Petite Outfit: Theory Caprine Jacket

Last week, I found a few tiny items by Theory, but this is the only one I ended up getting. I’m obsessed with jackets, so when I find one that’s short, cropped, and fitted, I just can’t help myself.

Here’s the Theory Caprine jacket in size 00:

Top: H&M, size XS
Jeans: Paige Laurel Canyon, size 24 (hemmed and waist taken in)
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag Mini Mini, Red Berry (here) (here) (and here)
Belt: Vintage snakeskin belt (holes added)
Necklace: Turquoise with coral pendant

I was able to get the jacket at a pretty good discount using the pre-sale option for the Bloomingdales Private Sale last week. The jacket was 15% off, plus I got $25 off for every $100, and an extra 10% off for opening a Bloomingdales credit card. Not too bad.

There’s been some interest in the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini over at Diary of a Shopper, so I wanted to take this opportunity to give her a little camera time. She’s the itty bitty version of the famous Morning After Bag, which is way too big and chunky for me to carry. Even the MAB Mini is a bit too big, so when Rebecca Minkoff came out with the Mini Mini, I was really excited to finally find a perfectly sized version of such a cool handbag. More after the jump!

Back to the Caprine jacket. It is a light weight, unlined linen blend, which makes it a great spring and summer jacket. It is a military inspired style, single breasted, with three functional pockets, and a waist tie. The sleeves are bracelet length, which make them a little short for me at full length, but I like them pushed up anyways. The size 00 fits me perfectly, and the style is different than anything else I have in my closet, so picking it up was a no-brainer.

I styled it with a vintage belt, but here it is with the tie it came with.

Now for a little jewelry tip: turquoise and coral look really great together. The necklace and the pendent came from two completely different places, and my mom suggested I put them together. Once I did, I can’t wear these pieces any other way. It’s my favorite spring and summer time necklace.

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    I like the cut of that jacket a lot…a bit different from their typical blazer style jackets. I like where it hits on you…it looks quite cropped on the model and not as nice! And the included belt holes are a huge plus (not to mention the placement of the belt loops are perfectly at your waist!). You can really change up the look with a new belt!

  2. says: PetiteGorgeous

    I agree with PAG. I love the belt holes myself. Very easy to change a whole new look with a different belt of various colors. The jacket looks very good in you, as if is made for your body! :)

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Thanks ladies! I was amazed at the fit too. The style of belt loops gives it a cool military/safari look, and they're perfectly placed. Thank you, Theory, for once again giving me that warm fuzzy feeling of something that fits!

  4. says: diaryofashopper

    Yay, better shots of the mini mini! The jacket is super cute- I love that it has belt loops with a matching tie. It looks so cute with the skinny belt too.

  5. says: PetiteXXS

    The jacket looks much better on you than it does on the model :) Ah the magical warm fuzzies when you try on something that fits… if only I can afford!

  6. says: Really Petite

    OMG AN- you look sooooo good!!! I love everything about this whole ensemble- the belt- the purse…everything! It looks so complete and sophisticated!!! :)

  7. says: N

    OMG! I have the EXACT same Rebecca Minkoff bag!! But then I saw the color you posted and thought…almost :D LOL. Mine is in tangerine! <3 Love your outfit post though! I love how your necklace matches the bag!

  8. says:

    Just found your blog- what a wonderful site you have. I'm pretty tiny myself- (4'11.5"), so I'll definitely be reading. Keep up the great work!


  9. says: Alterations Needed

    N – I LOVED the tangerine when I first saw it, but I slacked on picking it up and it was all sold out. =( I would love to see an outfit post with your Mini Mini!

    thegoodgirlgoneblog – Thanks! Your outfit posts on your blog are great! I'd never guess you were under 5'!

  10. says: Anonymous

    Bloomingdale's had this jacket for 77$ on final sale today! I bought the 2P and it fits perfectly. I am 5" 98 pounds

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