10 Ways Being a Petite Shopper Can Be a Good Thing

A lot of things about being petite and shopping for clothes are really irksome. Just take a look through most of my store reviews, and you’ll see what I mean. But there’s some good that comes out of this too…

  1. Because there are so many fit issues to consider, I’m choosier about what I buy, which makes most of my purchases all that more special.
  2. Because good fit is so hard to find, I know my body type and fit preferences better than the average woman.
  3. I have to get a lot of things tailored, which means my clothes can fit better than someone buying right off the rack.
  4. If everything in stores fit me, I would spend way too much money on clothes. In a way, being petite helps curb my spending.
  5. Proportionally smaller sized designer goods often cost less, such as smaller versions of designer handbags and jewelry.
  6. A successful shopping trip is way more satisfying and exciting for me than the average woman.
  7. Because items in my size are so hard to find and precious, I take really good care of them. 
  8. My shoe size is always on display. No need to ask a sales associate to pull my size. I can wander around the shoe department trying on anything in a size 5.
  9. Sales associates remember me…”the tiny girl who’s always looking for things that run really small”
  10. Even though I dislike shopping the kids department, I have to add here…children’s sizes of adult styles can fit…and for much cheaper than their adult sized counterparts.

Any others to add to the list?
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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    There is always a bright side to our plight…sure, I wouldn't mind a few inches here and there, but I LOVE being petite!

    #1 and #4 – for sure. I buy enough clothes as is…I shudder to imagine if I were a sz 2 and everything had the potential to fit great right off the rack.

  2. says: curls-and-pearls

    Great post! We tend to look at the negative but I like to look at the positive.

    I like the fact that as a (not curvy) petite I can get away with wearing things that are fitted or things that are shorter without looking too sexy.

  3. says: Anonymous

    This is not related to shopping, but I live in a apartment and have a small stacked washer and dryer. I like how I can do a week of laundry in two loads, unlike my poor 6'3 fiance!

  4. says: Alterations Needed

    PAG – I know…if EVERYTHING fit me…I'd be a clothes monster, buying everything in sight.

    Totally agree on loving being petite. Every so often I curse my height, but if I wouldn't change it if I could. =)

    Curls and Pearls – Good point. We can wear lots of things without looking scandalous or vulgar. My taller and curvier friends have to be really careful with what they wear, especially to work.

    Anon (8:34AM) – Good point! Also a bit related…our tiny clothes don't take up as much closet space…which leaves room for more tiny clothes. =)

  5. says: Lisa - respect the shoes

    Love your list. Plus we can pack a whole lot more clothes into a suitcase than most folks can!

    And I've been recently checking out Crewcuts, J. Crew's kids line. They've got some really cute styles and I've been told by some gals who have purchased for themselves that their size 14 is generally equivalent to a regular ladies' XS.

  6. says: Tamara

    This is not related to shopping per se, but people are always shocked by how light I travel. Well, with clothes so small, I can fit a lot more in my suitcase than the average person. I can usually get by without checking luggage, and just use a small rolling bag intended for a laptop (without the laptop in it.)

  7. says: elleandish

    You are RIGHT ON with this list! You even mentioned a few things that I hadn't even thought on before :)

    Yay for saving $$$!! Lately I've been noticing whenever I find something cute on the racks, size S/XS is never in stock so I had to move on… Quite sad but does indeed save me money :)

  8. says: sophia

    Great list!

    #2 absolutely! I know for myself, and I've seen on all the petite blogs, we know how to shop for our bodies and are ultra critical of even the tiniest misfit!

    #5 – unfortunately for me I like oversized handbags, so no savings for me there lol.

  9. says: Minna

    I so agree with you about everything, especially with #6 :).

    This isn't exactly related to shopping, but we petites can wear all those gorgeous, high-heeled shoes without the fear that we'd end up being "too" tall or making our male companions feel themselves short. Personally I don't care if a girl is the taller one of the couple, but it seems that some men – at least secretly – do.

  10. says: jen

    You petite girls ARE lucky… it's really hard to control spending when everything you try on fits! And I agree about the tailoring thing– 90% of the time my clothes fit well enough that I don't think a tailor is necessary, but a bit of an alteration here or there can always make a garment look better.

    Thankfully accessories don't come in sizes… swing by my blog to enter a giveaway for a gorgeous statement necklace! :)

    Take care!

  11. says: Hanna

    ROFL to #9… I almost died of embarrassment when I went inside a store and got recognized by "MY, it's the small waist size girl!" Properly, demonstrated by circling her hands around my waist.
    I do agree that all petite girls have special moments when they pick up something that fits well and looks nice.

  12. says: PetiteXXS

    Definitely yes to #4 and #8! I don't know how "regular" people manage to choose what to buy with all the variety of options out there! I also love just putting on shoes on display w/o having to ask for help pulling my size.

    Great post!! :)

  13. says: The Little Dust Princess

    Yes! A perfect list. I was gonna add the kids thing too! I love shopping in the kids section. Some people probably think it's embarrassing, but I'm not embarrassed at all! In Ontario, we didn't pay tax on kids clothing until July 1st (new law). hahaa

  14. says: Love 'n Salt

    I used to love #8! But I've noticed that my local Macy's has been putting size 7s and 7.5s on display. I'm guessing those sizes get requested more often :(

  15. says: Jackie

    I know right! @ #4. I always tell my husband that he's lucky he married a petite for money's sake. If I were average size I'd spend A LOT more on clothes.

  16. says: Really Petite

    LOL- love this list! I have always enjoyed being petite! Hubby loves my petiteness…hehehe

    It's frustrating at times when things are annoyingly huge on us tiny women but all in all- being petite is fabulous!

  17. says: Erin

    I'm totally on board. I am a tall petite, so I feel like a monster compared to some of you, but it's nice to know that we're still in the same shopping boat.

    I love trying on display shoes. I must look so smug when larger-footed ladies scowl at me, but I don't care :)

  18. says: Erin

    Hey I didn't know it was your birthday today! Happy birthday!!! We're both Leos! Late July birthdays are the best ;)

  19. says: MoneyMaus

    Love this post! I agree with all of the comments and definitely #10 :)

    And I love being short! My friends and family love me for it, and I like that it makes me unique… and the fact that I can date guys of ANY height (though I tend to date the 6' ones, hehe)

  20. says: Alterations Needed

    Lisa – I was lusting over a Crewcuts girls cashmere sweater for a little bit but never took the plunge. They have some cute stuff!

    Tamara – I somehow always manage to fill a suitcase with hardly any clothes…I think I pack too many shoes…lol. Gotta work on that one.

    elleandish & Ping – OMG…I would be so broke if I could wear anything I wanted. =P

    Jen – I went to Cinderella of Boston over the weekend and though of you! So many small shoes! They're having a big sale right now…you should check it out.

    Minna – So true! A good friend of mine is 5'7" and stresses out about wearing heels if she's dating someone around her height. No need to worry about that here!

    Hanna – LOL. I've never had a sales associate man-handle me, but I've come close. They definitely try and stick me in everything they think is running small though.

    PetiteXXS & Love N' Salt – I never realized how annoying it is to wait for sales associate to find your shoe size in the back until I had to do it recently. I'm so used to just wandering around and trying on sample sizes. How do "regular" sized people do it? LOL.

    Jackie – I think my bf thinks he's hit the jackpot with me. No matter how much money I have burning a hole in my pocket…there's only so much I can spend. =P

    Erin – I get scowls all the time. I have a bad habit of loudly declaring items "HUGE!" in the presence of other people. Other shoppers must hate me.

  21. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Lol! Okay, I am three hours ahead of you, but didn't expect my post to be read and bday wishes to be registered for at least a few hours. Apparently not…we have a very kind and loving petite community!

  22. says: Alterations Needed

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!

    Erin & elleandish – Yay to Leo's! Happy birthday to both of you as well! =)

  23. says: Retro Petite

    Happy Birthday for the 27th, hope you had a great day.

    Another great post and i agree with all the points especially 1,4 and 6.
    yey for being petite!

  24. says: simplyvonne

    Im actually 5'4 but I really dont mind if im a bit shorter..my husband is only 5'6:5'7 so i cant really wear super high heels next to him..cuz i'll look like a giant lol

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