Review: Some More Ann Taylor Petites

Once again, a few Ann Taylor goodies for your reviewing enjoyment…

First up, the Pearl and Bead Tank in size XXSP:

This top is really cute, and if not for the following problem, I would have kept it:

Jeans: Paige Blue Heights 14″ Skinny in Winter Solstice, size 23 (hemmed) (similar)

You can see the flappy things in the first photo too. I’m not sure if it’s because the armholes are too low, or because the beading is so heavy that it weights the front of the top down. Either way, those little flappy things really bugged me, and showed my bra from the sides.

Verdict: Return.

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In case you’re wondering, the shoes I’m wearing above are also Ann Taylor, specifically the Perfect Kitten Peeptoe Slingback in size 5. Petite Asian Girl warned me that they run a little big, but surprisingly these fit pretty well. I’d like to see them a little narrower, but the slingback strap stays on my heel nice and snug. I like the idea of nude pumps, and wanted to keep these, but every time I take a step, the patent leather makes an awful creaking noise that just won’t do. The search for nude pumps continues!

Next, the Cotton Ruffle Scoopneck Sheath in size 00P:

This dress has potential to be really cute…on someone else. Once again, the arm holes are a tad too big, and the neckline is too low. You can also see the seam at the waist could stand to move up a little bit too. This is easily fixed by just having the shoulder straps taken up. But then…

Shoes: Jimmy Choo, size 34.5

Look at all that extra fabric! This dress has a side zipper, which makes that alteration expensive.

Verdict: Return. This has potential to look really cute after alterations, but I’m just not loving the dress enough to invest in it. If you’re a size or two bigger than me, do try this dress on! Hopefully it will fit you right off the rack.

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Aw, bummer on all the returns. Someone just submitted that dress for the work outfit contest, and i think RP ordered it too, so we'll get to see it on a variety of body types : )

    Wow, the sz 5's fit! So odd because I am wearing sz 5's now in the pumps and my feet must be huge compared to you. That's a shame about the squeaking…I really love their leather pumps but haven't tried patent.

  2. says: Ping

    thats too bad!! i like the tank and the color looks good on you. i didn't know paige jeans come in size 23! i have never seen that before. the dress is huge on you and those darn armholes!!!

  3. says: HM63

    Awe, that's too bad. Both the top and the dress are super cute on you.

    I swear, every time I wish I was more slender I think about how much trouble you TP's have finding tiny clothes. It's hard enough being a regular petite.

  4. says: sophia

    Haha I feel humongous compared to you! This past week I've tried on so many things that were too tight and small on me >_<

  5. says: Tamara

    I agree about all those beaded tops in AT and AT Loft – they all sag in the front because the beads are so heavy. Too bad.

    I found this really cute skirt at AT Loft yesterday (40% off!) which seems to run a bit narrow through the hips. I actually fit better in the 2 regular, even though I'm usually a 2P. I would not usually buy something in a "cheetah print" but this is actually pretty sophisticated looking in person:

    I think it'll be so pretty with a blush pink silk top.

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    PAG – Yup, the slingbacks fit…but I'd like to see how the regular pumps fit. Those are what I'm really interested in. I've had shoes squeak, but these were ridiculous!

    Ping – Yup, Paige comes in 23, but they are hard to find. I found these at the Paige boutique in LA, but haven't seen another pair since. For some reason, I can never find them online, which is where I would think they would list them because that's where all the hard to find sizes go right?

    van5nvirginia – Those are really cool! I like the stud details.

  7. says: Alterations Needed

    HM63 & Sophia – LOL. There are days where I would KILL for a few extra pounds and inches. =P

    Tamara – Ohhh…I've seen that skirt on a few other bloggers. It looks great on them! Hopefully some tiny ladies can get a hold of it!

    Unfortunately, I just don't' feel comfortable in animal prints. I have a DVF dress that is an incognito cheetah print (that I didn't even realize until I got it home) that I never wear and am thinking about selling. =(

  8. says: PetiteXXS

    I think I was eye-ing that same dress but it's a good thing I didn't order because it wouldn't have fit me either. The color of the tank is pretty but the flaps have gotta go! I would also kill for a few extra lbs and inches in the right places lol… but when I do try, all the weight goes to my tummy and face… go figure :\

  9. says: HM63

    "I agree about all those beaded tops in AT and AT Loft – they all sag in the front because the beads are so heavy. Too bad"

    Hmmm….I just bought the Shiny Beaded Bow Top off Ebay. Hopefully it will be ok. It has beading around the scoop with a bow design at the side. The beading looks a bit more delicate than on AN's tank so hopefully it's lighter. With no Ann Taylor's in Canada these purchases are always a gamble. :/

  10. says: Alterations Needed

    HM63 – I hope LOFT and AT get their act together and finally start shipping to Canada. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have those stores to shop! Good luck with the beaded top!

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