Review: Banana Republic Petite XXS and 00

After thinking myself crazy the other weekend over the whole “missing items” fiasco (I shake my fist at you BR!), I felt the need to take advantage of the Banana Republic 40% off promotion. I hunkered down and searched for things that struck my fancy, coming up with a few items I wouldn’t mind if they just-so-happened to fit.

First up from these shopping adventures…the Silk Blend Streamers Cardigan in size PXXS:

This cardigan, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t bad at all.

What I like: The color! The ribbon details down the front and snap plackets are really pretty and add a little bit of shine to the cardigan. The fabric is lightweight and drapey, so it hangs really nice on my frame and shows off my waist. The length is perfect.

What I don’t like: There’s too much fabric! This is a petite XXS…what’s up BR? See the sagging fabric under my arm? It’s not so bad from the front, but take a look at all the fabric in the back:

(in case you’re wondering…my jeans are Paige Laurel Canyon in McKinley wash, size 24)

See that puddle of fabric at the small of my back? I like my cardigans more fitted than that.

Verdict: Probably return. I like a lot of things about this cardigan, but that puddle of extra fabric in the back makes me look droopy from behind. If you’re a size or two bigger than me, I’d say go for it! I’d keep it if the sizing ran smaller.

More items after the jump…

Next up, the Sleeveless Ruffle Front Top in size PXXS:

What I like: Again with the beautiful color! But that’s about it.

What I don’t like: The ruffle detail is flatter than in the stock photo (where it looks a little more wild and fun), and spans across the distance of almost my entire torso, which is too large for my small frame. The length is too long (I prefer tops to stop at the hip, not thigh). Also, the fabric is a bit stiff, which means it doesn’t drape on my waist…instead, it drops straight down and hides it. This top could also benefit from a side zipper, as you can see from underneath my arm that it’s too large, however, I had a hard time pulling this top over my shoulders. Because the fabric doesn’t have any stretch, it needs extra room to allow a person to pull it on, but that makes it too big.

There are almost 4 inches of extra fabric around my waist (thanks to my handy-dandy tape measure):

Verdict: Return. Quite frankly, in real life, aside from the color this top is a bit ugly. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Next up, the Linen Sorbet Dress in size P00:

The stock photo showed a beautiful coral color...but this dress is PINK! I was not expecting this bright of a color!

What I like: The fabric is nice and crunchy like linen should be, and it has a boned corset top. A sturdy back zip cinches you in. There is also a little stretchy elastic at the back, which in theory, should help the dress fit snuggly up top.

What I don’t like: This dress had the weirdest fit on me! The hips are flared out too much for my frame, which makes me look very pear shaped. Despite the elastic backing, the top was still too roomy on me, so the top kept moving and spinning around. But the weirdest thing was, the boned corset top was made for someone with a longer torso than myself, because the bottom of the boning rested right on my hip bone. Every time I took a step in this dress, the movement of my hips pushed up on the corset top, so it moved up and down. I’ve never experienced anything like that before!

Not to mention, it’s still a bit too big:

Verdict: Return. This thing is a big ol’ mess on me. This would probably look better on a curvier girl, who could fill out the hips and bust better than I can. Also, if you have a short torso, avoid this, the boning is not made for us short-torso’d gals.

I have one more box coming from BR this week…maybe there will be something good in that one (**fingers crossed**).

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  1. says: PetiteGorgeous

    I was hoping to use today's 40% promo to purchase the ruffle front top,and it's out of stock! What a bummer. After having seen it on you, I no longer care much for it. Thanks for the review.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    PetiteGorgeous – The top looked way better in the stock photo, but didn't live up to it's potential. Glad you won't have to waste your time now.

  3. says: Ping

    good choice not to keep any of it….if you don't love it you'll probably end up not wearing it.

    the color of the blouse is very pretty!
    i have the same issue with arm holes and i think all the petites girls do too. i don't understand why companies insist on making such big arm holes on their shirts!

    the dress is cute, too bad its so large at the waist! :(

  4. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    I was also eying the ruffle top, but after seeing it on you I will pass. The details are WAY too big and gaudy looking.

    When I first saw that photo of the last dress I was very confused about which item it was. I didn't remember seeing a hot pink tube dress on the website! That is so strange how much the color is off, and the fit is bad indeed on you. Sigh…better luck next time!

  5. says: Mix and Match

    They are all pretty pieces just by looking at on the web, especially the blouse. Glad you post it. I think I'll past it as well. Thanks. As for the cardigan, if you machine wash and use the dryer, it'll usually shrink about one size. THis is what I do sometime when I couldn't get smaller size. :)But probbaly not work when it's way too big. I probbaly agree with you to return it.

  6. says: stylepint

    Wow, didn't think that BR would have items that would be so…ill-fitting. Lately, it seems like some of the sizing in 00/XXS has been a bit inflated. Why do things feel wider as of late? I know it's summer and things should be loose…but not that loose.

  7. says: Alterations Needed

    Ping – Large armholes are my nemesis!

    PAG – The color on the dress is way off! Reading the review on the BR site, looks like everyone was surprised by the same thing. Also funny is how everyone on there is saying it runs small…that was not my experience.

    Mix and Match – Shrinking can be an option for a lot of sweaters, and I've definitely used that method a lot! =) I'd be scared to try it on this one because of the ribbon details. If the fabric around those shrink funny, then the details will start scrunching up in weird ways. I wouldn't want to chance it.

    stylepint – Totally agree with the sense of…inflation…=( I feel like I've been returning a lot of stuff lately. Good for my wallet, not for my wardrobe.

  8. says: PetiteXXS

    I love the color of the first 2 pieces… but too bad about the fit. I actually almost got the ruffle top too, but I guess it's a good thing I didn't. And that dress… it's fluorescent pink! I do remember coming across the reviews that the color wasn't as pictured though, so I moved on. I really hope my BR box that's coming soon has something good…

  9. says: PetiteLittleGirl

    Those pieces are way too big on you. I can't believe how big that blouse was considering it's a PXXS

  10. says: Really Petite

    I Love when u do reviews!!! I am so disappointed at how big these items are on u! What's up with BR's sizing??
    I'm bummed about the ruffle top! Was hoping it would be a keeper!

  11. says: Callandra

    I bought the lavendar ruffle front blouse too and was so sad that it was sooo huge! Not a true pxxs for sure!!

  12. says: Hannah

    Yeah… I don't know what's up with BR's sizing these days. I ordered a black PXXS cardigan and it just arrived and it's huge. :( So sad. It was supposed to replace my 5-yr-old fading black BR cardigan which fits beautifully and is a PXS!

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