Fall Sale at BR and Double Cash Back

If you have a Banana Repubic or Gap card, the “Sale Before the Sale” starts tomorrow. Get 40% off all full-priced items when you use your BR/Gap card, 9/17/10 – 9/18/10 with code PRESALE. The fall sale then starts for everyone 9/19/10. Also, get free shipping on $100+ with code BRFREE100.

Perhaps even more exciting is Ebates is offering double cash back right now for select stores. In this deal, you can get 15% cash back at Banana Republic and Gap!

I like:

This Tweed Skirt – look how cute it is in an outfit.

If you’re not signed up for Ebates yet, you probably should. It’s free, available in the US and Canada, and gives you cash back for the purchases you would have made online anyways. The only bummer about it is when I forget to use it! For a referral sign up link to Ebates, click here.

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  1. says: Hanna

    I unfortunately don't have a Gap/BR card but I will be looking forward to the sale that starts on 9/19/10 … I must start stalking possible items that might go on sale! Fall sale already, my I feel like time zooms.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Erin – I make the Homer Simpson sound when I forget to use Ebates…"Doh!"

    Hanna – It does seem early for a Fall sale doesn't it? It's probably the first of a sequence of fall sales…like the "pre-fall" sale or something.

  3. says: Annapurna

    Is there a code for the 40% tomorrow (I do have a BR card but don't know anything about the 40% off).

    Further – it is still techincally summer! Until Monday at least!

  4. says: Alterations Needed

    Annapurna – So glad you asked that! I just took another look at the mailer I got, and the code got lost under a sticker added by the post office! Use code PRESALE to get the 40% off! Phew!

  5. says: Michelle

    I love that skirt! Didn't you model that one a month back? I have not been to Banana since August! I have to return two items so I will be getting $50 to spend there. Woo!

    Do you know if the 40% off full price items applies to in-store purchases for non-cardholding members (starting on Sun.)?

  6. says: HM63

    It may still be summer but it feels like fall in Ottawa today. 9 degrees Celsius and raining…brrr. Bundled up in merino wool and furry slippers. I'm definitely shifting gears and looking for things to get me through another Canadian winter.

  7. says: thoshebebutlittle

    I'm just hoping their fall items fit more snugly than their summer ones did… I'm not the tiniest of petites, and PXXSs were falling off me! Ah well – just have to see. :)

  8. says: Cher

    The code doesn't work at the GAP (I tried *many* times), just BR, just in case anyone was trying. And the code is actually "BRPRESALE". HTH!

  9. says: Alterations Needed

    Cher – Yup, the code is only for BR presale. Gap's sale is on right now, no code needed. I think both codes should work, because my mailer says "PRESALE" and my email says "BRPRESALE". Either should be fine.

  10. says: Cher

    The code doesn't work at the GAP (I tried *many* times), just BR, just in case anyone was trying. And the code is actually "BRPRESALE". HTH!

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