AN in the Wild: Wedding in Carmel

A while ago, we attended the wedding of some very good friends of ours in Carmel, CA. The bride really outdid herself planning the whole weekend, because everything was absolutely perfect.

First, we stayed at a bed and breakfast on the ocean in Carmel. Our room overlooked the cliff, so each morning we woke up to a beautiful ocean view.

The ceremony was held at the Monterey Mission, which was a beautiful venue, and for the reception, we got to play in a wine vineyard! Dinner took place in the barrel room, but we all broke away for a little walk through the grape fields, followed by the wedding photographer of course!

Dress: Armani Exchange, size p0 (from this post)
Jacket: Theory Amanda B, size 00
Shoes: Cole Haan, size 5
Necklaces: Pearl (similar) and jet beads
Earrings: Pearl clusters (similar)
Pin: Vintage

I can’t get closer for outfit detail in these photos without them getting really ugly and pixelated, but I think you get the idea.

When I wear wrap dresses, I usually wear a half slip underneath, in case a sudden gust of wind (or running through a vineyard) opens it up, displaying my unmentionables for all the world to see. I forgot my slip on this trip, but luckily, a commenter in this post (Thanks Coco Petite!) mentioned a great use for fashion tape: to tape a wrap dress closed! Thanks for the idea! I was thoroughly taped in these photos. =)

It’s always interesting to see me compared to other people. I look so tiny in the first photo compared to everyone!

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  1. says: HM63

    What a gorgeous location for a wedding. And a vineyard! Oh my! I do love a glass of wine. :)Fun weekend.

    Lovely outfit as well. :)

  2. says: Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

    My husband and I stayed at the same B&B when we were there back in July. We had such a wonderful stay. I hope you and your bf did as well.

  3. says: AubreyOhDang!

    I do think that Armani exchange dress fits you well. Very wedding-appropriate.

    are the bridesmaid dresses coral? I am a big fan of coral, esp during a summer wedding.

  4. says: Elle

    What a gorgeous wedding location, it sounds like so much fun.

    That A|X dress looks good on you, I like how you wore the theory jacket with it.

  5. says: Cee

    I didn't even notice how tiny you were until you pointed it out! Too busy admiring everyone's outfits :P It looked like you had a ton of fun!

  6. says: PetiteXXS

    It's true… I never realize how small I look until I see pics of myself next to "regular" size people :P Looks like you had lots of fun!

  7. says: Ping

    I love the color of your a/x dress & looks like it fits you really well. a/x makes great sweaters too!

    is that you're bf next to you??

  8. says: curls-and-pearls

    LOL you do look tiny! Really great photos and I love this dress on you.

    I LOVE the bride's gown by the way! Stunning!

  9. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    What a lovely location for the wedding! and breath-taking view from your room. You look classy and stunning as always.

  10. says: Alterations Needed

    Petite Gorgeous – How cool that you stayed at 7 Gables! Great location, but a little to flowery for me. I like modern places…and TV's…a television in the room would have been nice…lol.

    Aubrey – The bridemaids dresses were actually a silvery color. Really pretty and surprisingly, looked great on all the girls.

    Ping – Yup, that's my bf. He was in the wedding party.

    curls-and-pearls – The bride's dress was amazing! It was a really pretty and heavy lace!

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