Fashionable Fortunes

I dug these out of the depths of my wallet the other day and thought they were too awesome not to share.

Hmm…I’m intrigued.

Boyfriend and I got these after the same meal. Yes, please!
A name for myself in fashion, hmm?
As the petite version of Stacy London perhaps?

Who wants to go shopping? =)

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    You will be surrounded by things of luxury? What the heck, how come I've never gotten such lovely fortunes! Need to eat more greasy chinese takeout : )

  2. says: HM63

    I have a fortune that I carry in my wallet as well. It says, "Someone from your past will return to steal your heart". I've been married for many years but it actually came true. Crazy, right! :)

    Maybe the trick with fortunes is to hold on to them. I usually toss them in the garbage. You never know! :)

  3. says: good girl gone blog

    All the fortune's I've gotten recently are more like facts/proverbs and not fortunes. I like yours better :)

  4. says: Alterations Needed

    Erin – LOL. You're definitely from afar!

    PAG – I need to figure out where we got those fortunes from and go back! I want more fashion and luxury!

    HM63 – That's so cool! I hope my fortunes come true. Back in the ol' wallet they go! =)

    CynthiaC – Hmmm…interesting connection…*staring at phone waiting for Anna to call*

    Good girl – Mine usually are too! There is a great need for more creativity in the fortune writing business. If the "field of fashion" doesn't pan out, that'll be my next career.

  5. says: PetiteXXS

    My husband once got a fortune cookie with no fortune in it… he was like, what's the universe trying to tell me lol. I always get kookie nonspecific ones… if I get awesome ones like yours I'd definitely keep them! :)

  6. says: daisy351

    The funniest fortune I have gotten said "lose at strip poker"
    Before my bf and I started dating and he was in a long distance relationship with another girl, we always used to get very suggestive fortunes about love being right in front of your face, etc.

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