Petite Outfit: What I Wanted To Wear For Easter…

I really wanted to wear this for Easter, but my Theory blazer was at the dry cleaners at the time, so I ended up putting something else together. There’s just something about white blazers that make me feel like Spring is here!

This is what I would have worn if my blazer was available:

Blazer: Theory Amanda B, size 00, bought at the Theory outlet (this style fits really small!)
Blouse: Banana Republic Factory Store, size P0
Shoes: Cole Haan Carma Almond Toe Pump, gray suede, size 5 (same style) (similar) (splurge!)
Brooch: 18k gold feather pin, vintage

I thought this blazer was a lost cause. Because it’s white, it gets dirty really easily, and I have to get it dry cleaned after almost every wearing. Well, I guess I waited too long between cleanings last time, because I saw all these little orange colored specks all over it, and when I took it to the dry cleaners, they said it was oxidation and would never come out. I was really upset because this Theory blazer actually fits me really well (the style is called Amanda B. It hasn’t been released recently, but keep an eye out! It fits really small), and the thought of a perfectly fitting garment being rendered unwearable is so disappointing! I took it to a high end cleaners down the street from my apartment to see what they had to say about it with fingers crossed. They offered to do a “wet cleaning” which I have never heard of before…and when I picked it up on Monday…the orange specks were gone!

If anyone is the Los Angeles area needs a dry cleaner that can work miracles…try Sterling Cleaners. They also cleaned a silk skirt of mine that another dry cleaner refused to touch! Amazing!

The silk ruffle top is a Banana Republic outlet find from a few seasons ago. It’s a petite 0, and actually fits pretty well. I think it’s because it has a side zipper, which allows the top to be cut slimmer. I love finding slim silk pieces! Petite Asian Girl has the same top which she’s wearing here.

The feather pin is actually pretty special. It is a recent gift from my grandma who purchased it when she was a young woman. It’s 18k gold, and beautifully detailed. She knows how much I like brooches, and since she doesn’t wear it anymore, she decided to pass it on to me. How sweet is that?

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Love the outfit! So many comments …
    I love the look of crisp white blazer over a splash of color. I've seen quite a few options at the THeory outlet over the past years, but the thought of getting a jacket dry cleaned after each wear is frightening to me. All my white stuff (denim skirts, shorts, jeans) has oxidized or stained to some point, and I have no idea how. I wash, then put away when summer is over…and without fail, the following Spring I find discoloration. Glad the cleaners were able to salvage that blazer!

    That blouse … I definitely could have sized up to a P0. The P00 fit me perfectly, but I forgot that silk shouldn't fit to a T. I looked at my poor blouse the other day, and there are pulls along the bust and ribcages where I probably stretched it to the point of no return. So sad!

    And I love that brooch. I always scour craigslist/ebay for vintage designer brooches, but nothing is more precious than one passed down by grandma!

  2. says: Jen

    I'm slightly amused that you and PAG have such similar tastes that you keep having the same things pop up in your wardrobes. ;)

  3. says: diaryofashopper

    Cute jacket! I love the white/fuschia combo. I really wish I had a Theory outlet nearby. The closest one is a few hours away!

    I need some silk tops, but loft's silk tops seem to fit big. I will have to try BR.

  4. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    ^Diary of a Shopper – just had to chime in here to say keep an eye out for silk tops in numerical sizing versus letter. I own several BR silk tops in XXSP and I really have no idea why I kept them. They are long on me and look like a tent.

    This blouse on the other hand … AN is wearing in 0P and I own it in 00P. It fit so small! It's really too bad they don't make more tops in numerical sizing.

  5. says: Alterations Needed

    Thanks everyone!

    PAG – I wish I had seen that top in size P00. My outlet only had P0 at the time…a size smaller would be a perfect fit for me! We should have traded! =)

    Jen – LOL…I think PAG is my East Coast closet twin.

    Diaryofashopper – I think this top runs so small because it has a side zipper. Since silk doesn't stretch, it's always cut wide. If it has a zipper, then the top can be cut slimmer for a better fit.

  6. says: PetiteXXS

    I love the white jacket too… is that without alterations? I love white clothes in general but hate how they discolor… if only there was an easy fix for that (if only I was more domesticated… somehow I feel like a recipe of baking soda + etc would do the trick!)

  7. says: Alterations Needed

    PetiteXXS – Yup! No alterations at all! Amazing right? I'm telling ya, the Amanda B style from Theory runs tiny. I bought the same jacket in black, which I'm sure will make an appearance on the blog too.

  8. says: Emily Knight

    Wow, I've been lurking for weeks but had to pop in to say this is my favorite outfit you've styled for your blog so far! Totally chic.

  9. says: Twenty Two Flamboyant Street

    I love that outfit on you, from your head to your toes, me dear! I particularly love the "v" neck, the scrunched up sleeves and the low rise shoes, all add visual height to us shorty-pies.

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