Review: Armani Exchange Shorts in Size P0

The search for great fitting petite shorts led me to Armani Exchange and their size p0. I’ve had some good luck with dresses in that tiny size, so I thought I’d give their shorts a try. So let’s start with my favorite, the striped short, shall we?

On me in it’s natural state. Pay close attention to the…um…extra fabric in the crotch….

These sat a bit low on my hips, which means the crotch is way too low, hence the major sagging and bagging. These shorts are pleated, so I expect some volume in that region, but the poof is too much for my liking. Also, because the crotch is so low, when I walk in these, the shorts poof and pocket in all the wrong places.

Here are the shorts sitting naturally vs. sitting higher on my hips after pinching about 1.5 inches of fabric at the waistband:

If these were to be taken in to sit where I have them in the photo on the right, they would actually be really cute! I like the nautical pattern and red thread details, but could live without the cheap looking silver buttons. The fabric is also pretty thick, which means no embarrassing see-through. I’m not sure if I want to keep these and alter, but wouldn’t they look great with a pair of Sperry’s?

Verdict: Probably return. They’re cute, but I don’t love them, so I don’t want to invest the money in tailoring.

Next up, the Piped Shorts:

On me, in their natural state:

Again, these sat low on my hips, and are pleated, so there’s some volume adding to the bagginess in the crotch.  To get the shorts to sit in the right place, I’d have to take in about 1.5 inches. I’m not too keen on the dolphin short style of these (I felt a little like Suzanne Somers from Three’s Company), and the fabric was pretty thin, so there is major opportunity for see-through.

Where they sit naturally vs. taking in the waist:

Verdict: Return. Between the thin fabric, 80’s details, and need for tailoring, I don’t like these at all.
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  1. says: good girl gone blog

    That's funny that they were too big- I scored an AX dress at the Armani sample sale and it's surprisingly small…on top. I can hardly squeeze into it without err overexposing myself!

  2. says: Ping

    ohh sad to see the shorts didn't work out! i love armani exchange too, but i do have to agree that their pants/shorts run big. i have a pair of pant black in p0 from them and there are no belt loops. they stretch out as i wear them through out the day and i always have to pull the up!

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    good girl gone blog – I've had some luck with A/X dresses, and even once, I had a hard time zipping up on top too! And I'm not "large" up there either. LOL.

    Ping – It's my first time trying their bottoms other than skirts. Looks like you're right, they do run a bit big. I think I'll be sticking to dresses in the future.

  4. says: Anonymous

    I would return both. I know you aren't a fan of kids clothing but you could probably find children's shorts that look similar to the first pair with a better fit. These at Nordstrom have the stripe (it is not as contrasted as the A/X ones) but it is still there)

    Shorts are tough. I personally like a longer inseam (but not bermuda length). They are super hard to find in a nonfrumpy form.

  5. says: Really Petite

    Shorts are the WORST for me to find and shop for so I just gave up completely. This is a great review! Thanks for sharing!

  6. says: PetiteXXS

    I didn't really have high hopes for A|X shorts… but thanks for trying and confirming :P

    Since I'd think that alterations on shorts would be complicated (and costly), I honestly doubt I'll be able to find a pair of shorts that will fit outside of the girls department.

  7. says: Mix and Match

    Love the AX shorts. I have a question though. WHen I try to order from online, I only see size 0, intead of 0p. BUt the fit shows p0-p14. Is the 0 meaning 0p there?

  8. says: Alterations Needed

    Mix and Match – 0 is a size bigger than p0. It looks like all the p0's sold out online! If you want the p0 in either of these two shorts, I'll be returning mine on Friday, probably to the Santa Monica store. You can call and ask if they'll ship from the store.

  9. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Lol…the first pair makes it look like you have an…erm…package! I second what Ping said…it's not uncommon for bottoms/pants of certain brands to run larger than their dresses. Just like how I can wear most theory dresses in 0/00 but their bottoms can be large. It's unfortunate!

    I also agree with anonymous – I know you don't like the kids department because their stuff may not accommodate your curves, but maybe you can give it a shot and post a review! I think you may do ok with non-denim kids shorts. Kids denim is usually where that problem occurs because there is less stretch built in for woman-like booties.

  10. says: Anonymous

    Can you please tell me what t-shirt you have on? I have been trying to find the perfect t-shirt without any luck and the one you are wearing looks pretty nice. thx =)

  11. says: Alterations Needed

    Anonymous (7:46 PM) – My t-shirt is an XS from H&M. I also got it in blue and white because I liked the fit so much. =)

  12. says: Anonymous

    Excellent blog I love reading you're petite adventures! Keep up the good work:-)


    Chateau Marmont-tvguide friend

  13. says: aspiringminimalist

    Wow! No wonder I have trouble finding shorts.

    I have two pairs – one from H&M and one from Campus Crew – but I'm not completely satisfied with any of them. My search will continue, as well.

  14. says: DV

    Stop telling petite women to shop in the kid’s section. We are not children! kids’ clothing are not meant to accommodate a woman’s body. They are often made of cheaper material and come in barfy pink shades or have cutesy cartoon characters all over them.

    1. Um…I agree with you and I don’t tell petite women to shop in the kid’s section. Perhaps you’ve confused me with another blogger? Take a look at my recent outfit posts which are full of Theory, Rag & Bone, J.Crew, Banana Republic…the list goes on…lots of adult contemporary brands. Also, this post is featuring Armani Exchange, which is also not a kid’s brand. I’m a bit confused by your comment.

      1. says: DV

        Whoops, I wasn’t referring to YOU, rather the poster from 3 years ago who mentioned Nordstrom’s (she’s 14th down on the list). This person recommended buying kid’s shorts, a comment that just irritates the heck out of me. Sorry if I sounded rude. I really like your site.

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