LOFT Jacquard Skirt: So Good, I Needed Two…

Top: H&M T-shirt, size XS
Shoes: {Black} Cole Haan Genevieve Pump, size 5
{Gray} Cole Haan Carma Pump, size 5 (similar)
Necklaces: Pearls (similar) and Jet beads (similar)
Handbag: Chanel Lambskin East/West

Remember this conversation about buying in multiples? Well, I love this skirt so freakin’ much, not only did I buy both colors…but I actually bought both colors twice! Let me explain…

First purchase: I bought both colors with a 20% off coupon code and free shipping. The skirts arrived, I squealed with excitement at the adorableness looking back at me in the mirror, and needed to keep both. But wait a minute, the skirts were still available online, in size 00P, and with a much better 40% off coupon code, plus free shipping! What to do?

Second purchase: I could’ve re-ordered these skirts online, but I wanted them immediately (I’m impatient) so I actually got up early on my day off (I never get up early on my days off, but this was an emergency), jumped in my car, and got to LOFT literally 10 minutes after it opened. I power walked straight to the Petites section, located the skirts, and dug up size 00P in both colors! Success! 40% off later, they are now in my evil clutches, waiting for the end of this awful SoCal gloomy weather!

These skirts fit well right off the rack. The waistband is elastic, which I’m sure is why it fits so small, and sits just under my belly-button. The fabric is shimmery, which I think is a cool texture to add to my wardrobe. Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta sparkle! Am I right ladies?

They are fully lined, nice and thick so there’s no undergarment show-through, and….I’m sure you can guess…they have pockets!

The pink is way out of character for me, but there’s just something about it that I really love. I also noticed how often I layer those two necklaces. I swear I must wear those necklaces at least three times a week. They’re becoming my signature pieces to wear.

**Update** Here’s a better photo of the skirts in natural light, since my bedroom lights made them, or at least the navy skirt, look like a disco ball!

What do you think? Are they both keepers?

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    I must be in the tiny minority that does not like this skirt. When I tried it on in store I found it to be too glimmery and faux-looking. Something about the quilting, elastic waistband, and shininess combined…

    If you love it, you should definitely keep both. It's so hard for you to find something that fits off the rack, plus the prices one these are great if you'll be wearing them. We also haven't seen this Chanel in a while after red arrived…I rather like the E/W shape on this one!

  2. says: PetiteXXS

    I've also been guilty of re-buying when prices drop and extra discounts are too hard to resist! I haven't seen this one in person yet but it comes off a little plastic-y (pleather?) in the pics. But the fit looks great and I'm glad you found something multiple-worthy :)

    And ugh… what's been up with the SoCal weather lately??

  3. says: Jen

    I'm thinking it must look better in person because although I really love the fish-scale thing going on with the pink, I feel like the navy is plasticy as well! They do look a bit puffy in the front but it may be because I'm so used to wearing elastic-banded skirts at the natural waist. Awesome that you found it again at 40% off though!

  4. says: Amanda

    I think the navy looks great and the fact that it has pockets is always a big plus in my book. I've never actually bought tees from H&M – what's the quality like?

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    Maybe I should try photographing these in natural light, since my room lights do exaggerate the shine. The pink is more subdued than the navy, which I do like better. Maybe I'll return the navy, since I do have navy skirts already. Getting other opinions is great for my bank account. =)

    PAG – Yup, my black E/W doesn't get much play since red came to town, but for a color palate like this one, the black is perfect. What I like about the E/W is the strap has a shortener on the inside.

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    Amanda – T's from H&M can vary a lot. The one I'm wearing now is a heavier weight cotton, but most of the time they're pretty light weight, and so can be see through. They also pill pretty quickly. I like the fit on these, and they were nice and cheap, so I'm getting my money's worth out of them, but I don't expect them to be around very long.

  7. says: The Little Dust Princess

    I'm not a fan of the pink, but I do love the quilted pattern. Totally matches your Chanel purse. ;) I like the elastic waistband too! Not a fan of shimmery-ness, but I think the skirts look great on keep it! :)

  8. says: Jennifer

    I usually lurk, but I read your blog everyday, and admire your style. You've definitely helped me take the plunge into wardrobe management, alterations, and style as a petite woman.

    Part of me thinks that you should keep the skirts because it's not every day that you find items that you really love.

    On the other (kill-joy?) side, I agree with some of the comments above, in that the waist seems somewhat low on you (or the whole skirt a little big), and that I don't like the plastic look of the fabric/material and the elastic band.

  9. says: Pop Champagne

    ohhh I love your chanel purse! I kind of like the shiny skirt, it may not be a skirt you can wear out on regular basis but a nice one you can wear on weekends to a longe! :)

  10. says: Anonymous

    I love your blog and your style in general. But I have to admit that I don't like the skirts on you. They are too shiny and also look a bit too big on you (waistband too low and puffy around the hips). Maybe the skirt are less shiny in other light conditions, but you don't typically have control over the lights, plus on the LOFT picture they look shiny, too. On the side, I also find the size of the quilts a bit too big for your frame, in particular on the pink skirt.

  11. says: Callandra

    So funny! You sound just like me with my coupon deals!! Both skirts look fabulous on you. For these pictures I think I prefer the dark navy, but I think with the perfect soft top and some nude pumps I would love the blush pink one too. Very Nice !!

  12. says: Anonymous

    I bought this skirt in the pink. I LOVE it. I wanted the navy too. They are totally cute and look much better and are so much less shimmery in real life. I think it's a really great fitting skirt for petites.

  13. says: Erin

    I'm torn! I think they're really cute and look nice on, but I'm not sure if they're as snug as intended. I say if you like them, keep em! Or just stick with the pink one since you already have navy.

    Good luck!

  14. says: Really Petite

    I love the pink one on you! I didn't think too much of this skirt online but on you- looks darling! I was shocked you chose the pink skirt and am happy to see you went out of your comfort zone because you look adorable in it!!!

    I would keep the pink one!!!!! :)

  15. says: Anonymous

    Just discovered your blog a couple of months ago and love it! Can you get the pink one altered so it sits higher on your waist like on the model? It does look a bit big.

  16. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    I tried the navy one on few weeks ago at the store but didn't end up getting it. Pictures posted on my blog. The fit was awesome. 00P fits me like a glove. They didn't have the pink one at the time. I thought I was going to order the pink one online then I changed my mind. I like it but I don't love it.

  17. says: Bianca

    I thought these were SOOOO cute in the stores! They look great on you. The skirt is puffy, but its gathered to make it so on purpose. Its a little different than a regular pencil, a-line or tulip skirt. Also, I thought they were more like "whimisical glimmer" than "clubby shine". :-)

    In our store they had them on mannequins with the rhinestone brooch tees. If they weren't a miniskirt, I would have been all over both of these as well. :-)

  18. says: elleandish

    1st comment on here :) Hi AN!

    I'm jealous of all you petite working ladies with pretty work wardrobes :[ I still feel like a college kid working in tees and jeans. Can't wear skirts either!!

    I'm liking the navy skirt a lot~! I don't think its too shiny either… the texture is really interesting and reminds me of crocodile scales/Chanel quilting! :} Nice pairing with the heather gray tee too. <3

  19. says: Anonymous

    Great choices, I love both skirts, I got them both recently during friends and family for about $20 each. I love the LOFT but I have restrain myself not to buy anything full price bc everything goes on sale!

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