lady Day Inside 600px
JCrew Petite Lady Day Buttons 1 600px

This coat has reinforced buttons, a full lining, button detail sleeve cuff, side pockets, an inside pocket, and nice waist belt detail. The fabric has a waffled texture to it.

If I were to alter this coat, I would want to take in the shoulder and slim the bottom flare, which because of the thick fabric and full lining, would cost quite a bit. Not quite worth it to me to keep, especially in this color.

This coat looked way better on Jean, so it appears it’s just a bit too big for my frame.

Size P0 Product Information (laying flat):
94% wool, 6% nylon
Lining: 100% acetate
Dry clean

Stadium Cloth Peacoat, size P0:

JCrew Petite Peacoat Open 600px
JCrew Petite Peacoat Buttoned 600px

I was much more excited about this coat than the Lady Day. I’m in need of a warm, short coat, that would be much more versatile in the mild Southern California winters.

Once again, I’m not in love with this coat. Here’s why:

1 – This coat is way too thick to wear open, and just swallows me whole. Like the Lady Day, when fully buttoned, this peacoat is too wide and bulky in the shoulder, making me feel like an upside-down triangle.

2 –  Sadly, I’m not totally in love with this color either, which is a shame because it was the only color left I was interested in trying.

3 – In a perfect world, the sleeves would be slimmer.

What’s interesting is even though the shoulder is broad, the waist is nicely nipped, and the bottom is nice and slim. If the shoulder were a little slimmer, this would be a really flattering coat!

JCrew Petite Peacoat Inside 600px
JCrew Petite Peacoat Close 600px

This coat has reinforced buttons, a full lining, slimming seaming, waist belt detail, and side pockets. The fabric is really thick, and pleasantly soft to the touch. I preferred this fabric over that of the Lady Day coat.

If I were to alter this coat, I would only want to narrow the shoulders. Unfortunately, that is a bit of a costly alteration, and would be tricky with the thick fabric and full lining. Since the color isn’t my favorite, I don’t want to invest the money in this coat.

Size P0 Product Information (laying flat):
79% wool, 21% nylon,
Lining: 100% acetate
Dry clean

Verdict – The quality, details, and fabrics of these J.Crew coats have me smitten, but the fit is just not for me. My frame is overwhelmed in these coats, and alterations would be costly. I’d also have to find a color that flatters my skin tone, as neither of these quite did it for me. If J.Crew were to make size p00, I might find a good fit, but until then, I’ll need to find a nice warm coat elsewhere.

Petites even just one size up from me should have good luck with these, which will make me insanely jealous of your adorable coat!

PS…how do you like my new giant photos?

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  1. says: thegoodgirlgoneblog.com

    Giant photos = good. Clinton = the best part! I'm going home for the holiday and get to see Zooey tomorrow. Expect dog + Alana outfit photos :)

  2. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    You are early today :) I heart JCrew but I have to agree with you that both coats overwhelmed your frame. Although I love the details and how well they have made. I want to wait and see what I am going to get for Christmas. I might order the lady coat afterward. I think it probably will be OK for me since I am bigger than you. Great review! Merry Christmas to you :)

  3. says: Elle

    I love giant photos…but sad that the coats didn't work out for you. I really like the Stadium-cloth peacoat so will probably order it when the price goes down further. Thanks for the review and the sharp pictures!

  4. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Too bad about both! I like the giant photos. I agree that the shoulders are too wide…I think I was in the mindset of "oh wow this is a 0P, not even a 00P, and it almost fits!" so I accepted the wide shoulders. I hate shoulder alterations…$40+ and no guarantee of a good job. The coats are definitely too big on your frame (trick here is to wear more layers underneath and a huge scarf lol, but no need for so many layers in soCal).

    I wonder how you would look in one of their bright colors instead of these subdued ones. I was in J.Crew returning the Coletta coat and I saw a fair-skinned girl wearing a bright blue double cloth coat and it was stunning on her.

  5. says: Michelle

    I loved seeing another review of J. Crew coats! I definitely agree with your deal-breakers for the olive-colored one.

    I really do like the peacoat, but those darn shoulders and sleeves. :(

    Have you tried James Perse? I have a jacket (similar style to that peacoat) from years ago that I love. Will have to take pics of it soon. The fitting of that brand is really nice!

  6. says: Really Petite

    oh what a bummer!!!! they do look too big on you which totally sucks. you are absolutely right- it does overwhelm your tiny frame:(

    I just got the AT tweed coat in XXSP so I am curious what everyone thinks!

  7. says: Alex

    I really do like the stadium cloth coat on you, both as color and as fit (when worn buttoned). I don't even think the shoulders are too big, probably just feels so because they are padded to accentuate the hourglass shape. I also like how the waist on the stadium coat hits you at your natural waist as opposed to the day day whose waist sits lower than your natural waist. Overall, I would keep experimenting with peacoats till you find your perfect color. Happy holidays!

  8. says: R.L.

    I bought both coats you reviewed here. I ended up returning the Lady Day coat in dark cypress mainly because of the sleeves being short. Funny that you said felt like a big green rectangle because my friend told me I looked like a shapeless olive tube.

    I kept the Stadium Cloth peacoat in heather charcoal (beautiful color and texture!!). I'm bigger than you are so luckily the 0P fit me perfectly. My only gripe about the coat is that it doesn't look good worn open. I guess because the lapels don't lay flat. But anyway, I happen to think the color looks flattering against your complexion.

    Hopefully J. Crew starts offering 00P because they're coats are truly beautiful. I like the style of their coats so much that I'm actually thinking of getting another Stadium Cloth coat in a fun yellow or red shade if they have another sale :)

    And by the way, I like the bigger photos!

  9. says: kileen

    Aww, I'm sad that these jackets didn't work out for you but agree that they are a bit big. The color also isn't as flattering as they should be given the price. Maybe one of the brighter colors would work out better?

    And these giant pictures are awesome! :)


  10. says: Anonymous

    I think the peacoat looks really nice on you. I ordered the same coat and the sleeves hit my arm 1 inch above my wrist bone, so I'm definitely returning.

  11. says: Stylepint

    J.Crew coats have always been an aspirational item for me. Both coats are too large for you and if they had one size down, it would be much better.

    The stadium coat definitely fits better and if it wasn't so bulky looking, it would be perfect for you. I think brighter colors would work for your complexion! =)

  12. says: Rainy Days and Lattes

    Aw, too bad about the coats :/ I actually think the 2nd coat is a lovely on you. It's really flattering, but since the fit is a bit boxy and overpowering, it's not a stretch to return it. Actually, when I re-look at the 2nd one, it doesn't seem SO bad. A little big, but not so much like the first one. Hmm!

  13. says: Jamie

    Ah thanks so much for reviewing this coat! I had the exact same problems as you had, except even more, since I am smaller than you! I just HATED the way it flared out on the bottom, and the material is so thick it wouldn't drape over my thin frame. I looked like a rectangle. I have given up on all J Crew Coats as they simply run too big. *Sigh* So difficult to find lady-like petite coats!

  14. says: J / punksjunk / mjvp

    I agree with your verdicts – though the coats are stunning, I just don't find that they work for petites. J. Crew needs a PXXS/00P! Plus the colors featured are rather muted/humdrum. I like you in the Burberry much better. I'm glad I didn't order the coats now. :)
    I also agree with Stephanie regarding Clinton. He's so handsome!!

  15. says: Callandra

    Both were definitely too big!….bummer!! I think you have the right idea to buy a coat in a bright color to flatter your skin tone. I loved this color on Jean, but I think a bright peacock blue would look fabulous on you! I do like the up-close pictures, very nice. Merry Christmas to you and Clinton!! ;)

  16. says: Alterations Needed

    @thegoodgirlgoneblog.com – Yay! More Zooey pics! I think Clinton should start a modeling career…he really has posing down flat!

    @PetiteLittleGirl – I hope "Santa" does a good job for you this year! =) I bet the Lady Day would look great on you, lucky girl!

    @Elle – The peacoat is really cute, and I'm bummed it didn't work out for me. I hope it works for you, because it's really the perfect peacoat.

  17. says: Alterations Needed

    @PetiteAsianGirl – Despite the shoulders, the coat still looked a million times better on you than on me. I agree I need brighter colors. I thought the olive green might work, but I guess not. =P

    @Michelle – Nope, I've never tried James Perse…hmmm…there's a store near me I think. Must go check it out!

    @Alex – Yup, the waist on the peacoat fit much better than the Lady Day. The proportion was perfect. I still can't get over those shoulders though. =P

  18. says: Alterations Needed

    @R.L. – "shapeless olive tube" – LOL.

    You got the grey! I wanted that one but it was sold out in my size when I ordered. The fabric is REALLY thick, which makes it awkward to wear open, but it looks amazing buttoned, so I'd forgive it for that. Enjoy your beautiful coat! =)

    @Anonymous – 1 inch above your wrist! Wow! That's way too short.

    @Stylepint – Yup, just one size down would do the trick I think. And yes, I'm gonna try a brighter color next time. =)

  19. says: Alterations Needed

    @AubreyOhDang! – Oh wow! The sleeves were too short for you too? That's a complaint from two petites so far.

    @Rainy Days and Lattes – The peacoat is definitely leaps and bounds better than the Lady Day. That shoulder still really bugs me though and I want my coat to be perfect! =)

    @Stephanie "DSK" Nguyen – These photos were about the time Clinton was tired of me not paying attention to him, so he came over to stare at me. I think it's about time he start his modeling career, he's a natural!

  20. says: Alterations Needed

    @Jamie – I'm glad I'm not alone, but bummed to hear the coats didn't work for you either. Anything tailored and non-stretchy is so hard to find in petite proportions! Good luck on your coat hunt!

    @J / punksjunk / mjvp – Yes! J.Crew needs a pxxs/p00! Are you listening J.Crew?

    @Callandra – Merry Christmas to you too! Yup, I think bright colors are the way to go!

  21. says: Vicky

    Hi Kelly, thank you so much for the coat review. love reading your reasoning. I learn so much about fitting from you and Jean. I agree the lady day coat is too big on you, but I really like the stadium cloth coat. I think the color looks really nice against your complexion. The fit on the shoulder is not as bad as the lady day one. Yes it's roomy on the body and sleeves, but that was made for thick sweaters. It's a shame that you won't keep it. On the other hand I can understand why you wouldn't, because I lived in CA for many years and I didn't even own a coat. It just doesn't get cold enough.
    Oh LOVE the huge pictures.

  22. says: AubreyOhDang!

    Yeah, I think Jean and I have similar arm lengths. Everytime she says something is short on her arms, it's the same for me. but it seems that on you, the Lady Day extends past your wrist. I took a pic of me in it, but I don't dare to show it to ppl. hahah. i'm shy.

  23. says: Pop Champagne

    ohh I love those coats you picked out! and it's so cute that in the first picture your puppy is looking up at you, cuz you're so stylish ;) have a merry christmas!

  24. says: Turophile

    Sorry the coats don't fit.
    I am sorry to say – I don't like the giant photos. I'm working on a smaller MacBook. Using Firefox browser – i can't see the whole photo in the screen. :(

  25. says: Anonymous

    Thank you so much for the review, especially the measurements – so helpful! I like the stadium-cloth peacoat on you. I am a diehard J.Crew fan for over 20 years and have purchased several coats over the years which I still wear and love. I have a Lady Day purchased several seasons ago, which matches the measurements of the P0 you tried on – but mine is a size P4!! I'm going to purchase the stadium-cloth peacoat since there's no telling when I may get completely sized out by J.Crew in the future!

  26. says: S. Thornton

    I have the same fitting problems – even though I’m not tiny like you;)  Shoulder and
    waist measurements are the worst – I’m a size 10p – but in ‘normal’ clothes I’ll wear
    a 6 or 8 for the fit.  I’ve taken my own measurements, wrote them out on index cards
    and have a tape measure when I go shopping.  This saves me time and frustration.  

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