Petite Fashion Challenge: A Petite "Don’t"

“A petite should never wear ankle strap shoes. They cut the leg line and make you look shorter” – typical petite fashion advice


Top: Banana Republic, size petite XXS (altered in this post) (similar here)
Tank: Banana Republic Factory Store, size petite XS
Skirt: LOFT, size petite 00 (altered in this post)
Jewelry: Pearl cluster earrings (which you can’t see) (similar here)
Shoes & Belt: Vintage

What do you think? Did I pull it off?

I think these work for two reasons: 1) They are a neutral color, similar to my skin tone, so they don’t stand out too much. 2) I have a short torso and long legs, so it’s harder to make my legs look stumpy, petite or not. It’s all about body type!

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  1. says: Bianca

    I think they look very nice, and I tossed that caveat out the window a while back LOL.

    I mean, hello, I am NOT going to look shorter because of a shoe LOL – I look short because I am short! I don't care at all about any advice that is given to make me taller. :-)

    Those are some great shoes!!

  2. says: PetiteXXS

    I definitely agree with you! Ankle straps are fine as long as long as they're neutral… in fact, I just bought a new pair during my last Endless spree (got my cashback re-instated btw, yay!). I love the blouse too, did you buy it in multiples again? :)

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Thanks Bianca! A lot of those "petite don'ts" are totally dependent on body type, so I think a most of them are hogwash too. =)

    PetiteXXS – I hope we'll be seeing the ankle-strap shoes you bought in an outfit post soon! Yup, I bought this shirt in white and black/white print. =P

  4. says: Diana Lien

    Agreed with everyone else! The shoes aren't making you look shorter, only because they're nude. I love this outfit, especially how the color of the shoes match your belt. Details, details, details!

  5. says: Erin

    LOVE em! I have a pair of crazy high ankle strap heels and I don't think they stumpify me at all – and they are a dark color! Maybe I'll post a picture up… I wonder if it's too late to enter… hmm

  6. says: AubreyOhDang!

    I think the neutral color is key to not visually cutting off the legs on petites.

    But to address the issue of wearing ankle straps on petites as a general rule-of-thumb, would higher ankle straps in black still work on petites, even petites w/longer legs? what about thick ankle straps? (see link below)

    Ok ok, the above link is not the most attractive pumps, but to someone they might be. Overall, I still agree w/the rule in most cases, but I think you have clearly shown us a great example of how petite ladies can make ankle straps work. Great entry!

  7. says: snowjulie

    I think they look great! I have a pair of black ankle strap shoes and I love how they look. I think if the heel is high and paired with a slim skirt, it's great.

  8. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    I think you pull it off quite well. Like you said, the key is wearing neutral color ankle-straps shoes. Because the color of your shoes match your belt, the outfit is pull together nicely.

  9. says: Lisa - respect the shoes

    I think you look fantastic! A heel makes all the difference too. I also am loving the rest of your outfit – nice!

  10. says: Elle

    Love this outfit, the shoes look great and do not make you look stumpier. I actually think ankle strap shoes don't look that bad on most petites…well, or maybe what I am trying to say is that it looks equally as bad as when an average-height or tall person wear them. Ultimately it comes down to proportions, like you said.

  11. says: Kiki

    Great outfit! I used shoes that impinge upon the ankle region as my petite fashion challenge, too… although I sort of cheated a bit in how I styled them. I'd say you conquered the challenge beautifully!

  12. says: Nelah

    You look very polished from head to toe. Those type of shoes only look good on people with lean legs in my opinion (and of course yours are lean, I am jealous).

  13. says: curls-and-pearls

    Yes you totally pulled that off! I agree with you about the neutral colour or colour to your skin tone working best. But I think petites with slim legs or really long legs can throw that rule out the window :) Looking forward to the next challenge!

  14. says: Jackie

    I say yes! I think you look good in them.

    @Bianca totally. Short is short…not like my shoes are gonna make it worse.

  15. says: Tiffany

    you look great! You totally pulled it off. I've always worn ankle strap shoes, I didn't even know it was a petite don't. LOL.

  16. says: Abby

    Definitely don't make you look stumpy or short at all! I love ankle strap shoes. All my heels are ankle straps. First I'd heard it was a don't, but I think it makes me look ok. Love the outfit!

  17. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    I love this look of yours…yells summer office chic to me. It's nice to see the vintage pieces in action. It's funny I'm kind of wearing a rendition of your cognac belt and shoes in my post today as well : )

    And how did I not remember this top? I thought we knew your entire wardrobe by now, hehe. I had no idea you got it in white too…in my opinion it's much nicer than the print! I wish I got it now too, darnit.

  18. says: aradhana x3

    I love this outfit!

    I honestly never knew the ankle strap thing! But I guess the "they cut your legs" thing makes sense… even though I still feel like it depends on the shoes!

  19. says: CCE

    i didn't know ankle straps are a petite-no, I think I wore ankle straps in my challenge outfit without even realizing but good to know it still works! You always have the nicest shoes!

  20. says: Alterations Needed

    Thanks everyone!

    Aubrey – Hmmm…higher ankle straps could pose a problem. I don't own any to compare, but I could see those being way worse than the lower ankle straps I'm wearing. Especially in a high contrast color! Very good point!

    Nelah – LOL…the grass is always greener. I've always been self-consious of my scrawny little legs and jealous of girls some meat on their calfs! =P

    Vicky – LOL. Your blouse is almost exactly like mine!

    PAG – I told you guys I like to buy in multiples! LOL. I recently fell back in love with this top, so it's been getting a lot of wear this summer.

  21. says: Hanna

    I think the shoes also worked well because you have really nice legs! This is great because I always have worn ankle straps with long skinny jeans to cover up the strap itself. I also think it is due to the fact that the toe is more "pointed" it elongates the look.

  22. says: Petites Tops

    I think you’ve pulled it off just fine, and look great! I read in your bio that you are 4’ 11” but you certainly do not look anything close to this height in most of the photos on this blog. I guess like you said, you have long legs and a short torso so it does make you look taller, and these shoes certainly don’t make you look any shorter.

  23. says: Anonymous

    Looks great! I have short legs so don't know if I could get away with that but hey, who knows I may try it! Fun blog you have! Bonnie

  24. says: Kim

    Great blog!  I started following your blog not too long ago.  I discovered you thru Jean of ExtraPetite.  I didn’t know this was a no-no.  I have really bad feet and I have to wear ankle straps for the extra support. =(

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