Petite Weekend Guide: 9/3/10

Happy Labor Day weekend!


Ann Taylor: 25% off already reduced prices with code ENJOY25.

Banana Republic: 30% off select styles, and free shipping on $50+ with code BRFREE50.

Bloomingdales: Big Brown Bag Sale! 20-40% off select merchandise.

LOFT: 40% off already reduced prices with code LABORDAY40, and free shipping on $125+. On sale is the Looped Ruffle Halter Cami reviewed by Extra Petite and Petite XXS, as well as this peplum jacket reviewed by Extra Petite (same post) and Petite Early Morning Style.

Theory outlets: Additional 25% off back room prices. Time to find those size 00 jackets!

Urban Outfitters: Free shipping with code FALLFORIT and 10% off with code CLASSACT. Refresh the checkout page to stack codes. Pick up this peplum jacket, or super petite eyelet dress.

Ebates: Double cash back this holiday weekend for some stores, like banana republic, which gives 10%!


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  1. says:

    I love the Urban Outfitters deal going on. I find myself purchasing every time I notice a price drop on something on my wish list.

    Gap jeans seem to be so popular with the petite bloggers! I haven't tried them on in years because they used to have horrible fit. Maybe I'll swing by the store and try a pair.

    This is really out of the blue, but do you ever feel ashamed to return? I'm asking because I often return items and some people (BF & brother in particular) think it's excessive. I can't help that many items look nice online but just don't fit right!

  2. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Better not be any 00P's in MA fighting me at the THeory outlet…lol! Thanks for sharing these deals and the links : ) … if I may give my 2 cents…I hate returning stuff in person! I do it a lot but I feel bad. It's not always because stuff doesn't fit…sometimes i order more just to get free ship or something knowing 100% that the item will be returned. Most of the times retailers are totally nice about returns but I had a dreadful experience at America Eagle once…the manager grumbled about how much inventory was coming back into their store and how it would affect her weekly "numbers" … gave me such a hard time!

  3. says: Alterations Needed & PAG – My favorite line to use with sales associate who seem annoyed with my returns is, "I'm 4'11"…it's safe to say that not much fits me.", and then they usually feel sorry for me and try to give me suggestions. LOL.

    That said, I do sometimes feel embarrassed, especially when I have a huge load to return. But I figure anyone who has a non-average body type and has to order online a lot has the same issue. I try not to let it bother me, and just get the unpleasantness done as soon as possible. It's unfortunate that we should feel embarrassed to do something so simple, that is store policy, and completely accepted.

  4. says: HM63

    Yes, I always feel embarrassed returning things. It's like admitting that you've somehow made a mistake and please, please forgive me but I want to give it back. At the same time I feel guilty if I can't clean my plate at a restaurant…and most of the time I can't! Don't know why I feel bad since I'm paying for it whether it gets eaten or not. :/ I think as humans we crave the approval of others.

  5. says:

    PAG – "It's not always because stuff doesn't fit…sometimes i order more just to get free ship or something knowing 100% that the item will be returned."

    It's the worst when the items I intended to keep don't work out and my "return" pile is larger than my "keep" pile.

    AN – Oh I wish I had that excuse! I'm 5'2" so I look more "average".

    Most SAs have been nice (especially one at The Body Shop when I made an accidental $60 duplicate order and had to return the whole thing! omg…) and only a few have given me bad looks. Still, I get a bit nervous when I'm returning!

    I'm sure average sized people do order wrong sizes from time to time, but I do wonder how much returning is normal/acceptable. I bet hates me by now!

  6. says: me in millions

    I just want to let you know how much I love and look forward to this weekly feature! It definitely helps me get items at a great price.

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