New Petite Friendly Brand: Lipsy

Shopping in Bloomingdales the other day, I happened upon a new section freshly stocked with cute, girly dresses that all looked itty bitty hanging on the racks. A group of sales associates were hovering around, commenting on how cute and tiny the dresses looked, and how the merchandise had just been put on the sales floor. So, of course, my curiosity was peaked, and I grabbed a few dresses to try on. The results…good!


I know…bad dressing room pics right? But the dresses really do fit well, right off the rack! These are both size UK6, which is the smallest size, since this is a European brand.

The first strapless dress fit wonderful up until the very top, where it was a little loose. If I were a little bustier, this dress would stay up better, but as it stands, I would need to either take the top in just a smidgen, or use some fashion tape to keep it up. The fit in the torso and hip was amazing though!

The second one-shoulder dress also fit amazing, and since it has a shoulder strap, I did not have the same problem with the top. I found the waist band to be a little low to me, but I have a short torso, so this is to be expected. A longer torso’d gal would look great in this dress.

The dresses I tried on were all polyester, but looking at other dresses in the line, there were also some cotton blends. Most are little party dresses in girly prints and fabrics, but a few could be styled more conservatively if need be. I didn’t see much in my style (I’m not very girly or frilly), but I was impressed with the fit, and will keep and eye on the brand in case anything pops up that strikes my fancy.

This line is new to Bloomingdales, and as of right now, not available on the website. Lipsy is, however, available on ASOS…which just so happens to be running a free shipping and returns special for the United States through the end of August. The only problem…I don’t see many size UK6!

Lipsy dresses from ASOS:

See more of the Lipsy line, including tops and skirts, at ASOS here. Also check out the Lipsy website, with more selection, but higher shipping charges.

After some sleuthing…I found out I’m not the first petite girl to break this news. Check out the review by Fashionably Petite…with a video!

Has anyone else tried Lipsy?

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    A great find…this brand looks perfect for petites who need special occasion dresses without alterations. $110ish is not bad for a dress for a wedding or cocktail, especially if it's as cute as the second one! So I wonder what UK4's fit like now that the 6 is so tiny and almost fits you perfectly…

  2. says: curls-and-pearls

    Oh wow, those look amazing on you! And the price points seem ok for special occasion dresses especially if you don't really have to spend too much extra to alter it. I'll have to look up this retailer and see if it is carried at any boutiques around here.

  3. says: hugstiem

    Man, those dresses look totally indecent in the model pics, no wonder they work so well for petites. I'll have to check them out next time I need a dress!

  4. says: Elle

    I have seen Lipsy featured on some websites, among them ASOS and frankly I was a bit turned off by how it looks on some of the models. The material looks stiff and uncomfortable…perhaps I need to go to a Bloomies and try one on to find out. The second dress looks beautiful on you though.

  5. says: Hanna

    SOB, I don't have a Bloomingsdale nearby… I love that asymmetrical dress! Perhaps you can have the dress altered by having a tiny bit of the fabric above the belt moved up? I don't know what it would do to the pleats though. You have such a tiny waist and you should show it off!

  6. says: Cee

    Thanks for the review on UK6 sizing. I've been eyeing dresses from ASOS but of course wasn't sure how accurate their size chart was, especially from brand to brand. (I've actually seen some items from ASOS with UK4 sizes!)

    The 2nd dress looks great on you. I think the color is really flattering.

  7. says: Chloe

    Ya, I love Lipsy being the British girl I am. Nice to see it in the US! Both these dresses look amazing on you. A UK 6 is the same size as a US 2, but the sizes in the UK I find tend to run smaller than the US.

  8. says: PetiteXXS

    I've been browsing ASOS but wasn't sure the UK 6 would fit me and there were next to no items in UK 4 (which I'm more optimistic about). I'm surprised the Lipsy UK 6 fits so well on you off the rack! Wonder if all UK 6 runs like that or if it's just Lipsy.

  9. says: Michelle

    That second dress is really pretty! Did you end up buying either of them?

    I wish there was a Bloomingdales in Vegas…we only get the homestore here.

  10. says: Alterations Needed

    Hugsteim & elle – I know! On the models the dresses look scandalous, but on me, they're just right. Good news for petites.

    Hanna – I'm not sure how the second dress could be altered, but I doubt very many other petites would have the same issue as me. My waist is just very high!

    PAG, Cee, PetiteXXS – I'm super curious about size UK4 now too!

    Chloe – I need to go shopping in the UK! =)

    Michelle – No, I didn't get either of them. None of them really stood out to me, and I'm not in the market for a dress right now. But I will keep an eye on Lipsy in case anything I like pops up.

  11. says: The Little Dust Princess

    Wow, I love the 2nd dress on you! I've been shopping at ASOS for a while now, but never tried this brand out. I'll have to wait and see at my next order. hehe

  12. says: Raleigh

    I like the one shoulder dress! The folds are probably flattering for me too, I'm pretty curvy and love unque styles like that, that dont look like everything else out there. How do you find your dress shops? I've been looking on and there are a lot of petite friendly styles.

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